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  1. Ahh, interesting. Thanks for the information!
  2. HOW?!! Please, I must know! 😮
  3. Oh, good news. I removed k_pun41aa and un41_Carth and one save finally worked?
  4. I have “Spare Mission and Zalbaar” as well as some Carth dialogue tied to something or another but that’s all I can think of. I know that the Bi Carth mod doesn’t seem to affect it because I looked at the files and it’s not referenced. Either way... I got to get cracking I guess, because my other saves are all either on Lehon or on Taris....
  5. All right, I’ll see if removing the dialogue file helps if done with loading a Temple Exterior save. Thanks for the tips!
  6. I’m playing LS and I have the same problem. Unfortunately, the update didn’t help me.
  7. Excuse me, but the bug that affects DS also affects LS... at least for me, anyway. Any ideas?
  8. Do you know how to clear the cache you mentioned? Thanks. Would setting the boolean to true be enough to just add him, or are there other values?
  9. Does anyone know if this can be used with K1R? Because this is pretty awesome. Thanks!
  10. Question: why is the Juhani Appearance Overhaul listed as not K1R compatible? It has an installer, and it just replaces Juhani's models and gives her custom upgradable armor (as far as I know). also, you can pick and choose which part you want to use. Oh yeah, there's also the plethora of HD skins that are listed as incompatible even though they are just textures. Anyone know? Thanks!
  11. Airazor65

    Install Order?

    Hi everybody! I'm new here, but I've been stalking the forums for a while now. I've done some trial and error, but I still fail to get the game to run in 100% capacity because mod conflicts, probably. As far as I know, everything I have is compatible with each other with a little wiggling, but I'm not sure. So I decided to go for a clean slate (for the fourth time) and am trying to figure out what order to install my mods. I've mixed and matched some cosmetic/texture mods because I'm like that. And yes, I know, some mods aren't compatible with TSLRCM by default, which is why I would assume to install those first. TSL patcher is my friend! Anyway, here's the mods. I made a list and I put notes to myself in them. One thing I'm curious about is why I keep getting an access violation trying to install "Male Exile and Sion" though. Any tips would be great! Thank you! P.S. if anyone wants specifics, especially on multi-option mods, I'll do my best to tell you. Thanks again! Edit: I forgot to mention I'm play the GOG version of the game. Thanks! Edit 2: I've done some thinking and have decided to user the widescreen patcher to fix the game's resolution. Edit 3: Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention that I'm hoping to use the Grey Jedi Freedom mod as well... Edit 4: I know, this getting annoying, but I've switched out my lists. Does this one seem right? Thanks again. KOTOR 2 TSLRCM Mod Install Order.txt