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  1. Billy Dee was available (and willing) for VII, JJ just didn't care enough about Lando to add him in.
    Rian thought of Lando, but he "Had to be" DJ, and that wouldn't fit Lando, so Lando had to go (re-write you HACK!)
    It's pretty clear if Carrie Fisher was still around JJ wouldn't have called Billy Dee for IX, passing him before. He's just there to replace the carrot that passed away. Talk about insulting. For that reason alone no-one should watch IX. They have their mouth full with "diversity" and other nonsense, but they overlook Lando Calrissian and our interest and fandom of him ENTIRELY only bothering to add him once all others fall away. Again, it's insulting of the highest degree, and they expect us to praise them for it. No, no way in hell.
    1. Mutilator57


      I totally agree. Point in fact, I saw a good meme that pointed out that the last Kennedy - Johnson duo (referring to JFK and LBJ) were busy destroying slavery instead of Star Wars. How apt.

  2. Hassat Hunter


    Then you got a pretty foulmouthed mind. @SH; Probably not.
  3. Hassat Hunter


    Ah, the ****ing "In ANH the Empire and Emperor got no explenation... REBOOT IS GOOD **** YOU **** YOU" So ****ing tired of this... if you may notice. Well, in the old trilogy that was fine since that's all we needed. If ANH ended with Vader dead and the Empire defeated starting ESB with them alive and in full force would raise tons of questions. As do TFA and TLJ. But instead of explaining how we got an entire 180 on the victory or ROTJ, JJ and Rian give us the finger and "deal with it"... we are supposed to root for the Rebels rebuilding the most pathetic waste of galactic breath ever; the New Republic. A system so ****ing incompetant a rebel fraction destroyed them all in ONE DAY between TFA and TLJ. Wow, I ****ing care for that. That's not the WORST IDEA EVER. World building is important. Continuity is important. Don't just go "but the OT didn't have the Emperor explained so **** SNOKE. **** EVERYTHING. STAR WARS GUYS! STAR WAAAAAAARS" Yeah but the OT also didn't have 3 movies where we beat the ****ing crap out of the Empire only for it to sprout back since JJ and Rian got no ****ing ideas of their own but shitting over everything. And so yeah, I got my full right to give these ****ers the finger. And be pissed. Is it obvious I'm pissed at them. And you for repeating this stupid ****ing argument again. How ****ing hard is it to grasp we are 3 movies in, we have had a conclusion and that got completely raped without explenation. You think that's good. Well, good for you since LucasFilm will keep making crappy shitty movies without brains you like until it no longer makes profit. Which is probably shorter than you wish since most fans do got taste, do care about the galaxy, don't want this claustrophobic galaxy TFA and TLJ show us where scale is non-existant. The parties freaking idiots all around. I probably shouldn't have written this angry and tired but **** it, deal with it. You want to know how TLJ makes me feel, well here you go. Experience it. Yes, I'm SURE we get answers to that, like who's Snoke, who are the Knights of Ren, what was the New Republic? Why a Rebellion? Why should I care? How did Maz get the saber? Oh wait a second... TLJ pissed all over them. But sweet dreams expecting this time to be the golden goose. As if they will not retcon Rian's shit out of existence wherever possible. 1) Who cares. MaRey Sue don't need them. People expect her to train Yoda to add injury to insult. I can see it happen. 2) Who cares? The last time the Jedi rose they failed so miserable why should we care. Oh we want Rey to succeed where Luke failed? **** NO. 3) Who cares? Everyone can use the Force now, Jedi are nothing special anymore. So amazing! 4) Who cares? The New Republic was a ****ing joke. The FO is a joke. The Resistance is a joke. I couldn't care less. Blow the Falcon up with them, see if I care. Probably would have prevented a terrible ninth movie coming. Oh that would have been the best 😕 5) Again, who cares? The previous NR sucked balls. So making another one is just being morons. They should just die. 6) The only worthwhile question, and that's a META question, not a movie question. There are only terrible ways to finish it after Ruin could finish it proper but didn't since he's an asshole. 7) Who cares? He's dead. How about caring about this before wiping him. You loved THAT after all, didn't you? If they explain it now it's the biggest dickpunch in existance. Hey... they probably will do it. And you will love it for some reason even if you went all "But Palpatine didn't get..." yeah, **** you. Anyway, I'm going to sleep.
  4. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    The problem with that is that the anthology movies are better than the trilogy movies...
  5. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    Well, hot damn, there goes my 100m loss estimate.
  6. Hassat Hunter


    Post is a bit long to read now, I'll do later when I can also watch said vid (If I haven't done already, so many vids). Anyway, for the "hard to determine without the third part"; I once thought TLJ would redeem TFA because it would build on and explain it's plotpoints and fill in the gaps like "what the fuck was the New Republic and why are they a non-entity", "where did the FO come from" or "why the f are the resistance and republic seperate entities." I will not make the same mistake again. Especially since TLJ doesn't HAVE any leadup to another movie in the first place, so there's little redemption possibility there. Last thing we need is another movie like Solo tainted with having to explain away dozens of things happening in TLJ... again. (also you DO realise in your first post you linked to the same vid twice, not 2 seperate vids, right?)
  7. Hassat Hunter

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    They kill off one Singe-Player Star Wars game, along with it's studio (Visceral) cause "Singe-player is dead" and then buy Respawn to make them work on... a single-player Star Wars game? Consider me suspicious times 1000. EA may be a mass-murderer, they aren't this stupid, right?
  8. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    Did you not see his tweet afterwards. Scroll upwards. He wasn't baited. Also that's the way LF talks to fans. So yeah, wonder why a lot walk out.
  9. Hassat Hunter


    Well, I heard about a media-article that apparently pictures us as terrorists for boycotting a movie. So it can *always* get worse.
  10. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    First hit with google; https://www.polygon.com/2018/5/17/17365604/lando-calrissian-sexuality-solo-star-wars-jonathan-kasdan
  11. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    No. Because the writer Jonathan Kasdan explicitely said that in an interview. And then went all gung ho on fans with above tweet.
  12. Hassat Hunter


    Nope. But it's rather hard to argue properly when you throw down HERE, YOU ARE FANATICS. Don't counter, shut up, accept it. SUCK IT. Yeeeeeah.... maybe posting that way kinda contradicts 100% your entire argument. But apparently it's pointless discussing this since you don't want to discuss it. Just tell us we're fanatics and then just suck it up or shut up. HAH, no.
  13. Hassat Hunter


    Oh look, someone who liked The Last Jedi who dismissed literally all conversation about the movie. Wow, I wish this would surprise me, but it doesn't.
  14. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    Also I forgot to say this before when I wanted to, but pretty much hit the nail on the head there. There is no fatigue since that implies regardless of quality. There's just no interest in low-quality or outright insulting movies here (not to mention the way LucasFilms behaves is unacceptable). Not that you'll ever see the media say that. Heck, I'm still waiting after 6 months and a bomb of a movie to see media actually mention people might have an issue with TLJ or the way LF behaves. But no, more excuses. AGAIN.
  15. Hassat Hunter

    (SPOILERS) Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    Here you go. You should know I never lie... (I have no idea why it displays Twitter messages so poorly; https:// twitter.com/JonKasdan/status/997684135933050880