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  1. Hassat Hunter

    Obsidian joins Microsoft Studios

    EA probably offered the most $$$, and that's all LF cared about from the games department while doing their own damage on films. " I'd much rather have seen that Bethesda got the license, as all of the crappy things like microtransactions, shady practices and mismanagement of franchises seem to barely happen there. " Have you seen the Creation Club, Fallout 76 etc.? Bethesda isn't exactly in a recommendable state at the moment. But yeah, I don't really see this as great news. Last I want is Obsidian forced to make Fable-like console oriented RPG's, which I fear they're forced to make, or more action oriented like Bio...Blegh...Ware.
  2. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    My GF liked the movie though. She did fell asleep twice watching it last evening so had to watch the rest this morning. Then again, after watching TFA in the cinema she said it was the best Star Wars movie and she's with me, so she obviously has no taste... but just putting it out there.
  3. Time to press F for Obsidian, they got taken over by Microsoft. :(

  4. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    Well, had a movie-code to hire from a local streaming service that was about to expire, and with a large list I wasn't willing to browse through, Solo it became. Better than having it go to waste right? Having said that Solo was criminally mediocre. Atleast unlike TLJ which felt like 5 hours due to the slowest chase ever and Canto Blight Solo felt like it was over in a jiffy. Mostly because nothing actually got any decent time in the movie and things just got catapulted at you. Chars die? It's gone. The train? They get detected after 5 seconds and I doubt it lasted over 5 minutes. Kessel Run? That monster that got hyped literally got beaten in A MINUTE. Why was the Empire even there, it wasn't an Empire ruled planet. Why did if only Kessel had unrefined fuel they had to think about a refinery if apparently the Kessel Run is this well-known thing. Why can't things be logical? L3-37 is indeed as annoying as Holdo and Rose Tico and yes, I did laugh when she died. Terrible character. Solo didn't learn anything over the movie, he was the same start to finish, no progression, what's that? And all that "You're a good guy" and giving away the coaxium was just cringe. The one time the movie actually took it's time (with Enfys Nest) and it was terrible 😕 I mean, I expected it to be fairly bad, but atleast some people said the action pieces where decent. I can't really agree with how short and akward they were. They really tried to jam tons in this movie and it backfired since it's just flash after flash after flash of stuff just happening... one example is the scene on the Yacht where there's a decent convo, then a mid-sentence pause, then Solo just went on talking about this great job he had planned he had no reason to go on anymore, another pause mid-sentence, Vos comes in, another pause mid-sentence, last part of the scene. Can anyone actually properly finish their conversation before moving on? God. I can't say I feel I've got much added content seeing all the stuff missing between the trailers. Mostly since it almost feel the trailers did show everything with how short and cramped everything ended up feeling like. Train shot? That's it. Kessel run? That's basically it. Droid rebellion (ugh)? Yup, that's it. Stand-off with Enfys, better left unfinished. I can't believe how much they cramped into this movie and in the end didn't really tell anything at all.
  5. Hassat Hunter


    Meh, I don't see it so gloom myself. Disney clearly understands it's not a mod from the specification as "game" in their C&D (no matter how many people on YouTube cry "Disney didn't even look at this, they catagorised this mod as game" - Yeah, that's cause they actually know what they're talking about). I would be more worried if Disney didn't get it 100% spot on right.
  6. Hassat Hunter

    M4-78EP 1.5 Released

    Didn't you hear, I'm a VERY talented person and give LucasFilm ultimatums, cause of my awesomeness. They should totally hire people like us, but first of all us... obviously. Still had 1 fix lying here, and one thing I had to look into, so guess I'll need to do a run soon, and then maybe we got
  7. Hassat Hunter


    Didn't they promote their "other project they were working on" when hit with the C&D. I mean, I definitely wouldn't support it as it's likely another scam, but it seems there are a LOT of people out there who are willfilly walking into scams, no questions asked. Did you know you NEED a KOTOR1 copy? I'm called so many things for questioning that *obvious* fact.
  8. Hassat Hunter

    M4-78EP 1.5 Released

    You're removing all the good stuff " Plus, it got really weird when the droid completely changed personalities with different party members like he's an assassin droid one minute with HK and next minutes he's a spy droid for T3.  " Psssh... they are totally different droids entirely. Obviously.
  9. Hassat Hunter


    But then who would stroke their ego? Who could they laugh at when their HOT GIRLFRIENDS got Sexy Sex with them? Remember that? I 'member. And people even still believed in TSLRP after that, somehow. Some people are just asses, withholding stuff just cause they are too loaded of themselves. Yes, I'm still mad at you Dashus for willingly misleading people for years, hoarding all the work and rather have it burn down with you rather than release it and have to have your ego take a hit when others finish it instead. Pretty sure the swoop racing was pretty much stock-stuff. It didn't even feature any swoop-racing elements like shifting, speedpads. That wasn't swoop racing. " It was a thinly veiled as a "mod", when almost anyone can recognize that it's a brand new game.  " I see you haven't ventured YouTube comment sections talking about this mod. Apparently, it's a VERY difficult concept to grasp. And when I say very difficult, I mean VERY. DIFFICULT.
  10. Hassat Hunter


    For fucks sake... what's even worse than that letter is the people on Twitter there responding on it. Sure glad we need to "purchuase" a copy of KOTOR1 for it, since they "use assets" (read: steal VO, I presume). More blantant lies. Then they double-down on being a mod. Does this group have any idea what they are doing? Oh wow, the same stupid argument about Star Wars Theory YouTubers make. Since remaking a game that's sold on the market and making a fanmovie is TOTALLY the same thing. Did they HONESTLY refer to themselves as "talented". Daaaamn, gurl. Don't use all that ego at once. "I propose licensing to indies" - EA BITCH. FFS, do they not even have the basic understanding of the rights to Star Wars games at this moment. EA's 10-year possession is common knowledge after all. Also, the absolute gut of these people to boss around Lucasfilm and Disney. Hey, I want Kathleen Kennedy gone as much as the next guy, but I seriously doubt I'll ever adress them as "Hey, LucasFilm. Here's my own specific demands for you to follow to the letter." To conclude: "Hey, I'm sorry we tried to swindle you. You found out, you took us down... so, can we go on, now?"
  11. Hassat Hunter


    Have you read the whole topic? And yes... I personally would be GLAD if obvious false flags are taken away. It does me no joy to see so many people's expectations toyed with, just to be thrown away like this. You might like it, but I see so much anger, so much dissapointment and can't help but be mad at the people who INTENTIONALLY inflict this on so many people. I understand the "hope" but it's Star Citizen "hope"... ie. they're toying with you, and NOTHING will ever come from it. It surprised me how much people are blindly following that, but I didn't even notice people were just as zealous here. The amount of people willing to defend 'mod' and 'needs KOTOR1' to their GRAVE because "they said so" is astounding.
  12. Hassat Hunter


    Sadly it seems most people prefer to stay really really dense like here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug0VRepc72E&lc=z23effnwgorsehlfqacdp430v3i3w4nxhbd3a0ncczdw03c010c.1539889266857009&feature=em-comments and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug0VRepc72E&lc=z223izqyip2xe3si004t1aokgjarwia1mpafpohe4hs2rk0h00410.1539896910866799&feature=em-comments Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, I don't know what I'm talking about :/
  13. Hassat Hunter


    It gets stupider when they go "Pre-Disney this wouldn't happen" Memory is a terrible, terrible thing ain't it. Don't even have to go back that far... Battlefront 3's project comes to mind. And it's far from the only one.
  14. Hassat Hunter


    Good thing we stay low-key then 😜
  15. Hassat Hunter


    Too much idiocy in that comment section. (EDIT: Sid's since I see this page got another different vid) And you're all very well aware I just loooooooooooooooove Disney Star Wars, right?