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  1. Cytaris

    HD Kreia Upscale

    Just saw this! Thanks. Worked with winrar this time!
    High Quality. Keeps the original feel with better graphics.
  2. Cytaris

    HD Kreia Upscale

    Something is wrong. I can't get the file to open correctly. Can't read the readme. When I try to extract the file it just says evilkreia or something like that. Can you reupload this mod in a different format? It's corrupt somehow. Looks good tho, I want to use the dark side part. Extraction Seems to have worked when I used 7-Zip, just not winrar which I normally use. Odd, but good enough I suppose. About to try it in Game. Dark Side version works! I love it. Been waiting for a mod like this. Now all my sith lords are HD. I used a different reskin for normal kreia, but I'm sure the quality is good on that one as well. 10/10
  3. Thanks for the info, I only capitalized it because I copied and pasted it from it's spot on nexus and that's how it is displayed but I see what you're saying and idea to avoid it, I'd agree. Also I will make sure not to capitalize it like that. You gotta be right, it's that mod giving me these problems because I had all the same mods installed before except that one with no problems. Good to know. I'll avoid mods like that in the future.
  4. I hope this is the right section, if not please let me know & I will move it. I haven't used forums much yet. Never have made a post here and have only commented a few times. Here's my problem, on the tutorial skybox when you are T3-M4 there is a black box around Peragus. Mods I use that could be contributing to the problem are: TSL Backdrop Improvements 1.4 Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields by Vasilii Zaytsev Replacement Peragus II Artwork by Trench Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment 1.0 KOTOR 2 UNLIMITED WORLD TEXTURE MOD I think that's it. I'm leaning towards it possibly being the unlimited world texture mod conflicting with the other mods. I have been trying to fix it for days. I'm hoping someone can tell me what files I should take out to undo what I did to revert it to vanilla or preferably just get the mods back to being compatible with each other. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the info I will try both! Tried both, didn't work, but I should clarify my problem is on the tutorial not the harbinger so I suppose I need to know what files edit that backdrop when you get a chance.
  6. I'm trying my hardest to get the black square to go away but I can't figure out how. /: Love the mod tho. Any help is appreciated! Do 851nih and 852nih effect the black square around peragus? Idk why it's there because I have the most recent version of the mod. I also have KOTOR 2 UNLIMITED WORLD TEXTURE MOD so maybe that's where 851nih and 852nih come in? I do have trenchs mod & all the mods you recommend in the description installed btw. Idk what the problem is. I've looked through the forums and see that version 1.4 fixed this problem and I have had a previous version of the game where it worked (no black box) but I've been trying to fix this for a couple hours now with no luck.
  7. Problem solved, It wasn't this mod. This Mod is Perfect! It was a file called PER_CPanel.txi causing the issue. This mod had nothing to do with it. I post this to encourage others to get this mod without fear of problems.
  8. Noted, thanks! I did that. There was no change, Idk what files it could be. I'm using most of your monitor mods tho as well. Could it be LEH_scre03 or something? The only thing taking LEH_scre01 & LEH_scre02 (tga & txi) out did was make the ebon hawk not animated anymore, so sorry but I may have the wrong mod in mind that caused the issue. If I knew what files affected that part of the computers I could probably fix it. I'm not near as knowegable about these things as you. I can post more pictures if need be but it looks the same as before expect the ebon hawk is back to being basic.
  9. I tired to take it out but it is unaffected. Ebon hawk works perfectly like your mod should. I have Peragus computer mods too so that could be the cause. I'm at a loss, I cannot get them back to how they should be. Here are some poorly taken screenshots. The load menu shows how it should look, the galaxy map on ebon hawk is perfect. Problem with the telos academy keyboards & small monitors & m478 keyboards. It shows up other places too. It could be peragus monitor mods, or ebon hawk or i just don't know. If I knew a mod that reskined the keyboards I'd just put that over it, or if I knew which files to take out I would do that. I have no idea how to fix this. btw they are animated, as in, they move, I just can't capture that in the screenshot. I appreciate the quick reply & you being willing to help me! thanks!
  10. I have a problem where what I think is this mods animations show up on every computer panel in the game, not the screens really, just the buttons below and above the screens. can you please help?
  11. Cytaris

    Quanons T3M4 Reskin

    Yes, I changed the name of one of the files and got it to work in KOTOR 2.
  12. This is what my playthrough was missing, always thought Carth should be in an Admiral uniform. The Holograms are a huge bonus. I am using a heavily modded version of kotor II that includes the latest versions of The Restoration Project as well as M4-78, Coruscant Jedi temple, Extended Enclave and about 100 other smaller tweaks. I realize this is a lot but my game was working great believe it or not. Was hesitant to install this mod as it changes a lot. Hopefully everything will still be fine. I will report any problems if there are any. I'm using a massive amount of mods but still keep that vanilla feel with bonuses. If there are problems I would blame myself. Hopefully not tho! Thanks for the amazing work! Only problem I have that I couldn't fix is that the holograms now show up as fully colored people, like the person stated above. They appear to be flesh colored rather than blue. Before this mod they were blue & transparent. Will look for a fix. I don't really understand what you are saying about GPU as I simply do not know what that is. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Update: Tried to uninstall mod but did something wrong. Game seems to run fine, just cannot get the holograms to turn back into holograms which is frustrating. Would love if you could help me with this. Update 2: Been trying to fix for a while. I am not near as skilled at modding as some. I have come to a dire conclusion. My options are to deal with the holograms no longer being holograms or to reinstall the entire game and all my mods & all my personal fixes (would likely take days). My only other option is for someone who is more skilled at this than I am to help me. The holograms looking like real people really takes away from the immersion... PLEASE HELP. Your work is great & I think if I had a better graphics card it would all work fine but unfortunately I cannot use this mod, could you please help me make the holograms look like holograms? I'm not sure how. For context the droids on Peragus shields never show up on this computer & the force sight power has never worked but before I downloaded this mod holograms were blue & transparent. Also this is my own fault obviously but if anyone could help that would be awesome. Edit: I think the problem was my graphics card, not this mods fault.
    Sometimes she is invisible on the Leviathan and sometimes she's not. If you go lightside she still wears her normal robes from the vanilla game on the star forge from what I can tell but that's okay I like the variety. Minor flaws and the mod is still epic. I especially love being able to get the outfit as soon as she joins your party on Taris. I only list the minor errors to make the mod author aware. Thanks for the amazing work!