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    Brotherhood Of Shadow
  2. Fresh Vanilla install of Kotor I because I broke it. I'm trying the newest version of Brotherhood of Shadow. It's been like 10 years. It's gonna take so long to get Kotor I how I want it.

    1. LordMerek


      If you mean v1.5 it basically only contains v1.0 and the v1.1 patch. Why the hell they called it v1.5 I'll never know. Btw, what do you mean new version?

    2. Cytaris


      It is new to me because I haven't played it in years but idk why they called it 1.5 either. So far a bit buggy and my game is almost vanilla.

  3. I have permission now from both previous authors to make my darkside/lightside Bastila mod for Kotor I. I have a version for Kotor 2 as well. I already have it mostly done but it needs packaged up, polished, and released. I made it a while back. I use both mods in my game. 2 different mods really with several variations but they all go together. It's been a minute since I have touched it but I need help with one thing which involves adding a new line to to the 2da and the way I did it before works but causes some problems with other mods because i have it in spot 0 where nothing should be so I need some help with that. I forgot some of the terms, but will relearn them. I can post a picture of what I'm talking about if anyone decides to try to help. Thanks for reading!


    Edit: I added a picture. row 0 is my problem. That row adds a second head for bastila if she is darkside so she can have sith eye while darkside and blue eyes while lightside. I need to move that row to be somewhere other than 0 because it causes her head to show up in some strange places where it shouldn't. Then I need to change 0 back how it should be. idk how appearance 2da rows work very well.


    posted pictures of bug. head being in slot 0 causes these 2 mods which are 4 force powers and the sith ghost mod to have the floating head. without these mods there seems to be no problem but still i want to move it someone where it would work better.




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    2. Cytaris


      can I have the same line but have it be at the end instead with a new number? change 0 back to how it should be. idk how editing 2da lines work very well.

    3. JCarter426


      Yes, you can add a new line in heads.2da as long as you add corresponding lines in appearance.2da and portraits.2da. There should be tutorials on that still available in some form here.

    4. Cytaris


      good to know appreciate it!


  4. I accidentally broke both my Kotor I & II like 2 months ago and it’s gonna take so long to get em up and running again how I want them. Frustrating. On the brightside I can do it differently this time.

    1. jc2


      Yeah, I know how that feels!

  5. Cytaris


    Impressive. Most Impressive.
  6. If you couldn't tell, I'm doing a Sith Lord Kotor playthrough with Bastila Shan as the Exile and loving it. It's an interesting spin on the classic story. I did the first game darkside first.

  7. She even sounds like bastila thanks to the savegame editor.
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    From the album: Cytaris's Gallery

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    Great work! Would download this in a second.