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  1. Modders have, I presume, fixed most of these bugs either way by now. I'm specifically interested if any of them were fixed in the vanilla PC version when it shipped - "raw vanilla," if you will. As far as official patches go, based on what patchnotes I've been able to find through Googling none of the PC version patches specifically addressed these things. Although I did spot what looks like a "fix of a fix" situation: The raw vanilla PC version has a bug where forfeiting even once in a Swoop race will prevent you from ever winning, a bug I suspect is a botched fix of the "Forfeit to win" exploit from the Xbox version (which by the way is quite possible to trigger by accident if you're playing on 360, due to the shoulder buttons - which serve as the White and Black buttons for Xbox games - being easy to accidentally nudge; combine that with mashing "A" to accelerate whenever the gauge fills...). This bug is patched in 1.0b.
  2. 2. And that kind of abuse is not required for non-Force Sensitive slaves because...? I think you're making an artificial division at this point. Especially if cruelties are as you say so expected of a Sith - you'd think any slave would be abused on principle, no? 3a. First, the Dreshdae academy is kinda a compromise on that issue in the interest of cranking out Sith warriors and plundering the Valley of the Dark Lords. Second, about temptation... The thing about Juhani is that despite her anger issues, she's actually a far more stable and centered Jedi than Bastila is, and she doesn't have Bastila's swollen ego. And thinking about it... she doesn't have a big dirty secret weighing on her mind like Bastila does, either. Also, when I brought up fear of temptation as a reason for Bastila not wanting to go, I was meaning to imply that perhaps that was the deeper reason and she pulls the "I'm recognizable" card to cover for it. ...Although, maybe that's giving too much credit for depth. 3b. Ah-ha, but there is a way to know that people are apparently blind to them before trying to infiltrate the academy (which you don't even know you need to do until walking around town and asking questions): The fact that nobody in Dreshdae picks up on the Force-sensitivity of anybody but the PC. 4. Aaaand I think you're getting sidetracked by my use of the "Get away with murder" metaphor (and the wordplay based on it). Your original point was that you weren't going to buy "Sith Arrogance" as an excuse, my counterargument was that K1 Korriban runs on it. Which is why you can get away with all the crap you pull, Light Side (No proof you killed those students) or Dark (you'd think Uthar would be a bit more diligent about his bedroom security, no?). Which is why nobody, not even Uthar, notices if you're a blazing beacon of the Light side and not fallen at all until you tell them. 5. Not necessarily so, especially given that apparently the academy has had people show up in groups before. And Jolee and Juhani aren't famous faces or the targets of Malak's obsession like Bastila is. For my money... If Calo Nord was that concerned about not being beaten to the punch, he probably wouldn't have given the detailed info about you and the other party members from Taris at all. Speaking of said info, something that occurred to me after rediscovering that this was a thing: got to love how apparently nobody of note on Korriban has the detailed description of the PC that the random Dark Jedi assassin trios you encounter do. ...maybe, just maybe, there are some loose threads we shouldn't pull too hard on.
  3. My current playthrough of The Sith Lords (Xbox version, played via Xbox 360) has had me taking note of the irritating bugs with quests in the game, as well as some other bugs. And so I'm curious as to what other bugs (particularly with quests) people know about, whether they've run into these, what causes them, and whether any of these were fixed for PC. One of the most infamously broken sidequests in TSL is "TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals." My first couple times playing through the game (LS as always) they spawned on the surface like they're supposed to. Can't remember the order of operations from that far back though. They broke on me this time though, even when I did a reload to get them to spawn in the office and saw them running off. One thread I read linked it to Chodo/Mozza conversations messing with the global for them - is that true? Another quest I've discovered can be bugged is the quest for finding the Lunar Shadow crew a pilot. This one, I had flat-out deactivate on me. I know I'd had it activated because I'd talked to everyone in the flophouse but the Mandalorians, but somewhere along the road it deactivated and vanished completely from the journal. Trying to talk to them at that point just got me bark bubbles, and I couldn't prod the captain either. Has anyone else had this happen? Then there's the New Fuel Source for Telos. This one got marked as complete after closing the deal on Vogga's end but without talking to Grenn, and at no point during the quest or after it was I able to tell Grenn about dealing with Vogga (Yes, I actually flew back to Telos after getting Vogga to agree to sell providing I wrecked Goto's s***). Thing is, I seem to remember being able to tell Grenn. Is it an order-of-operations thing where you have to wait to ask Vogga about selling to Telos until after Goto's yacht goes boom to be able to talk to Grenn about the deal? Or is my memory screwing with me? "Vogga the Hutt" didn't complete even after getting an audience with him. I also had the Lootra quest break despite getting the guards at the entrance to aggro by looting; I couldn't truthfully tell Adana they were dead even though they were. I had to reload and aggro them by aggroing Saquesh, that got their death to register for that quest. Then there's some other bugs I've noticed. One is dialogue-skipping on occasion. Usually it's just part of the audio lineread in a scene, but one point it cost me a chance for Influence with Visas by skipping a conversation entirely (the one after you give Terlyn a Starport Visa). The other was when trying to influence Disciple by giving Xaart a visa. Disciple would speak Canderous' line about not liking Dagon Ghent working with the Republic instead of whatever he was supposed to say, and no influence would be gained. The scene worked properly when I tried to do it with Bao-Dur. Anyone have any idea what the issue was? I've also heard that G0-T0 is supposed to say "The bounty on this Jedi has been rescinded by the order of Goto. If you attempt to carry out this bounty, then the next bounty placed shall be on your head" when encountering a bounty hunter after he joins. But this didn't happen with Dezanti Zhug on Dxun. That's all I can recall so far.
  4. In the mean time, I'm still wondering about glitching out-of-bounds at Yavin. Is that something that can happen in a vanilla game?


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    2. ZeldaTheSwordsman


      Yes. I was walking around to fill out the map, and then suddenly I glitched through the viewport and got stuck in the void outside the station. All I could do at that point was run in place, until I switched characters; that fixed the problem.

    3. DarthParametric


      Fixed in K1CP issue #461. Download the following:




      and put them in your Override folder.

    4. ZeldaTheSwordsman
  5. Why did I make that stupid TSL writing overhaul proposal thread... I think I still had some points about the narrative not airing views other than Kreia's enough, and maybe some other things, but large chunk of what I said has turned out to be half-baked (either things I was wrong about, or things I have incomplete info about to properly compose responses with), I keep falling into arguments that don't help anything, and any progress I make even on sample rewrites will be a long way off. And in the mean time, it seems to have become an attention black hole...

    *smacks self with keyboard*

    1. jc2


      No good idea goes unpunished!

    2. Tyvokka


      Its all good just remember that its fine to have discussion (even some that get intense), but there is no need to attack each others ideas. Ideas in and of themselves are not wrong, you are allowed to have them and express them and people are allowed to disagree with them. We just need to remember that is what these forums are about, are civil discussion of ideas.

    3. 1Leonard


      I wouldn't take it too personally if I were you.

      Star Wars fans tend to be... passionate. 

  6. Would straight-up pasting the Bolook UTCs into the override folder correct Bolook's appearance without any of the other changes? Or is it an "install everything with the tslpatcher or nothing" deal? Answer? No, the UTCs in the override folder by themselves do nothing. I'm reluctant to do the full mod, since A. another mod I have installed also affects Appearances.2da (Kainzorus' Clone Armors), and B. the TOR commoner does look a bit off-style. Regarding what JasonRyder said, it's frankly one or more of the other Twi'leks who should have their color changed. Bolook is explicitly identified in English VO as green, the others are not. Bioware deciding to make him orange is yet another example of the incompetence of the PC port.
  7. Out of curiosity, what makes this conflict with K1R? Also, I saw a comment about someone saying their Kolto tanks were cubical rather than cylindrical... Thing is, your uploaded screenshots show cubical kolto tanks, so I'm not sure why that part was a problem.
  8. TSL implies the exile's return was through strings Atris pulled in the Republic. Kreia is seen being stripped of the Force or at least subjected to a crude equivalent via Force Drain in the scene of Sion and Nihilus turning on her. The editing on the timing of the Harbinger incident is sloppy; HK-50's discussion of it implies the failures started happening before the Harbinger came across the Ebon Hawk, and one line of his even makes it sound like the Hawk docked with the Harbinger after HK-50's sabotage crippled it. This is at odds with what all the recordings on the ship itself suggest. As for who incapacitated the Exile... definitely HK-50. It was done the same way he did it at Peragus - overdosing you with sedatives while you were in a Kolto tank. G0-T0's greeting to HK-47 implies that HK-47 was reverse-engineered to enable the creation of the HK-50s. As for droid merchants having HK parts... presumably the Exile isn't the only one who's killed HK-50s. They're not specifically labeled as HK-47 parts after all. Also, K1 suggests HK-47 wasn't 100% unique even before the HK-50s were created (the dialogue for this happens if you choose him for the Leviathan mission). Regarding the Lonna Vash thing, her encounter having a different voice from the council scene is possibly a case of actress unavailability. I haven't heard anything else to indicate there was a 6th Jedi Master on the High Council circa the Exile's banishment. But yeah, TSL is a mess due to mismanagement at LucasArts at the time. Even TSLRCM polishing the unimplemented content as best as possible and adding it in doesn't fix everything due to the unfinished writing.
  9. Playing KotOR with a number of mods including K1R. I went to Yavin Station, and while I was walking around to fill out my minimap I glitched through the viewport and wound up out-of-bounds. Luckily I was able to fix it by switching characters. It's been some time since I last played, and Yavin is the place where I've spent the least time. So before I present this in a bug report in a mod thread, I wanted to check and make sure it wasn't just a vanilla bug.
  10. This looks stunning - it's an amazing Telos revamp! So much more detail, but still the same flavor... If I didn't have a pending $200+ purchase taking higher priority, I'd be finally ordering a PC copy of TSL for myself for this alone. Hopefully when I do get a copy, this will play nice with my graphics card.
  11. So, more recent ATI cards cause the problem? Well, from the sound of it I'm in for fun times when I get my hands on TSL for PC then. I've already had issues with K1 (had to turn off Frame Buffer Effects to prevent CTD after character creation) with it..
  12. I can't help but be amused by the armor, because of what I know about its basis (the armor worn by the K1 Iridonian merc): it's actually the swoop pilot flight suit - the Bink movie of the swoop exploding on Taris shows this, as does anything that lets you look at a swoop mid-ride from such an angle that you can see the rider. Nevertheless, interesting idea for a new encounter.
  13. Has this been tested with K1R?
  14. Does this play nice with Juhani Romance Enhancement?
  15. I guess I can confirm this myself. This isn't listed as fixed by default in K1R, and I haven't installed this mod, but I've been having them drop their clothing like they're supposed to. Oddly tho, they're not dropping Gaffi sticks.