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    A great mod, Uwadmin! Calo loses in seconds if you focus on Davik during your first fight. This really makes you feel like he's taking you seriously instead of sweeping up the dregs at the Cantina to aid him! And it's a great call back to how dangerous he is when first introduced. I suppose the only flaw is that Malak seems to have leant him a Dark Jedi to be a part of the hit-squad and will then mention that "no mere bounty hunter" can take on Jedi! (though this is a mistake that happens in the base game with visiting Korriban first I think...) Perhaps a version that replaces hood-boy with a Mando or a rarer alien? I'm also using your sabre throw knockdown and Force Enlightenment mods. I wish more Force power mods were made! Keep up the good work.
  1. Natural Law

    HD Kreia Upscale

    Just in time for my bi-annual Kotor 2 play-through... Great stuff, tjsase!
  2. Natural Law

    Trask Ulgo

    We've been ambushed by Republic-sponsored exfoliation!
  3. Now that is quite an upgrade to the pathetic planet before it's wiped from the face of the galaxy. You know what I'm gonna ask!
  4. Natural Law

    The Companions: HK-47

    Exactly the portrait I chose to mod in as well! HK looks like his master has given him the best oil bath on the Outer Rim after reliving him from the fool Ithorian's clutches! Is this reskin up for grabs as well? I only use TOR model swap after the Leviathan. As if Revan went on an upgrade spree.