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Found 37 results

  1. [Updated: December 11, 2019] Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope you all doing fine. This will be an archive-thread-miniwiki to accommodate my curiousness in some aspects from KotOR; either with placeables, textures , models, anything- which is too valuable to lost for just a status update but is too exclusive for each of them to have a single thread, in my perspective. I have archived some past random questions with its essential responses, should their information would be useful and will be easy enough to have access to: [August 14, 2018] PlasticCrate_cylinder [August 16, 2018] LTS_Rwall01 [August 19, 2018] PLC_Statue2 [August 24, 2018] Taris' Upper City Cantina Entrance Wall Panel [August 28, 2018] Taris' Upper City South Fountains [M02ac_02b_02e] [August 30, 2018] Ebon Hawk's Unique Cubemaps [CM_eh] [September 12, 2018] Locate Area Model [September 12, 2018] Sith Soldier Bump Map Restoration [September 17, 2018] Bump-map Breaks Level Geometry Animation? [December 10, 2018] Jedi Enclave's "Unused" Bump-map [November 08, 2019] Trigger's ScriptOnEnter x GetEnteringObject [November 24, 2019] ActionJumpToLocation >= ActionJumpToObject [December 08, 2019] Rakatan "SWAG" Idle Animation VS ANIMATION_LOOPING_TALK_NORMAL [December 11, 2019] [Success] VS [Failure] ____________________________________________ That was some questions-responses that I thought would need a proper archiving should they delivered any useful information for future modding attempt. Also, I'm taking this opportunity to ask to the forums too. Will it be possible to change that grey area in the center of Taris' city-walk to some kind of a mini-pool with water model/textures in it? One example in mind that could be used as a reference is this mini-pool inside Davik's estate: Many thanks for considering this!
  2. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope y'all doing fine. In vanilla and/or modded state of the game there seems to be rendering issue with a texture that is rendered behind blending additive shader. As seen in the screenshot: Is there any way to get around this problem? I have tried with removing the additive and using the alpha channel as transparency instead but it looks ugly and then again, another problem as the hilt that was rendered behind is hidden accordingly with the dimension of the top layer's texture. By using the TPC format seems to didn't help much as any alpha-blending value between 0 to 1.0 failed to resolve the issue. I haven't tried with removing the shader/alpha from the hilt that is in the left-hand but- will it work? And even if it works, is there any other way around as a hilt without metal shade is ūü§™. Many thanks for considering this!
  3. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope you all doing fine. We know there's a thing like <FullName> in the K1's TLK, which makes a conversation/DLG checks the [custom] name of our main character and I wonder; is there a similar function which checks our PC's gender preference? Let's say, if I play as a male character and make a string in the TLK that reads - I am no longer <XYZ> now. it would shown as - I am no longer him now. in-game. Is it possible to do that in K1? Many thanks for considering this, and may the Force be with you.
  4. I couldn't find a translation for my language for Knights of the Old Republic 1, so i started making my own, i found issues when trying tones (é, á, ã) or other letters, like Ç. I would like to know how to change the in-game font in order to fix these issues. Please, i really want to to this. This is how it looks in-game
  5. Version 2.0


    This mod adds a new tomb to the Valley of the Dark Lords - the tomb of Azgath N'Dul. You will find it between the tombs of Ajunta Pall and Tulak Hord. A couple of robes will come out funny if you are using oldflash's Final Touch - The Chatos Robes, the Sith Lord Robes and the Robes of Azgath N'Dul. This is because of a model change that mod introduces. They won't crash your game, but they will look a bit odd. This mod adds: ten new robes, three new armours, four new weapons, two weapons I've released separately before, a new belt, a new pair of gloves and a new Force Power, not to mention many other items that can be created by the Force Transmutation Device. I've tried to keep the stats fairly balanced, but that's by my judgment. N.B.: Robes included in this mod may not be compatible with robe mods which you have installed. Please be sure to download kyrie's changes.ini fix before installing this mod (click here), and then the 2.2 patch.
  6. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Have a good day y'all. I have a question - just like the title says; What is clamp -in KotOR implementation- that were oftenly used with most player heads? I asked of this because earlier I fiddle around with LSP_planettari01* by using this parameter - blending punchthrough clamp 3 on the TXI and then the planet's gone. The alpha were applied appropriately, because later when I used only this - blending punchthrough the planet's there. Many thanks for considering this, and may the Force be with you! _____ __ _____ * Taris planet texture that were used in the turret mini-game backdrop
  7. Just a simple information to share to save ones from getting burnt-out, lol. Why we don't want to use TPC format for lightmaps? It broke the maps When put into a module/MOD file, it crashes your game upon reloading and/or exiting the game Stick only with the TGA for that one...
  8. Version 2.0


    A little while ago it struck me - The Dantooine Jedi academy has a workbench, but the Korriban Academy didn't, which can be very inconvenient. In fact, there wasn't one on all Korriban. This mod fixes all that! Now there is a workbench in the little room which leads to the Valley of the Dark Lords. It's just on the left as you come in. The only mod conflict that there might be is if someone else's mod modifies Master Uthar's dialogue.
  9. Greetings, fellow Jedi! May the Force be with you. Along with the compiling-decompiling model attempt I have done recently, some discoveries were found regarding the end-result of using both MDLedit v1.0.3 and MDLOps v1.0.0. First, this comparison purpose is to give the potential user of both tools a preview of the compiled model using each of the tools mentioned. This also had no intention to show which tools are best and which are less; it's simply to share the discoveries been found. Here's a screenshot for details: Left image is TSL's n_quarren [Quarren's F model] model compiled using MDLedit v1.0.3 with tangentspace enabled by not ticking the bumpmap flag, but instead changing its value inside the ASCII file from 0 to 1 using a text editor. Right image is TSL's n_quarren [Quarren's F model] model compiled using MDLOps v1.0.0 with tangentspace enabled by changing its value inside the ASCII file from 0 to 1 using a text editor. As we can see there is a difference in the head part; which MDLOps version produce a noticeable line whilst MDLedit version isn't. This occurrence already emerging several times on my end; such with compiled TSL's n_commf model. I hope this discovery kind of helps with any future modding attempt, and gave an insight of what will and what won't regarding the implementation of the aforementioned method. Edit: Be advised that they had nothing to do with normal maps. It's a smoothing error, as informed by DarthParametric. The normal maps activation is just part of the compiling process.
  10. Hey all, I've recently gotten into creating my own mods through the KOTOR tool but I've encountered a problem. I made an armor piece that disguised you as the Sith Masters from Dxun (id Dark_Jedi_Hi_3) I believe but when ever I hover over the item in the inventory my game crashes after a split second. I've attached the file, does anyone see anything that pops out to them as a cause? a_robe_sith.uti
  11. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope you all doing fine. In my current attempt I have successfully attached the MaskHook and GoogleHook to a head model and it works as intended in-game. But as I'm not properly adjust the position of the mask it looks way out of bounds from the head. As I'm using a custom head here; I have been told that it's probably easier just to integrate the mask into the head model. My query is: How to integrate the mask model to the head model? The program that is available to me is gmax/KOTORmax, and I already know how to import models and some basic stuffs so- any advises could just skip to the attaching part and into the exporting process if one's don't mind it. Many- many thanks for considering this. May the Force be with you!
  12. Many thanks to: This instructive topic Fred Tetra's "KotORTool" bead-v's "MDLedit" Chuck Chargin Jr./ndix UR's "MDLOps" JCarter426's "JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port for K1 - Supermodels" stoffe/Fair Strides' "TSLPatcher" and DarthParametric's past-present modding knowledge , My first ever porting attempt went a success! I remembered back then; the very first thing I wanted to do with modding is on doing this, which ends-up me going nowhere with the attempt lol. So, although I'm not actually "create" one, it is always a pleasing feeling to see an effort comes to fruition. Again, credits to the aforementioned folks; as only because of their effort, the dream isn't just a dream. May the Force be with you all!
  13. Version 2.2


    Kemar Elim will now appear on Onderon after you arrive back there the second time, enabling the completion of the sidequest. He's out of the way of the soldiers, so you may have to search a little to find him. Also, be warned that you can _only_ start the quest the first time you go to Onderon. If you try to do so the second time, he won't speak to you. I've also cleaned things up with the holocron in the tomb a bit, so that it's less...messy. Hopefully, this will eliminate any errors.
  14. I'm curious to see if they do, (A puppet is what remote is.) because I noticed there were 2 empty puppet slots while looking through the files, maybe I'll use them.
  15. Someone on the KOTOR reddit said that porting was allowed now, is that true? because I didn't hear anything about that.
  16. In TSL, there are no wookiees, except for a single angry Wookiee... I'm fairly certain if you have that infamous NPC Overhaul you may run into a few more, but there are no important wookiee characters. In K1, there's an entire planet of them. I'm not suggesting porting Kashyyyk to TSL, but it would be interesting to see wookiees show up as a sidequest or potential companion interaction. For instance, if you had Hanharr mabye you'd run across some wookiees on Nar Shaddaa, either free them or sell them into slavery. This would allow character development of the PC for LS or DS points, it would highlight Hanharr's disregard for his people, and it would allow the PC an influence opportunity, more XP, and if you had Mira vice versa, though Mira has actual voiced lines, while Hanharr has alien VO. The location could be changed, but Nar Shaddaa seems the most believable location. Hanharr and wookiees are prime real estate for modding since they use Alien VOs and are not very prominent in TSL. Wookiees could show up as slaves of Czerka on Telos, and need to be freed, or captured and sold to the Exchange or G0T0. Additionally, a Big Z could easily make a cameo and have a hostile interaction with Hanharr resulting in the death of Big Z, or Hanharr for that matter... Not sure if i'll ever do this, but if I did work on a content driven lore expansion mod, wookiees would be included.
  17. Version 1.0


    Hey everyone this is the first mod that I have ever made so I hope y'all like it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Prestige Class Bundles" is a mod that adds in 6 bundles unique to the 6 Prestige Classes, each bundle consisting of a custom robes and color crystal that is unique to that prestige. In order to get this bundle, once you have gained your prestige class with Kreia you may exit and re-enter the Ebon Hawk to trigger a dialog pop-up, the rest you will have to figure out for yourself! Enjoy!!! My mod includes the following items accessible by the player: ~ 6 New Robes ~ 6 New Color Crystals (+1 that is only accessible by cheats) Installation: ~ Simply Run the TSLPatcher and voila!! Manual Install: ~ Extract the folder to the desktop, locate the tslpatchdata folder, copy all items items (EXCEPT changes.ini and info.rtf) to the override folder. Uninstallation: ~ Locate your override folder and delete the files that you copied in when you installed! If you want to cheat in any of the items here are all of the codes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ninko_robe01 ninko_robe02 ninko_robe03 ninko_robe04 ninko_robe05 ninko_robe06 u_l_colo_99 u_l_colo_98 u_l_colo_97 u_l_colo_96 u_l_colo_95 u_l_colo_94 g_w_lghtsbr_99 g_w_lghtsbr_98 g_w_lghtsbr_97 g_w_lghtsbr_96 g_w_lghtsbr_95 g_w_lghtsbr_94 g_w_dblsbr_099 g_w_dblsbr_098 g_w_dblsbr_097 g_w_dblsbr_096 g_w_dblsbr_095 g_w_dblsbr_094 g_w_shortsbr_99 g_w_shortsbr_98 g_w_shortsbr_97 g_w_shortsbr_96 g_w_shortsbr_95 g_w_shortsbr_94 And for the crystal that is currently only available by cheats: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ u_l_colo_69 g_w_lghtsbr_69 g_w_dblsbr_069 g_w_shortsbr_69 Credits: ~~~~~~ Special Thanks to FairStrides for helping with the scripting for my mod!! Appreciate it heaps and it wouldn't have been a mod without his help! Thanks to VarsityPuppet for some texture help! Thanks to Rece for his tutorial on Animated Textures! Also thanks to anyone that has helped me along the way that hasn't been mentioned!!!! THIS MOD IS NOT SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS OR BIOWARE. USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK. NEITHER THE AUTHOR OF THIS MOD NOR THE COMPANIES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER WHEN USING THIS FILE.
  18. 552 downloads

    This mod replaces the default game male Jedi robe models with sleeveless ones, inspired by Starkiller‚Äôs robes in The Force Unleashed 2. The mod also reskins the Qel-Droma Robes for males so that they look more like the robes worn by Starkiller at the start of TFU2. These changes will only affect the PC and Jolee. Other characters will wear ‚Äėsleeved‚Äô robes as normal.
  19. Hi all, I've recently decided to take a crack at modding Kotor, and upgrade from texture editing to meshes. I've done quite a bit of research on the topic but most forum posts are over a decade old! I was wondering what tools people are using nowadays. I know of the Kotor Tool (amazing btw) and after extraction the files come in .mdx and .mdl formats. From what I gather, 3d information is in the .mdx, I have no idea what the .mdl has... How do I convert to .obj or some other workable format? Milkshape does not recognise KOTOR models, only World of Warcraft... I'm familiar with Maya, so I can't import directly (as far as I know). How do I export back? Does it go in the override folder? Can I even mod PC Heads or am I just wasting time? Looking forward to some replies! -Weiss
  20. I've noticed while extracting a good number of textures from the KOTOR 1 game files that the ones that are mostly black have no alpha on them(such as the ones with stars). Does the game have a special way of handling textures that makes them transparent with this or is this an issue with all of the tpc to tga converters for the game? If anybody has an explanation of this that would be great, i cant seem to find a way to easily and quickly remove the black from the images.
  21. jc2

    April Fools Modding

    It's a new year.... And April Fools is coming around, so why not start working on an April Fools mod? Here goes: A Republic scout walks up to the bartender on Taris after escaping the Sith, and orders a juma juice (that should be a mod, get drunk at the pub, drink the galaxy away!). He turns to the nearest NPC and clicks away, only to be greeted by a Mandalorian, who quickly remarks, "Ever been hit so hard on the head you lost your memory?.. Didn't happen to me, I was just curious." Further inquiries into his thoughts spurn more imaginative discussion. .. "If I have sons, i won't let them become jedi, for obvious reasons. Can't have them die virgins." This undercover scout can even discuss politics with the Mandalorian... "I don't understand Sith footsoldiers, I'm off to work hon! Hope my boss doesn't force push me into a computer killing me for walking to my station!" If I'll goes well, I'll have an interesting mod to release on April Fools. It's more of a joke and not a prank, though. In other news, I'm still working on Lehon Mandalorian Expansion. But I've got a working beta, and a working tslpatcher, I just need to run one more test to look for more bugs. This is not an exaggeration when I say, I've spent more hours working on LME than I have playing kotor and TSL combined. Shanilia's expansion/dlc is still non-existent, but I did write a bit more about the characters and what they were doing. I'm just not sure what kind of direction to take, yet I've learned a lot and could easily make side quests I just need good writing and scripting for actions scenes. Though she will be referenced in LME, but it's a sly reference. Save Hakra is still a WIP, scripting issues have caused delays and uprooted some of my interest in making the mod in the near future, but the spliced audio is there, and plenty of files/scripts are there. Going to have to learn how to get the lips to move with custom lips file? I remember getting a headache just reading the ReadMe for the modding tool.....
  22. Hello everyone! New to the forums, but I've been on the site downloading countless works over the years. I've had some mod ideas for KotOR II for years now, but I lack the time and skill to produce something along the lines of quality I've seen from the artists on here. I've decided to make this post for any creators looking for something to make, but aren't sure what they want to do. If anyone wants to use some of these ideas, then please do it! No need to credit me or ask me anything, I just want to shoot out some ideas that I've had for years in hopes of maybe seeing them come up on the downloads page! Without further ado, here are some ideas I have had for mods for the last 5 years: Armor Ideas: Luke Skywalker's Dark Empire Armor- Darth Krayt's Vong Coral Armor- Jedi Master's Blindfold- Similar to that which Rahm Kota wears in The Force Unleashed. Blaster Ideas: DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol- DC-15s Blaster Rifle- Bryar Blaster Pistol- Tenloss Disruptor Rifle- Lightsaber Hilts: Kol Skywalker's lightsaber- Ven Zallow's Lightsaber- Darth Krayt's Lightsaber- Kanan Jarrus's Lightsaber- Sorry for the length, but I hope someone finds these suggestions interesting in case they're looking for an idea!
  23. ‚ÄčI'm a long time fan of KOTOR and it's nice to see people alive that are as well. Thanks to the staff and especially the community for keeping this place alive and well-maintained. Respect. Here is my original post: ‚ÄčThanks in advance but I was able to fix this as well. ‚ÄčAt this point this is more of a journal than a help post. ‚ÄčI'm just gonna drop what I think will help anyone that was in my shoes: ‚ÄčTo enable the use of more advanced mods that use TSLPatcher and to the extent I've gone, KT: ‚Äč To get KT working (credits to @Rece), intended for Macs but the difference is minimal. ‚Äč ‚Äč.bif files are .bzf when ported from the phone, just rename the file extensions back(tedious but whatever). ‚ÄčAlso, you may need to uninstall and reinstall KT and\or delete settings.xml located within the KT directory. ‚ÄčYou may still encounter bugs and hiccups
  24. View File Azgath N'Dul's Tomb Patch Kemar Elim will now appear on Onderon after you arrive back there the second time, enabling the completion of the sidequest. He's out of the way of the soldiers, so you may have to search a little to find him. Also, be warned that you can _only_ start the quest the first time you go to Onderon. If you try to do so the second time, he won't speak to you. I've also cleaned things up with the holocron in the tomb a bit, so that it's less...messy. Hopefully, this will eliminate any errors. Submitter InSidious Submitted 02/24/2014 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible  
  25. I've never modded KOTOR, so bear with me. Here's what I want to do: I want to change HK-47's class, attributes, and feats as well as feat progression. I'm working on the details now, but the gist of it is that HK is an assassin droid, and as such he should have stealth and melee capabilities, and I think he should (possibly) be able to wield lightsabers owing to his origins (think General Grievous.) With that in mind he should be similar to a Scout - good with skills, better feat progression than Scoundrel but not as overpowered as a perfect Soldier. Maybe even grant him Sneak Attack tree - he is, after all, an assassin droid. I don't want to change his class though - or at least, his class name. Can I make a custom class with its own feats (basically Combat Droid but with Melee proficiency tree) and then set HK's class to that custom class? What tool do I need to do this? I can work with a GUI tool, but anything involving scripting, assembly, or coding is off the table. Where are the tutorials? I've tried googling but all I get are tutorials for tools with dead links and downloads.