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  1. Does anyone know of a mod or bug that interferes with the the murdered settler class. When I get to the part where the PC asks Rikerd whether he knows the victim, Calder, the option to ask Rikerd does not appear at all.
  2. Quick update: I'm still working on the Revan Head. Right now there's an issue with the mouth as it does not allow for the mouth to move when speech occurs. I am attempting to try and correct that issue. However, I have not been able to work on the head given the covid-19 craze. I had to leave the UK where I was studying and I'm back in Canada under quarantine so I can't really do much. I'll probably work on the head after the quarantine is over. So far, I'm in good health so I don't think that will be an issue. As for doing the head with scars I will try to add that option too down the road after I get the mouth issue fixed.
  3. Played around to try and make the eyes a bit better as his eyes were really dead. However, I'm having an issue with the animations of the face. You can see it from this video: and this, Test #2 Just need to figure out the scar on the left cheek and whether and how to remap the eyes. Finally, I'll apply the discoloration layer afterwards.
  4. I'll get to the discoloration later. Right now I need to fix the skin and the scar first before I apply the discoloration layer, Then it'll come down to the eyes.
  5. Getting there. I honestly think the eyes are going to have to say huge. Not much I can do on that side. I will need to just light up his texture I guess and then he'll be good to go I guess.
  6. Do you know which skins lack weights bead-v?
  7. I'm confused. No weights on the skins? But I make sure the skins were all on the right places. This version pretty much copied the layout of DarthParametric's Meetra Surik. I'm not sure how it doesn't have any skins.
  8. If you can get the mdl file to work. Please do so. I am attempting to get the ascii file I uploaded to work with mdledit or mdlops but it isn't working. Not sure why. My goal is to try and compile that ascii file that possibly will fix one of the issues with the file. There are two other issues. One is with the left side of revan's face that has the scar from the mask. Not sure how to resolve it. the other issue is the texture of the skin. The texture is way too dark in relation to the hands and feet. But the first thing is the mdledit. Please feel free to help. Most of the files on the thread from others are what I have used to try and make this possible. I really want everyone to get a copy of this TOR Port.
  9. Having a bit of an issue with mdledit and mdlops. After I made corrections to the head and exported the file as an ascii file successfully. Whenever I try to open the new file in mdledit it crashes when it is interpreting the ascii data. I'm not sure what the issue is. tor_revan-kotormax.mdl.ascii
  10. I got the textures to work. I might need to position head back a bit. I'm unsure. The eyes have no animation. You just see his eyebrows moving. Nothing with the mouth either.
  11. In the textures it needs all 4 to be there right? Or just the one? Because it only allows me to put 2 there for some reason.
  12. I need to change the texture name in the mdl then. I'm trying to use mdledit but I'm unsure of where I make that change in mdledit. I've renamed the textures to what you had in the changes.ini file
  13. The head textures don't render on the model. Not sure why.
  14. I got the model and portraits to work. However I have issues with the textures. Do I have to hexedit the head?