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  1. Thanks so much! I was just looking for something like this.
  2. Cytaris


  3. With each passing moment your old apprentice becomes stronger, Master. We must act quickly to exact your vengeance. Malak will pay for stealing the mantle of Dark Lord from you!


  4. Cytaris


    Files: po_pfhc07.tga po_pfhc07d1.tga po_pfhc07d2.tga
  5. Portrait I created along with a picture of the portrait and the original image. Original Image was not created by me. Basically I just did some cropping. I use this as the lightside portrait when using this mod:



    Thanks to the creators of the mod and the image! My edit is very minor.

    tumblr_p12o6jDYfn1rs95mfo1_400 (1).jpg



    (Old version is not as good, Look below)

    1. Cytaris


      If you had a head that looked similar to this picture you could easily change the name to the proper portrait file and use it for any head.

    2. Cytaris


      Version 2:

      *Fixed Line at the bottom left corner where Revan's Outline was.

      *Brighten colors & Increase Contrast.

      -blends in with Health & Force bars.



  6. Master and Apprentice. My Version of Darth Revan and Darth Bastila.




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    2. Cytaris


      Thank you! Many mods made it possible. I thank the authors for their work. If anyone is interested I will be happy to figure out exactly what all mods I am using so they can come up with something similar. Frankly it would take a long time because of the quantity and I don't remember off the top of my head. I like your versions too! I especially like your female version of Revan's robe you have on Bastila. Never seen that before. I'll check the mods you listed out. Face is cool too! I am of course a bit biased towards the one I created the other day for her. I just love it so much, first mod I ever created. I feel like I am learning a lot recently. Still waiting on approval from Quanon to release it. He hasn't been online for a while.

      Here is the Revan skin I am using, along with the flowing robes mod:

      I just had to change the name of it to PMBJ01.

      All credit for that goes to it's author Drewton.

    3. jc2


      Nice to see that Leia bun by VarsityPuppet in use!

    4. Cytaris


      Right! I love it!

  7. For an update I am now using a version that is (1024x1024). Idk why it didn't work the first time but it does now. Here is a screenshot of the higher quality texture:
  8. I am still learning how to use this site properly, in fact I just learned how to enable cheats, use the save game editor and take screenshots a few days ago after years and years of playing this game. Here is the very first edit of a mod that I have ever done. Credit should be given to dark hope and Quanon for making the original mod in the first place, plus I have many other mods altering bastila's body and head model such as bastila'sgotback for the body and party model fixes and HD bastila for the head and the organa hair and so many others, all I did was edit the eye skin. Here is the completed work: