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  1. You're much better than base Kotor II, JC! So many instances of the Council, Mandalore G0-T0 and others calling Revan he/him and then even correctly referring to one's selected setting for she/her later in the same segment. I think TSLRCM fixed those niggles and that's what I get for playing vanilla again.
  2. Unfortunately no, first playthrough last month met a horrible fate with far too many mods installed. For my second I only chose this on a non-patched 800x600 setup and got only ONE crash to desktop the whole game unlike my Uniws one that must have crashed after every four loading screen transfers! I also did not get Bastila and Carth's weapon changes which was something I only realised much later. Also: edited my own dlg.tlk extensively, including changing Larrim's lines to coincide with your shield changes. Yes, I am one of those.
  3. "Welcome back. Do you need healing or medical supplies? I can treat almost any ailment here at the medical facility. Except the vitiligo disease of course." Zelka went from African to Middle-Eastern! As will Nurik, Gandroff and random Sith Admiral who interrupts Malak's dentistry. Uncle Ruckus would canonise you.
  4. Thanks for making this, JC. But I am afraid there are still two possible instances where you can be mis-gendered and have your immersion destroyed! (At least, when I used the latest version last month) One: if you answer Saul's questions: "You should be grateful, Bastila. He is sparing you agony beyond comprehension." Not too bad, just be light-side right? However... Two: right at the denouement! "You will go on to defeat Malak, of this I have little doubt. You will have gone from being the Sith Lord himself to the saviour of our galaxy." 🥺
  5. Really loved how tanky and dangerous the Terentatek felt. Now you really need three Jedi working in tandem just to take down the Great Beast, just as the lore of the game all but states. Unfortunately for me, Saul's brand-spanking-new Sith Marauders didn't become hostile and just let Carth chop up their admiral with Yusanis's brand!
  6. Heh, I wish! I did indeed have a fresh unmodded version of Kotor installed and did point them both but it seems my Kotor II installation is missing certain key files that halt the game from even playing after the patch is done. As I did ignore this warning earlier and installed regardless only for TSL to never make it past the character creator without crashing to desktop. After, I have just modded my Kotor 03' Override with some graphical upgrades and changed the modules and dlg.tlk for a small gameplay change: KOTOR1 Gameplay and Immersion Rebalancing By: NecroAvalon. Having done that I don't think trying the port again would be feasible? I would have thought the original has to be completely unmodified. But if not I'll try the holopatcher again and tell you what warnings I received when the launcher refused to cooperate.
  7. Hope I'm not a bother @Thor110, but when I get to the last part of installing the Expanded Galaxy Port, pointing the Holopatcher to my Kotor II directory in Steamapps I get this warning: The main part seems to work fine as the license changed from M4-78 to yours and I can start a new game no problem, but really want to try out the K1 component running on TSL engine most of all.
  8. Ah, forgot one smaller mod I've used. JC's Vision Enhancement. This is just a theory but it's noticeable that the Manaan dream was the only vision I asked Bastila to recall and the map in turn doesn't update my journal once I grab it. Not really chomping at the bit to redo all of Manaan and hear the fishy blubbering of: "thee for feh qwitanti!" a hundred times more to test it out though! Still, hope no-one gets similarly stuck in a scenario alike to this. I think I'll reinstall the game and try out the expanded galaxy port mod for the first time into Kotor II.
  9. Sped through Korriban and lo and behold this map is acknowledged thankfully, thinking I've got three instead of four. So I play through the Leviathan, fly back to Manaan but I can't go back through the airlock since your diving suit gets taken from your inventory once you complete 'Mission For The Republic'. Warp to the Rift and try and grab the Map again but it just hangs on the cutscene when it should open. I think those long-hanging black-bar moments for the maps are introduced by the latest version of the Community Patch? Never experienced them before this playthrough. Don't care for them. Looks like my adventure ends here!
  10. Hey, Salk. Yeah, I figured. Did set my Global Boolean K_STAR MAP_MANAAN to 1 as it was the only one that hadn't triggered hoping it would be an easy fix but no dice. I just go to dreaming about the Korriban Star Map and skip the Leviathan entirely. As for the Global Numerics... I don't dare to fiddle with those as all the values are quite different. I suppose I could just play through Korriban and see what happens when I leave! But I'm quite certain I'll just arrive at a dead end, unable to continue the story. And I doubt warping to the Leviathan cell block will do anything constructive.
  11. Even after replacing my dlg.tlk with a backup or removing my Override folder in its entirety, for the first time ever I've encountered a scenario where the main quest simply won't continue after acquiring your penultimate Star Map. Possibly because some global numeric isn't at its correct value? I had early warnings of this with the Sasha side-quest refusing to continue past Big Z's initial warning and being unable to interact with the supplies. Anyone encountered such a conflict before? Mod List and Install Order: - PC Moderation Response, Improved Dialogue - K1CP v1.10.0 - NPC-DP 8.0 - FRSR 1.4, - LOTSA1.2 - K1ClothingPack 1.2.1 - Unique Sith Governor - K1LO 1.3 - DA&R 1.2 - HOB 1.3 - JC's Romance Enhancement - Pan-Galactic Flirting for K1 v.1.1 - JC's Romance Enhancement - Biromantic Bastila v1.2 - K1 Party Conversations on Ebon Hawk v1_2 - [K1]_All_Hands_on_Deck_for_the_Leviathan_Prison_Break - JC's Jedi Tailor for K1 v1.3 - A Crashed Republic Cruiser on a Nameless World (1.1) - DIFFERENT MUSIC FOR ANCHORHEAD AND THE EBON HAWK by Kexikus - HQ KOTOR Music Overhaul Mod - Weapon damages overhaul By Zobizob - BlastersReloaded_K1_0-2
  12. Checked the Global Boolean K_STAR MAP_MANAAN as it had not registered by itself but still can't get the Leviathan section to engage. Noticed earlier that Bastila repeated her dialogue for the second vision when I landed on my third world.

  13. Whoops. I've been editing what I think must be your 4.0 version of this mod on and off for years before I finally gave it a whirl this month and lo and behold I encounter a bug where both a side-quest and main-questline just don't fire properly. Save editor to the rescue or I'm borked.
  14. First time I've used an edited .tlk file before installing other mods. Even made some changes myself to make Revan sound like they have more than 80 IQ! Unfortunately, I've come across some bugs I've never encountered before in the form of 'Dwindling Supplies' not triggering when I investigate the emergency food stores and now even 'A Quest For The Star Forge' has not updated on Manaan when I gained a fourth Star Map so the Leviathan capture hasn't triggered either. Meaning I'm free to fly to Korriban without the Hawk being hooked. Hopefully this is something I can fix with the save editor...