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  1. SITH, it was so easy. Just edited ACII file with notepad and converted back to .mdl. Solved.
  2. Hey guys. I'm trying to get a little bit bigger body for my male PC with modded Berun head. ( I've decided to use Canderous' underwear model from K1, but I've got a problem with animations: there are none. I guess that it is because underwear model uses a different supermodel P_CandBB. A The question is: how can I re-attach a model to a different supermodel? Will be grateful for any help or direction. Here's my appearance.2da, underwear model pre-edit(P_CandBA). Sorry if i get something wrong. Still didn't figure out how all of this works. P_CandBA.mdx appearance.2da P_CandBA.mdl Screenshots