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  1. So using the cheat worked thank you! Can this be used for other mods in case another item doesnt appear? If so, how would i know which items to give? Like how would I have known to give mf_f_lghtsbr83
  2. Its the only one not there, ive tried multiple times. All sabers but that one for w/e reason. How would i do that? Would it give me your saber hilt?
  3. Cannot find the two alone anywhere, just looking for the override files of these hilts to swap out my green saber crystal. If anyone has these can you please send them my way?
  4. Hey Oaks, i seen that you have Qui Gons hilt, do you have the override files for it? Thats the only hilt im trying to get atm.
  5. Does anyone have a Qui Gon hilt? One that is tied to the green crystal?
  6. Hello, this mod is great, but im having one issue. Qui Gons lightsaber is the only saber not on Sherruks body. Ive installed, deleted, re installed. Qui Gons was the one i NEEDED to have lol.