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  1. I can confirm this. I have it with a fresh install of KotOR 1, and K1R only. EDIT: Also, during the first cutscene with the council, Zhar isn't facing the camera when you first speak with the council.
  2. Hard to believe KotOR is 15 years old... Makes me feel old.

  3. ADG12311990

    Party Leveler K1

  4. ADG12311990

    Arik Saito's Armor

  5. ADG12311990

    Revan "clones" in star forge and Taris

    Or maybe change his head to one of the other twi-lek heads? Maybe Xor's?
  6. ADG12311990

    Party Leveler K1

    Can't wait to use this mod! But, when I was installing with TSLPatcher, this error popped up. "Error: No instruction section found for file p_zaalbar.utc, skipping..." I mean, I can make the change with KotORTools, but I wanted to let you know!
  7. I actually really liked the story, it's much better and more than the "501st journal" single player that was in the 05 Battlefront II. I'd go more into it, but I would get into spoiler territory, so... Also, seeing the Raider Corvette from the X-Wing tabletop game officially canon was awesome too.
  8. ADG12311990

    Battlefront Turmoil

    I guess I am one of a handful of people on DS that actually likes BF2.... This is more than a "bit melodramatic", I can understand not being happy with EA, as I don't like how they support SWTOR, but I think Dice did a great job on the game, and it's much of an improvement over the 2015 Battlefront. And, I like the story better than the 2005 Battlefront 2. Do I wish there were some things in the 05 Battlefront 2, that were in this BF2? Sure, but It isn't THIS bad. Yes, I preordered the Deluxe edition, sure I "might be part of the problem". But, as long as I enjoyed the game, that is all that matters to me. Besides, plenty of game companies do this kind of thing, and try to make money off of their customers; Blizzard, Rock Star, Ubisoft. Hell, even Star Citizen is doing this, and is worse than what EA does, to be honest, but people don't go after them.
  9. After reading that, It feels like Visceral's "eyes were too big for it's stomach", and they wanted to do more then they could do. And of course, LucasFilm might share some blame in how long it takes them to approve things. Basically, the blame doesn't solely lie with EA (As some online will tell you)
  10. ADG12311990

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    I feel like I might be in the minority of this thread, but I actually really liked TFA and R1, and am really looking forward to TLJ.
  11. I was going to say HK-51, and T7... But, this also works too.
  12. Is there a tutorial available for recoloring a KotOR 2 robe? Or would it be the same procedure as recoloring a robe from KotOR I?

  13. ADG12311990

    TSLRP: Not Quite A Post-Mortem

    I want to think it's the one where, if you spar with the Handmaiden on the Ebon Hawk, sometimes, you can kill her, and in the party select screen, her portrait is gone, and her name is changed to "I am Broken. So very, very broken. I know I had that glitch happen to me once back in the day when I was playing on the Xbox... (Not the weirdest glitch I had happen, however.)
  14. ADG12311990

    ADG12311990's photos

  15. ADG12311990

    Photoshop Elements 12 & Adobe Premiere Elements 12

    Unfortunately, I am not really familiar with it's uses for texture work, but I do know that in order to open DDS files, it needs a specific plugin, Which you can get from the NVIDIA site. LINK