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  1. I fell through the landing pad in the mercenary encampment on Telos! I like the signature! Coruscant is magnificently breathtaking.
  2. Instances of bad voice-acting is custom in Kotor! No-one can be more hilariously awful than choice gems like: (holding nose, as nasally high-pitched as possible) "HaY yOu CaN't CoMe In HeRe! ThIs iS tHe HiDdEn BeK BaSe!" (frothing and smacking with as much saliva as possible) "ThEy AlReAdY lEfT iN tHe S u B m E r S i B l E!" I say go for it! Bad or good delivery, it will be a lark.
  3. It is a curious glitch. But yeah, the problem of the cheat is easily solved if you just go back down the lift and come back up. Talk about awkward for both master and apprentice!
  4. True story, guys! Along with him being unkillable and resurrecting every time I killed him in the Tusken Enclave. Is there any way to disable the "dancedancemalak" code? I entered it after a hard save on the viewing platform but even after reloading; the code still takes affect.
  5. Cheers. I'm guessing from left to right on the line-up is the evolution to the final jumpsuit? Will there be a different colour for each class? I only ever used that head in one play-through but it was rather telling in how similar she looks to Atris. Like you were her estranged sister.
  6. Like a mix between Juno Eclipse and Sniper Wolf. As Atton would say: "Niiiice outfit!"
  7. Hold off the Kotor II replay... Hold off the Kotor II replay...
  8. Revan Strikes Back Reshade and yeah it was part of the Mod to make him all ghostly!
  9. I'm waaay ahead of yah! Pasted the beard from the black-haired Dark Harbinger reskin of Jedi Jesus onto Better PMHC04 in Photoshop.
  10. You gave me a good laugh when I tried it out, Effix. I guess Mullet Man can never be replaced!
  11. PMHC04, I'm afraid. This is his mouth at the nadir of its gormless mouth breathing! Want to see the apex yawn?
  12. I really wanted to endorse this mod but you basically turn Revan into Cletus the slack-jawed yokel. That or Daisy Ridley trying to act with her mouth closed.
    Awesome mod! Anything Malak can do you should be able to do better. It is just a shame that the animations don't fire correctly for any Revan disguises or JC's K2 ported Jedi robes, but it works exactly right using the Mandalorian disguise.
  13. I'm afraid she just stood there and died weak as a kitten! (Canderous likes to watch)
  14. Yup, manually replaced the TLK first thing before the community patch and the vision sequence had no issue on my last playthrough so perhaps it and this patch don't work so well together.