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  1. I have 1366x768 resolution. The stretching is significant. But I set up scaling properties to "preserve aspect ratio" and "overwrite scaling set by programs" in Nvidia control panel. Works like charm for 4:3 games. It is a matter of preference of course
  2. I was talking about bars on left and right. I don't like when the game stretches itself up to fit widescreen, everyone looks fat and short
  3. I have a widescreen monitor but I play Kotor with 4:3 resolution fullscreen. Setting up the scaling properties right (preserve aspect ratio) is critical, otherwise you will have everything stretched up. If set to preserve the ratio it just has two black regions on either side of the game.
  4. One minor inconvenience: After activating the four power generators in central zone (to activate L5-65) in such a way that they were all supposed to be connected to each other through those blue lines, I however ended up having only three connections. It may be either that only 3 connections are needed to activate the droid, or the fourth connection disappeard after module reload (graphical issue). Unfortunaly I do not have an immediate save before this generators to verify the reason.
  5. Alright. Can you please give a hint about number 4 though: which zone?
  6. I have completed M4-78. But I still couldn't figure out a few things wanted to ask them, please don't kill me if it has already been asked 1. How to complete rogue employee quest? 2. I talked to damaged droid in industrial zone, he was like "I am fine" then I dont get any dialogue with him anymore. Is this supposed to be so? 3. There is this broken droid near landing zone with no legs. I found a dark side way to get him new legs: killing a walker droid. Is there a light side way? 4. How to complete recent events bonus quest? I have completed entire planet, and did not complete it. Thanks.
  7. Looks epic! So, the M4-78 mod version will also be 1.8.3? I think you cannot just say "patched". What if another update is needed later? It may get confusing. Using same version number may help people: they will know that they need to have both mods have same version number. By the way, I am still planning to do that loader pic I talked about, maybe it will be cool enough and you will want to use it
  8. Alright, I dropped it Were you able you understand the HK factory bug I tried to explain? Also, I had issue at Ravager's main deck: the sith soldiers (standard shiny armor ones) dying sound was some sort of beast sound very creepy. Reloading the game did not help. Only sith soldiers on ravager's main deck had this issue. Finally, I completed TSLRCM. Malachor was great! No any issues. Only one little suggestion: you can always tell which dialogue is restored because Exile has one or two choices only, why don't you add a few more? (Same was true for Kaevee as well, for Mandalore dialogue at Malachor and few more places).
  9. Yeah I was saying you can interact with both actually. At least i could. Gerevick is a not a critical character, but he is there in the storyline. Anyway, I have an issue in HK factory: after shutting down the reactor on the first level and before going to the lower level, I was fighting 3 HK units (actually two since HK-47 shot one of them in cutscene). I wanted to heal up and I went to the armory section (near lab where these three HK units were to begin with, doing target practice). Before I could reach the armory however, a cutscene triggered, starting a convo between HK-47 and HK-50s, about "why do you execute these droids in the lab" and such. These cutscene (or convo) hasnt been triggered before even when I entered lab and tried to talk to them (before they were hostile). Also, this cutscene was triggering multiple times during my combat with those two HK units. Usually when I tried to get far from them. I have no idea why this happened, maybe because when I first came there, I reached armory first, and then went to HK units to the lab and only after that I erased HK-47's memory. Might want to check this out.
  10. Okay ignore number 7. about number 4. "Any cut-scene involving maintenance droid in the industrial zone keeps replaying itself when module is reloaded. This includes the cut-scene of IS-43 argument with the droid, and also a strange cut-scene with IS-14, where he is saying a single "excuse me" line. (a bug?)" There is more to this bug: IS-14 droid keeps staying in that area, and also one copy of IS-14 spawns back near IS-02. IF the cut-scene is triggered again, another copy of IS-14 spawns near IS-02. here take a look: One more issue: too many cleaning droids in this section, near the Industrial Zone Archon. I guess they entered there and cannot leave. Oh and a question: I cannot complete rogue employee quest. And I talked to damaged construction droid in industrial once zone, then I cannot talk to him again, he says a generic line instead. Are these two related? A few minor issues: 1. Usually when Exile or Bao-Dur repairs droids, they get bonus points to some of their skills. But as far as I understand these are stored as bonuses and do not add up to the total skill level from the level up menu. However, when industrial zone droid upgrades the droids in the party, the skill points are added directly to the skill level, and thus you are unable to level that skill up for a few levels, because it is already maxed out for that level. Please recheck it. 2. A small issue in the game's unlocked videos menu: M4-78 landing and take-off videos have no titles.
  11. Never seen that issue in Onderon. 1) Blaster, or a sword or something. This is not a batttle circle Mandalore has access to any weapon and his enemy fights with bare hands? makes no sense. 2) I think I was able to sabotage both of them. Might need to recheck that. 3) I think bridge makes logical sense, it is a bottleneck. Besides I think there used to be videos or mercenaries either going through the bridge unharmed or being blown up. 4) So females do not learn of Vrook from Kaevee? This still does not resolve Gerevick fight issue, making that fight optional, while it is obligatory story-wise. To solve this, you might want to add Gerevick to the Enclave exit after Kaevee IF player learned from her about Master Vrook. I dont like disciple, but making him optional for males is not good story-wise IMHO. Kaevee is not a good replacement for that.
  12. TSLRCM Dantoone issues. 1. Mandalore fighting a mandalorian: -Mandalore is able to move freely around the module, even escape it, and go to other modules. Even attempt to enter EH. (Which would cause crash of course). To fix this you could add a script which would bring him back if he wanders too far. Or you could temprorary move him and the guy he is fighting to an enclosed area behind the mercenary camp, near the star map area from Kotor1. -The other mandalorian is only using melee and no weapons at all. This is a bit silly, can't you give him a blaster or something? -After the fight, when control is given back to the Exile, Exile has his robes and head gear unequipped. I think they did not disappear, just got back to inventory. Maybe it was because I equipped something to mandalore during his fight, or maybe ti is unrelated. 2. Khoonda turrets have two interactable points (basically "two" turrets for each of the three): One at the turret itself and one slightly under it. I think after the battle the second one disappeared. 3. Mining bridge with deadly frag mines did not help at all. Mercenaries did not blow up on the bridge. I used Atton to do it, since my exile has no skills in that. Is that the reason? 4. After entering Enclave sublevel you can proceed directly to the place Kaevee is hiding. And after you have talked to her, she mentions that she has seen mercenaries take master Vrook to the cave. This basically allows you to skip the entire Enclave sublevel, skip meeting with Disciple and fighting Gerevick! To fix this would be easy: keep the door to Kaevee quarters locked until you meet up with Disciple.
  13. Here is full list of issues that I found during my M4-78EP play through. . . 1. Missing voice line of IS-56 in the industrial zone, when he says "Last time I've seen him was around 97 hours before first reports about a radiation leak in the Central Zone. Haven't seen him since" 2. Missing VOs for broken droid at central zone near near landing zone. (The droid that is missing legs, that is.) 3. IS-43 argument with maintenance droid in Industrial Zone, spelling correction: "he is saying it is not important. Your work is nto as critical as mine" (not main) 4. The cut-scene of IS-43 argument with maintenance droid in Industrial Zone triggers several times for some reason. IS-43 does not leave the maintenance area. 5. Escort droid missing VO to line "Any specific location" 6. I1-O2 droid has very weird camera angle when you talk to him after rebuilding. Camera is flying around the industrial zone. 7. The droid overseeing the production of units (IS-02) asks you about your impressions with IS-43 even if you did not talk to him yet (after you rebuilt I1-O2) 8. Environmental zone has an annoying issue. After talking to the second archon and traveling back, there is an area off limits. Talking to the droid allows you to get escorted past it, but talking to the droid is difficult as its standing near the door, which triggers a cut-scene moving you back several steps. The other side of the restricted zone has no such issue 9. After M4-78 reactivation and return of Kaah, his death scene was not triggered when I invited him to EH. I had to enter Main Core again, reactivate M4-78's voice recognition protocol and talk to him, then to exit the core again. Then it was triggered. And, the scene is silly: a single droid killing a Jedi? I think you should add some explosion there or a few more droids. Correction on bug # 4. Any cut-scene involving maintenance droid in the industrial zone keeps replaying itself when module is reloaded. This includes the cut-scene of IS-43 argument with the droid, and also a strange cut-scene with IS-14, where he is saying a single "excuse me" line. (a bug?)
  14. Game install directories need some fixing: Default (32-bit Windows); C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\ Default (64-bit Windows); C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\ Steam default (32-bit windows); C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II\ Steam default (64-bit windows); C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II\ I hope you make your installer accordingly and do not forget all of these