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  1. After using InSidious' most excellent Lightsaber and Force Forms and seeing a K2 exclusive mechanic inserted (nearly) seamlessly into K1, I started thinking: is it possible to add the Prestige classes into the first game?. I know the smaller amount of level ups would not make them as worth wild, but, could it be done?
    So far, so good. I've managed to complete Taris, Dantooine, and Tatooine without too much issues (there was an odd bug involving HK-47 not being recognized as in the party when talking to the Sand People but it was fixed by leaving the area and returning). I do have a few opinions/issues, though: 1. Some of the enemies might be a little too powerful. Selven, Shirruk, and some of the Sand People were a little overtuned, in my opinion. 2. On Taris, the Echani Fiber Armor & the Republic Mod Armor did not have the standard resistances of the other armors. 3. I collected a large set of gaffi sticks that I could not use. They required 'All Melee Proficiencies' and seemed to have bonuses that would better suit armor. They also couldn't be sold. EDIT: Well, I managed to play through the entire game without anything breaking. Good job 👍. I do have one more (slight) criticism, though - You might want to either buff the Qel-Droma Robes & Star Forge robes (especially the QDR) or nerf the Jedi Master Robes. They're almost too good.
  2. I came to comment on the armor discrepancy as well. I am unsure if it is just a text error or if the armors are actually missing the immunities.
  3. I know, I know, dev mode - but is there a way to kind of... fudge it in retail mode? I know modding is practically impossible on the new consoles but is it there a way? Could I theoretically use some combination of a file explorer, ftp, USB stick to get the necessary files on my system?
  4. I actually have not, thanks for the heads up. Sadly, I am looking for a mod that works for K1. Since it retextures the Jedi armor, I presume it won't work for the first game.
  5. I wonder if anyone would be interested in making an armor mod based off of the Imperial Knight? Perhaps retexture an existing armor? Maybe change its stats too.
    This is exactly the kind of mod I've been looking for! A proper reworking of the Class Outfits without changing them extensively.
  6. Is it possible to have multiple robes mods going at once without any issues arising? I am currently using Reb's Average Jedi Robes textures (which I won't get rid of) but I also want to use the TOR Armor Robes to replace Juhani's red robes, and JC's hybrid robes to give jedi master robes a cloak. Can I have my cake and eat it to? Or is it not possible?