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KOTOR Quick Overhaul v0.5Beta

Hi! This is a beta of my upcoming rebalancing/overhaul mod for Knights Of The Old Republic 1. The mod itself is complete (AkA, it affects the entire game, from start to finish), but I've only tested it on Taris so far (hence the screenshots), thus it's still a beta. It changes armor mechanics (now they offer a fixed 25% immunity to physical, ion, and energy damage in addition to Defence bonuses, which go higher then in vanilla on high-quality armors, to keep them relevant late-game), robes (various immunities, and CON bonuses in addition to Defence), even standard clothing (it offers same Defence as medium armor, without the damage immunities, but with immunity to crits - logic being you're just as mobile, and a bit more aware, so you don't take crit damage, but you take more regular damage then in armor - and of course it's non restrictive so you can use all Force powers in an outfit with some decent Defence - should make keeping clothing more appealing as an alternative).

Weapons have been tweaked as a baseline (2da file), and individually (.uti files), ranged weapons especially do a LOT more damage, speccing for a ranged character is now a very viable option, they are now, IMO, easily on par with melee weapons in usefulness. High STR characters are still better off just speccing into melee, but for everyone else - you be the judge. They can now hurt. A lot. More types of weapons are now available earlier in-game on Taris (if you want a Disruptor for example, Kebla sells a rifle, and you can pick up a pistol not soon after - and you might consider one, a lot of enemies now like putting up a shield). Enemies also use different weapons, it's not just a blaster-haven, so don't be surprised if you get incoming sonic or disruptor fire going right through your pretty shield. Repeating blasters are now actually useful - short ranged, but big accuracy buff (simulating spray-and-pray actually hitting more often by virtue of throwing enough sh*t at a wall and hoping some of it sticks). Also more powerful then blaster rifles, but they incurr a slight Defence debuff (recoil, and unwieldy). For hard-to-hit enemies and Force users, you might want to use a repeater if your base attack bonus is low, more chance of bypassing their defence/blaster deflection. Disruptors are more powerful then blasters, but less consistent (1/3 to 1 damage ratio, instead of 1/2 to 1 for blasters). Ion weapons got a big anti-droid damage buff. Sonic weapons have been left untouched (but still more usefull, since armors don't provide sonic damage immunity). Non-powered swords are now a viable alternative to vibroswords (slightly higher top damage, lower bottom, but worse crit threat). Some weapons have crit threat or crit range bonuses. 

Energy shield are now unlimited-use, and a LOT cheaper to buy (and sell, should make selling a 100 shields for big money later in the game a non-option). Don't be afraid to use them often - you'll need them. Most enemies are a LOT tougher now.

Droids now have a -5 Defence penalty baseline (their Defence could get to ridiculous levels in vanilla, thanks to uncapped armors and logic feats), but have inherent /5 resistance to physical and energy damage (NOT ion, big incentive to use Ion weapons more often). This includes party droids. Most enemy droids will now be shielded, and have a LOT more health. Again, ion weapons are your buddy.

Many NPCs in the game have been buffed, massively. Some also drop unique weapons (hint-hint, do Canderous's personal quest - just one example). Force users are especially enhanced (most Dark Jedi in vanilla are a joke). This is all throughout the game, but not all (some NPCs use duplicate forms, I couldn't edit them directly into Override, I'd have to edit the modules, which I refused to do, to make this mod more compatible with other mods).

Classes get more HP as baseline. 12 for Soldiers/Guardians, 10 for Scouts/Sentinels, 8 for Scoundrels/Consulars. Soldiers and Scoundrels, and Guardians and Sentinels, get slightly increased Feat gain. Sentinels get 1 more Force power overall, to differentiate them from Guardians. Combat droids get Scout feat gain, can now Specialize in Rifles, Pistols, and Heavy weapons. All party member HP has been adjusted accordingly. Carth no longer starts with twin pistols, he uses a carbine (trust me, having an inaccurate twin-weapon user at the start would get you killed, given the buffed enemies on Taris - your party needs some consistency, he provides it). He has his personal upgradeable carbine. Bastila uses a standard lightsaber now (same reason, her flailing-around with that double-saber WILL get her killed early on). And it makes sense, in cutscenes she uses a standard saber. HK47 buffed MASSIVELY. He now has 20 CON, 18 DEX and roughly double the health as a result, and he comes with his own special targeting computer. He was pathetically weak in vanilla. 

INSTALLATION: Simple. Drop everything into your Override folder. I took great pains to make this mod very hands-on to install, so there's no messing with modules or dialog file. Should be compatible with everything, as long as my mod comes FIRST (and I cannot overemphasise this enough), on a blank vanilla game. It doesn't use a patcher, and it does edit .2da files, so there WILL be incompatibilites if you plaster it over a bunch of other mods, it will overwrite them. Make a fresh game install, dump my mod in Override, then install every other mod you want. :)

As for K1R compatibility, there shouldn't be problems (I don't use it on my game, but since my mod only affects Override folder and doesn't touch any modules, I see no reason why anything should conflict). Again for safety, put my mod in BEFORE installing K1R. 


What's New in Version 0.9.0 Beta   See changelog


Scouts were left a little underpowered. They still don't get more feats, but they get improved Attack progression compared to Soldiers and Scoundrels (same as Jedi classes). 

Starting feats rebalance. Soldiers get Rapid Shot/Flurry, Scoundrels get Power Blast/Power Attack, Scouts get Critical Strike/Sniper shot. I think it fits their respective ethos better. Especially for Scoundrels, I wanted a feat that doesn't kill their Defence advantage when used. Also applies to followers, when applicable.

More NPCs modded, since I dug a little deeper into the .utc files in each module. Some that I missed on the first pass (thinking they had duplicates when they didn't), some that I felt needed more buffing. Some that I just plain missed completely (Yavin station).

Forgot to actually add HK47's special targeting computer when you recruit him. Corrected. Also upped his Dex from 16 to 18, as I planned to earlier. 

More playtesting done (still not completely, so it's still a beta). Plus I'm sure I'll find more issues with balancing as I actually playtest more.

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