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  1. So... this has been canned. Yay, some good Star Wars news. Who wants to bet they off the Ruin Johnson trilogy officially in November to get people "excited" for IX?
  2. Well, atleast now we do know why they did save just the horses, not the slave-kids. Can't then go and kill these in live combat in space. Poor Rose. She just wanted some space horses.
  3. I'll hope you laugh as much as I did hearing the plot summary. This movie is going to be... something else. And there actually was an accurate TLJ leak far before the movie's release, few people believed it though since "surely this is fake, this cannot be real", stumbled upon it a little time after TLJ's release dated like 3 months old or so cause back then I didn't want spoilers and avoided them at all cost. How times have changed.
  4. Oh boy, being actually excited for new Star Wars content. I wish I was you guys. But instead I am here looking up IX leaks and oh my god it's worse than anyone can every imagine. Enjoy I guess. Doesnt work?
  5. In VII it says Kylo Ren is the leader of the Knights of Ren, and they feature in the flashback for like a second. So it's not completely unfounded. Luke has yet to appear in a trailer so probably Force Ghost, Leia gets killed so badly it makes you wonder even more why they couldn't have her die in space more than you did already and they probably forget the Knights of Ren once more since actually setup and payoff is an alien effect to them.
  6. No idea on the mod, but here's a rundown of versions; TSLRCM and Moddb 1.8.5 should be the same. As you say, the workshop isn't compressed though. Deadlystream's 'new' version has a different credit-movie with different music since some people here thought the KOTOR1 song in the movie imposed on the "porting" rule (that is now overruled anyway). As for M4-78EP 1.5 and 1.3 are the latest version. Moddb is 1.2 since 1.3 never got an installer (Zbyl went straight to 1.5). As there's been a bunch of issues reported with 1.5 though (and I have yet to test it myself and probably want to combine 1.3 and 1.5 together... sooooooomeday. Disney Star Wars is demotivating) Steam's still 1.3. Bit of a mess, sorry.
  7. They responded on the Atris model; saying it was intended for Atris to wear it on Telos Revisited, but they scrapped it since it was confusing and didn't make sense for her to have Dark Side robes lying around. So they cut it intentionally, not for time. AFAIK they never commented why her character icon was ingame though. As for the encounters, no, there is nothing to indicate who wins so we decided just to "end" both of them at that point.
  8. That's for Mira, a reflection of your actions against Hanharr on Malachor just a little before that. As for the master line that's for DS Mira, the other one for LS Mira. Once again, you can see them all in action in my mod.
  9. Steam user? Epic Armor mod user?
  10. No disagreements from me here. As for Kylo, I thought it was okay he was a failure being not the real threat, that was Snoke. But yeah, Rian had to screw that up and make the most ineffectual, unintimidating worst possible villain ever to be the main baddie now. Just... uuuuuuugh. The weak conflicted part makes him interesting, sure, just NOT a good villain. Which why it was good he was a lackey. But nooooooooooooooo, can't have any dang stakes apparently.
  11. You mean, aside from... *Hoth *Planetary escape at the start *Cave vision *Literally copied 1:1 scene from the Death Star in VI (okay, sure, that's not Empire) *Literally copied the Death Star #2 run (but I suppose see above) *Cloud City > Casino Planet *Jedi training (but not really) *Apprentice leaving without finishing training against masters wishes. Sure, aside from that it was totally different from ESB. Also I guess we can look forward to another bad Super Weapon discussion with Dr. Evil like the TFA topic... not that I'll watch the movie this time around. PS. They already posted on their website Dark Rey is a Force Vision... GG Disney. So good at their job.
  13. But... again... you cannot enter the EH when you sold him, so you cannot trigger Visas attacking you. Post Red-Eclipse it'll just kick you out of the Hawk in that case too. So once again you need a lot more than just a modded visasmarr.dlg to even remotely have any issues here. (EDIT: Oh, wait... you mean if some mod messes up T3 and then you trigger the convo. Yeah I can see that but why would that be our problem?)
  14. You... cannot enter the EH when T3 is sold, so you're fixing a non-issue. The "speaker" is set to T3 since that'll make the camera focus on him. That's the point. If you want to change that you need to get specifically teleport T3 to some point (and then make him resume his original walkpath since otherwise he'll just sit there) since just a camera-cut wont make it since he could be anywhere in the ship. Not really worth the effort.