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  1. No disagreements from me here. As for Kylo, I thought it was okay he was a failure being not the real threat, that was Snoke. But yeah, Rian had to screw that up and make the most ineffectual, unintimidating worst possible villain ever to be the main baddie now. Just... uuuuuuugh. The weak conflicted part makes him interesting, sure, just NOT a good villain. Which why it was good he was a lackey. But nooooooooooooooo, can't have any dang stakes apparently.
  2. You mean, aside from... *Hoth *Planetary escape at the start *Cave vision *Literally copied 1:1 scene from the Death Star in VI (okay, sure, that's not Empire) *Literally copied the Death Star #2 run (but I suppose see above) *Cloud City > Casino Planet *Jedi training (but not really) *Apprentice leaving without finishing training against masters wishes. Sure, aside from that it was totally different from ESB. Also I guess we can look forward to another bad Super Weapon discussion with Dr. Evil like the TFA topic... not that I'll watch the movie this time around. PS. They already posted on their website Dark Rey is a Force Vision... GG Disney. So good at their job.
  4. But... again... you cannot enter the EH when you sold him, so you cannot trigger Visas attacking you. Post Red-Eclipse it'll just kick you out of the Hawk in that case too. So once again you need a lot more than just a modded visasmarr.dlg to even remotely have any issues here. (EDIT: Oh, wait... you mean if some mod messes up T3 and then you trigger the convo. Yeah I can see that but why would that be our problem?)
  5. You... cannot enter the EH when T3 is sold, so you're fixing a non-issue. The "speaker" is set to T3 since that'll make the camera focus on him. That's the point. If you want to change that you need to get specifically teleport T3 to some point (and then make him resume his original walkpath since otherwise he'll just sit there) since just a camera-cut wont make it since he could be anywhere in the ship. Not really worth the effort.
  6. So... with Season 8 of GoT behind us... I think this topic is taking a turn, yes? Though it seems a few of the GoT fans here already saw it somewhat coming, but did they to this extend?
  7. "The cynicism sounds like Luke from TLJ talking here 😆" I expect you all to stop me when I think about killing off my nephews, okay?
  8. It's in the gameplay devs' notes. The point is to show the Ebon Hawk empty. It's smoother in TSLRP since they could use AniCam but since those guys rather died rather than allow any of us to use their content as base...
  9. The second one. Not fully 100% agree with it myself, it was a subtle reference to the KOTOR1 secret compartment quest.
  10. If you boil down M4-78 to the core it's Vash. Like all other planets it's all about reaching the Master. If you want to cut the fluff best would be to just pluck her straight at Korriban, maybe even in the "hidden tomb" removing the requirement and making it 100% required content. Done, no new modules needed too.
  11. I actually added 703KOR in 1.2 since I got tired of the Steam Workshop ignoring the updated 702KOR and causing all kinds of issues. Not a clue on 705KOR though or mentioned scene.
  12. Dunno about 1.5 but the second is the 1.3 version. Of course Kaah never really makes it out :). There's also a little 'easter egg' ending you didn't mention in there since 1.0. Though again I can't say if 1.5 kept it intact at this moment.
  13. Well, I haven't really used this forum since the re-design. Not liking it much. I haven't even played 1.5 yet. I was planning to merger 1.3 and 1.5 but my Star Wars-Mojo got kinda sapped by this really really dreadful "star wars" movie. Just want to mention there was no 'political play' for 1.3 not being released. It was done but Zbyl was on vacation so I just posted it on Steam. Then he decided rather to make an installer for 1.3 and then have to re-do one again for 1.5 he would go straight to 1.5. Not really an unreasonable thing. I haven't updated 1.5 on Steam yet since I really don't want to replace the version there with it till I tested it extensively myself and fixed any potential issues. And yeah, the interest for that is kinda non-existant for a while now. As far as I know 1.3 has no major issues. I got one small fix done if I ever update and a couple minor things to look in when updating/merging but I'm not aware of any glaring big issues that need immediate attention. I probably should subscribe to this and TSLRCM's bug topics, yeah.
  14. I am not afraid to admit when I was wrong or being an idiot. I was wrong. I was an idiot... ... I thought they could do no worse than TLJ. So foolish of me. They sure showed me up with this teaser. This is going to be something else. Good thing all care got sucked out of me already. Do tell me how story #1, recton #1, retcon #2 is in any instance "coherent"? Me? I'll be waiting for the MauLer cut. Let's atleast be a little entertained watching our favorite franchise burn down in flames.
  15. EA probably offered the most $$$, and that's all LF cared about from the games department while doing their own damage on films. " I'd much rather have seen that Bethesda got the license, as all of the crappy things like microtransactions, shady practices and mismanagement of franchises seem to barely happen there. " Have you seen the Creation Club, Fallout 76 etc.? Bethesda isn't exactly in a recommendable state at the moment. But yeah, I don't really see this as great news. Last I want is Obsidian forced to make Fable-like console oriented RPG's, which I fear they're forced to make, or more action oriented like Bio...Blegh...Ware.