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  1. Ok, so I did some more work and managed to correct a few errors. I got the icon and texture to show up, but unfortunately it is superimposed on the standard Battle Armor model. So now my objective is figuring out how to get it to point to the Sith Soldier model while also being usable by the player.
  2. I'm kind of new to modding KOTOR, so I'm still learning. So, I successfully created a custom jedi robe and added it to the game, simple stuff. However, I tried to add the Elite Sith Trooper Armor into the game, but for some reason everything worked except the armor appeared as plain old Battle Armor in game and the icon for the sith armor didn't work either. I had a few different files, the first was PMBF08, the sith armor texture, then I had the icon, ia_class7_008, and finally the .uti file, g_a_class7008 But for some reason, this didn't work. I got a custom armor with all the custom stats and descriptions that I had added, but the appearance of the armor wasn't the Sith Elite Armor like the PMBF08 file stated. So, I'm not sure how to fix this as I spent hours trying most everything I could to get it to work with no progress. I used KOTOR Tool and GIMP to perform all the necessary operations if that helps.