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  1. Well, that doesn't tell me how to make the desktop shortcut auto-set the affinity, but it's still useful. At least, I assume - I have no idea how badly if at all my game is affected by the multiple cores. The reason I don't know is because it won't even start up - it acts like it is...but then it just fizzles out with that weird error message.
  2. I use Windows 7. I installed and patched KOTOR 1 as the tutorial instructed, save for making the shortcut instruct Windows to set CPU affinity to a single core because I couldn't figure out how. Can anyone explain how this is done? In any case, the game still won't run. When I try to start it, I get this weird error message: and then it just fizzles out instead of loading. What the heck does that error message mean? Why is the game refusing to start? (Edited for elaboration, and clarification of priorities)
  3. EA's especially guilty of that, particularly since they've been doing the "Release the same game every year with small changes" part for a looong time. I'm not going to get my hopes up or anything, but If nothing else, a KOTOR 3 would be a chance to sweep TOR into the trash can where it belongs. I play light side. I like helping people, making things better. One of my favorite sidequests was the Promised Land storyline, helping people who'd been thrown away by society to fend for themselves in a monster-infested wasteland escape their fate and move to a better place. The icing on the cake was the implication that while the arrogant, callous nobles of Taris were blown away by the Sith bombardment, the poorest of the poor whom they had cast away were off to live in safety and happiness in a paradisical bunker. Then TOR came along and ruined that for no good reason, earning my undying hatred.
  4. Salk, food not factoring into gameplay does not mean it doesn't exist. Plenty of NPCs talk about it, like refugees on Nar Shaddaa who complain of starving. As for saying "Money" rather than "Credits", I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be the only instance in the game of that. Even if it is, the word "Money" is used in other places in Star Wars - including the movies. The text lines were presumably c/of Obsidian, anyway, not the modders. This is an impressive job. I wouldn't personally run it because A. I like Dustil and all this scene does is abuse him and B. it feels like unnecessary nastiness that doesn't add to anything, but I can appreciate the work.
  5. There's a problem with this, which is that you actually made one of the items even more wrong. The "Holocron" you find on Tatooine is no holocron at all, (despite being named and referred to as such in dthanks to Bioware boobery); it's Bastila's father's diary/family photo album. It doesn't need an icon change, it needs a name change. The hardest thing to fix would be the VOs, might have to settle for ignoring or muting the word "holocron".
  6. This looks very neat, definitely going to give it a try. I'm going to have to learn the ropes of KOTOR modmaking, since I'd love to take a crack at fleshing this out more (at the very least adding a slave liberation sidequest triggered by redeeming Yuthura)
  7. Her eyes look a bit less unusual, but on the other hand the cloth under her leathers looks like it lost some texture and her breasts seem to pop more cartoonishly.