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  1. El_isra

    found a bug

    the upgraded version of the mind trick power (cant remember the name in english cause i'm playing it in spanish) can be used sucessfully against Darth Nihilus (I think he has to be inmune to that or something)
  2. It whould be great if someone could make a mod that allows you to bleed lightsaber crystals (more specifically lightsaber crystals of the jedi that you find in the game. Vrook,sez kai ell,Kavar,Kaevee,etc...) giving you dark side points in the process.
  3. Hello everyone. I want to translate Kotor 2 mods to Spanish (my first objective will be M4 78). I used dlg converter and dlg editor (tk102) to translate "choose Mira or Hanharr" and "repair HK-47" to test if I could get them to work on Spanish Kotor and TSLRCM Both of the work fine