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  1. Dark Forces II. The newer JK games just failed to recapture that unique Star Wars atmosphere of DF2, in my opinion. And the story of DF2 is just so much better.
  2. Ok, but I only found the TSL version of the mod. Is there a K1 version anywhere? Can you link?
  3. Same offer, sicne theres no replies; 50 euros for the mod, PM me for details.
  4. I think it's fine as it is. Any more lines from the NPC would just seem odd, since they wouldn't be voice-acted (unless you do them yourself and can mimic the voice of that guy). And "don't push your luck fool" is a bit redundant. He already says something like "don't test me", so that's basically 2nd last warning. I think he'd just attack without any more warning.
  5. *lets the droid know that he'll be coming for all it's employers, in due time, one by one* #CorporationsAreEvil
  6. Yea, I have a big beef with Czerka people. I admit it. Them and their attitudes make me angry. But I digress. As the title suggests, I'd like a mod that allows the PC to use Force Choke or Lightning (assuming they invested in either), as an option, when talking about a possibility of a peaceful settlement with the Sand People, and she gets in PC's face about it. Or just a good old hard backhand across the mouth if they didn't invest in it (obviously you can't animate that, but in text lol) I don't like that uppity corporate b***h's attitude. It needs fixing. Some pain will do nicely. Obviously I don't want the option to kill her, that would screw up with certain quests, but I want her properly cowed and intimidated (like you can do to that Czerka guy in the cantina). And ideally, in any future convos after the display of force, she would act appropriately frightened. I don't actually think you ever need to talk to her after dealing with the Sand People one way or another, so it wouldn't affect the game past that point. Thanks in advance
  7. Seeing as there's no replies, I'm offering 50 euro payment for someone to make a mod like this. PM me and we can talk details.
  8. Hi! I have a mod request, if I may... Pretty much what the title says - if possible, I'd like a mod that lets the player attack and kill that a****** head of security guy that stops you when you travel out of the Landing Pad zone on Kashyyyk, and throws his racist attitude in your face when you're traveling with Zaalbar, along with threatening you. It always struck me as strange that you're forced to either back down or just stand there and take his crap, when you're able to kill any number of other NPCs with an attitude. I wouldn't even mind if it turns every other Czerka guard hostile (in fact it would help immersion). And if it gives Dark Side points, even better! Anyway, that's just one of the NPCs I can't stand (the Czerka Protocol Officer chick on Tatooine is another, but that's a different story). For now, that guy is the No1 mark on my s**t list. Thanks in advance
  9. ...or just open the baseitems.2da file and change the weapon damages? Make blaster carbines more competitive? I did that for K1 in my ongoing beta of a rebalance mod, I haven't yet gotten around to modding K2, but if it's anything like K1, I expect I can do something similar.
  10. View File KOTOT1 Gameplay and Immersion Rebalancing KOTOR1 Gameplay and Immersion Rebalancing By: NecroAvalon Full details in the ReadMe file. Submitter NecroAvalon Submitted 03/01/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
  11. Version 0.5.0 Beta


    KOTOR1 Gameplay and Immersion Rebalancing By: NecroAvalon Full details in the ReadMe file.