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  1. This is the same as the "Widescreen UI (stretch fix)" mod that's on Steam Workshop, right? Can you also release the "Smaller HUD" mod here? I don't like using Workshop for KotOR2 mods.
  2. Well, at least the voice actor they chose for Revan was cool. That's Kyle Katarn's VA from Outcast and Academy, isn't it?
  3. Everything KotOR related in TOR leaves a bad taste in my mouth. How could they ruin the story so much like that? This is fanfiction-tier garbage
  4. Reading through your post got me curious, zbyl. Is there any way to access the game's files in order to listen to these left-over lines?
  5. Kaevee's VO, for obvious reasons Fassa restored to being a toydarian. Doesn't make sense to me, since he and Quello were supposed to be the same character, yet he's still around after the Red Eclipse supposedly kills Quello. The fact that they look exactly the same doesn't help. Some scenes in Malachor which look weird to me, the party's confrontation with Kreia and Sion cutting down Atton if he loses the duel in particular
  6. Wait, the mod is gonna follow the MMO's canon? Why would you do that? TOR pretty much ruined everything good that the KotOR games created.
  7. For God's sake Hayze, please tell me that my hopes won't be for naught
  8. Maugomale


    You're supposed to open the door while on stealth mode
  9. What's so elusive about the Genoharadan content that the TSLRCM team never tried to restore it? Is it one of those cases where there's not enough content in the game's files to make sense of it?
  10. Are there any plans of integrating Exile007's Genoharadan restoration into TSLRCM?
  11. I was expecting something subtler, like "Question about the unnofficial patch", but that works too.
  12. That's the thing: as far as modding goes, I don't know jack. What's the usual file extension for textures and shaders? .tga? That would help me filter out the stuff I don't want. I'm terribly sorry about that. I can remove her name from the first post, but I'd need a moderator to remove it from the topic title.
  13. I'm sure some of you know of the unnofficial patch that's casually named "1.0c". I'm not here to ask about its compatibility with TSLRCM, as I'm well aware that it has small doses of restored content that would certainly cause conflicts. I am curious about the many graphical improvements that are included with it, though: improved textures, shaders, etc. These interest me greatly and I think they'd be a great addition to my Override folder. However, I'm also aware of this patch is mainly composed of mods stolen from other authors. The fact that I'm mentioning it here will probably anger some of the veteran modders that come by this topic. Can anyone help me find where these modified textures/shaders come from? I'd rather download them from the original source then picking them out from this patch's files. Here's a list of what I could find in the read-me that interested me: I realize this is probably too much to ask, seeing as I'm fairly new on the site and pinpointing the original mods out of thousands that are in can be quite the hassle, but if anyone's willing to help, I'd appreciate it.
  14. But wouldn't that just replace it with a black screen that would take the same amount of time to get to the main menu? My intention in removing it was to completely skip it, not just erasing what's on the picture