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  1. Yeah, the Emperor returning in EU was bad, and oh so often hammered home when Disney discarded canon. "Lol, it made Palpatine a clone. So good they discarded it." "Yeah, but that's not all the EU wa..." "PALPATINE SURVIVES. TERRIBLE. EU BAD." Some years later "Hey, look, Palpy's back!"
  2. Well, if you have a need for a 7-hour breakdown of all things terrible in TROS (and probably more coming) I can point the way(finder).
  3. Yes, it's fake. It was based on a Facebook account with 10(!) followers the media fawned over and now, about 1 3/4th year later she still made no official remark to the why. It's funny when the "loud minority" tanks movies like Solo and gives The Rise of Skywalker a run for it's money, sinks the scores to 50% before Rotten Tomatoes gets "creative". Minority, huh? Anyways, for being ' Oh woe is you! It's messages like these that just show how thin-skinned the fanbase has become. ' you seem to be pretty hurt that people call this movie out for the terrible mess it is.
  4. I think he might have really thought Disney would use his outlines, and Kathleen would respect his characters as she said was her primary concern when sworn in as new LucasFilm director. Naieve? Foolish optimism? Betrayal? Stripped off his power and le... oh wait, wrong medium. As for Prequels vs. Sequels. I think prequels had the story, worldbuilding. It just faltered a bit in execution. Sequels might have a better execution (do they though?) but the story is shambles and world-building is nigh non-existant. As I think that those are the more important parts I cannot agree the sequels are atleast better than the sequels. Also while not really to (dis)credit of the movies, the prequel era was wild with many great games thanks to LucasFilm giving the license to most. Sure it may not always work out great (Thanks Force Commander. Atleast your soundtrack was amazing), but having a few duds amongst the great versus having one great(? I haven't played it, but it seems the consensus) game in 7(!) years, I know which I prefer that. 2005 you didn't just have Revenge of the Sith, but also KOTOR2! And listening to the plot being detailed (infinite armies anyone? TLJ?) it's so obvious they're ripping off parts of that now with no understanding what made them click.
  5. Can't say I heard of the Hayden incident but remeber Loyd was bullied by his fellow classmates (kids can be mean), and Ahmed SPECIFICALLY stated it was the media that drove him there, not the fans. But of course those same media happily omit that part and redirect it to the target audience. Much of modern backlash to the prequels seems due to RedLetterMedia, and I can't say I really agree with all of their takes. They seem to go soft on the Sequels just to keep this stance, and it gets too much credit for it's worth. They also often keep saying Star Wars just cannot be without the OT and I think all us KOTOR fans can happily laugh at that. There are a LOT of people who love the prequels even before the sequels made them look even better, and it almost makes me wonder if much of the hate is spread by the media like the narrative that fans ruined Disney Star Wars, we're the worst ever and we drove Kelly Marie (fake) and Daisy Ridley (also fake) off social media, and the often nazi, racist, sexist comparisson and in the fanbase it's not that prevelant. Or is that just me being a wishful thinker?
  6. Yeah, we know that... like 5 recorded endings, many rewrites, reshoots till 2 weeks before release... a bigger mess I cannot remember.
  7. It's not a financial failure, but it was set up to match or outdo TFA, but dropped off second week in a massive slide when word came out it sucked, ending 700M less than TFA. Critical? Critics loved it, fans hated it. Then again critics shown themselves to be as worthless as ever since then morphing Rotten Tomatoes to do their whims on movies like Captain Marvel. Critics are 100% worhtless. We'll have to see the financial results of Knives Out to see if Rian is eternally damaged, of course critics loved it but see above. As for thinking KK getting fired, usually the result of massive mismanagement (Solo flopping, reshoots on EVERYTHING inflating budgets, firing directors left and right) tend to do that. But it seems LucasFilm/Disney put ideology over financial sense. Well, that's their perogative, they probably can even afford it with everything that's not Star Wars making them money to cope for the losses. I am so sorry to dissapoint you about me being a "dreamer". "The throne room scene in particular was so reminiscent of Luke and Vader's confrontation with the Emperor " It's reminiscent since they copied+pasted the exact dialogue from ROTJ in the elevator scene. Can't really get more 'like it' than doing the exact same thing. Then showing the fleet where it was a setup in ROTJ and it was all planned, but in TLJ it actually happened unexpected a minute or so ago so how can the telescope be pointed at it, heck how does Snoke even know yet. Oh that's right, the same way all other things in TLJ stick together... NOT.
  8. It's not as much whining about TLJ but predicting marketing. They got something going with Mandalorion and Fallen Order, but I don't think it's enough to push people into TROS before everyone gets pissed off again by said shitfest. Gotta frontload that income before word gets out Disney Star Wars is finally dead.
  9. EP IX spoiled to you by... BURGER KING. I'm loving it. https://boundingintocomics.com/2019/12/12/burger-king-ad-allegedly-spoils-the-ending-of-star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker/
  10. So... this has been canned. Yay, some good Star Wars news. Who wants to bet they off the Ruin Johnson trilogy officially in November to get people "excited" for IX?
  11. Well, atleast now we do know why they did save just the horses, not the slave-kids. Can't then go and kill these in live combat in space. Poor Rose. She just wanted some space horses.
  12. I'll hope you laugh as much as I did hearing the plot summary. This movie is going to be... something else. And there actually was an accurate TLJ leak far before the movie's release, few people believed it though since "surely this is fake, this cannot be real", stumbled upon it a little time after TLJ's release dated like 3 months old or so cause back then I didn't want spoilers and avoided them at all cost. How times have changed.
  13. Oh boy, being actually excited for new Star Wars content. I wish I was you guys. But instead I am here looking up IX leaks and oh my god it's worse than anyone can every imagine. Enjoy I guess. Doesnt work?
  14. In VII it says Kylo Ren is the leader of the Knights of Ren, and they feature in the flashback for like a second. So it's not completely unfounded. Luke has yet to appear in a trailer so probably Force Ghost, Leia gets killed so badly it makes you wonder even more why they couldn't have her die in space more than you did already and they probably forget the Knights of Ren once more since actually setup and payoff is an alien effect to them.
  15. No idea on the mod, but here's a rundown of versions; TSLRCM and Moddb 1.8.5 should be the same. As you say, the workshop isn't compressed though. Deadlystream's 'new' version has a different credit-movie with different music since some people here thought the KOTOR1 song in the movie imposed on the "porting" rule (that is now overruled anyway). As for M4-78EP 1.5 and 1.3 are the latest version. Moddb is 1.2 since 1.3 never got an installer (Zbyl went straight to 1.5). As there's been a bunch of issues reported with 1.5 though (and I have yet to test it myself and probably want to combine 1.3 and 1.5 together... sooooooomeday. Disney Star Wars is demotivating) Steam's still 1.3. Bit of a mess, sorry.