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  1. I want to agree with N-DReW25 with most of the above, though I'd likely not have the last three paragraphs were I writing it. Granted, people know I tend to err on the side of nice and overly-cautious with my wordings.
  2. I don't know how things are in other modding communities, but even as far back as Lucasforums, we had a general good faith policy of communicating with the mod authors. A form of common courtesy to reach out and check in with them. This allowed for open communication, everyone being aware (as they could be) of what was going on, and even assisting in refining the work or helping to avoid pitfalls. And that was a wonderful system. The point was the common courtesy and being able to have evidence of a good-faith attempt to update the mod author on things. Even with KotOR's Filefront died, we as staff discussed and agreed on a process using the community's historical precedent of good-faith contacts. We checked each author's permissions and when necessary, we reached out to those authors through any channels we had. Then we waited a respectable time for a response (I can't recall how long that time was, but I believe it was at least a month). This was well-received by many, and a key point was that we reached out before we went and did a thing. Now, I realize that was years ago and cultural norms shift, especially online, but this has usually never been an issue in this community. I can well understand SH's response to getting told about `proper modding etiquette`; SH has been a stable pillar when it comes to that very concept for well over a decade. The seeming lack of perspective to realize that is surprising. I don't know if the person frequents NexusMods more than here, or how knew they might be, but I foresee this problem could come up more and more over time with the sheer size of an outlet like NexusMods.
  3. Haha, thanks! I still have no idea where you came up with this image, but it's fucking beautiful. Hell, can I borrow it as the cover photo on FB? You're welcome. The reactions have been nice so far; a few years ago... I wouldn't have expected people to be so understanding. Part of that phenomenon where you expect others to think like you do, I guess. And back then? I was ignorant. You! You're still around?! Yes!!! You volunteered me into a chaotic mess, ya know that? (K1R) I still need to try out your Crashed Republic Cruiser mod. I'm glad it saw the light of day, man.
  4. Well, it certainly has been a long time since I made one of these. Read through my last one, and things were certainly dire back then. Fortunately, that car accident had no lasting damage besides some scarring and the ability to pop my sternum. Obviously, I haven't modded in a while, or at least haven't released anything. I've been busy: college that took way longer than it should have (got my Associates in 2020 after 4 years), some programming here and there (nothing paid), general living, and of course a lot of D&D / Pathfinder throughout that time. But I'm glad to say that I have an Associate of Science - Oregon Transfer degree and I'm enrolled for the Bachelor's in the fall. COVID really delayed things, but I was fortunate to keep working as a janitor all throughout. However, these weren't the only reasons I was kept away from the community I know and love. By the way, I'm glad to see things didn't slow down while I was gone! Another big reason I've been away was fear. It's scary when you discover something about yourself, but you don't know how the rest of the world will react. It doesn't help when you yourself are so ignorant about it that you didn't think it was a real thing until the repressed thoughts and emotions pop up. If anyone's read the "About Me" section on my profile recently, you probably already know. In 2019, I realized I was transgender. It wasn't just one thing, thought, or experience that showed me; instead, it was a culmination of things from my childhood and throughout my life up till then. But like I said, that's scary. It takes a lot of time to adjust your thinking, to research and evaluate yourself. To test the waters, so-to-speak, and see what things are like in your new reality. And that was the case for most of 2019 and all of 2020. I spent my time hidden away, trying to fly under the radar and not draw attention to myself. My friends from college and my roommates knew, of course. But the outside world? No, no, no. Much too risky, of course. In 2021, I decided to get the ball rolling on the rest of my life. I'd spent a couple of years finding my new sense of self, recentering, and getting a new sense of style. For the most part, things have been pretty quiet. But recently, I've had some pretty good experiences re-connecting with a few of you people, and it's been wonderfully refreshing to be "back". So, I'm ready to come out of the shadows and say "Hi! I'm Tristan. For those of you that used to guess I was a woman... well, looks like you were right. "
  5. Well, it's been a few years, eh?! SH just reminded me that this thread exists. It's definitely been a long time since I looked like I did (not that you could see much back then ). Sooo, here's an updated view. Gods, I can not smile to save my life! Personally, I blame the two front teeth. They're like a beaver's, all V-shaped.
  6. *Turns off Staff Chat* Hey, no need to be shy. We want to help, and it helps if someone's willing to learn. The "hahaha" can be misinterpreted, so I was wanting to clear that up. Everyone can learn to do this stuff; it just depends on time and interest, really. Some of us might have been giving a hard time 'cause it's a little hard to read sometimes with the punctuation, or we'd tell ya what needed to be done and it seemed to be in one ear and out the other. If you need someone to break it down, that's possible to do. A big thing in the community is trying stuff out for yourself a bit, if you can. Some of the questions would have been answered if a tool was opened up, for example. But as long as everyone understands a situation, things should work out.
  7. There's a possibility that the "hahaha"s in a lot of your messages are a form of trolling, but I doubt you're stupid. We have a modding tools section that has the tools we talk about. Your post asked about how one would go about doing it, so someone took the time to tell you how you'd go about doing it. At that point, it's up to you if you want to download the tools and read their instructions or ask for more help. If you truly lack a PC to work with the mods, I'd advice rephrasing to instead ask if someone would be willing to make the mod idea.
  8. Staff response: I am glad @Marius Fett was able to calm things down before things devolved further, so thanks goes to Marius Fett for that timely wisdom. @Revanbeta50 Reading back over things, it seems you have attempted in the past to work with the files to attempt it. I'm confused by your recent comments about not having a PC when you had one earlier on, but I know things happen. I am not familiar with the Android version's differences myself, but I can look things over (unfortunately, I cannot say exactly when) and try to help you. I may do some of the work myself, though this doesn't mean I'll do all of it. If I can have success, I can show you how to do it on your end. If that blows up, I can help some more. Another matter to address: you said that you would like someone to explain the rules. I would like to direct you to the following picture, which shows where to go to find the rules for the community. Please take your time to read through them, and you can PM me if there's a rule you don't understand. I know @N-DReW25 already linked you to the rules at least once and pointed out that several were being violated. If you don't understand how a rule is being referenced after you read it, again please PM me or another member of staff. I will say that there are general posting abouts against reviving old threads and posts about things that have recent threads open. The other post that you made about Lonna Vash for example is a duplicate of the issue you're having with a Lonna Vash mod and mobile TSLRCM, which is a recent thread. We try to not encourage spamming or lots of the same thread, so I will be deleting the other thread as the other one has more activity. Hope everyone has a great day! 😃
  9. That's usually used at the start of a dialog (like a cutscene) and keeps the screen black until the first script fires that isn't a conditional (I think it won't fire for a conditional). Then it fades in, IIRC. Can also be used during module loads so that you can have everything set up and in the right spots, then start a dialog that runs a script or starts a cutscene to fire a script.
  10. Yeah, that one should work. If it doesn't work as you want it to, you can try moving the SetGlobalFadeOut below the SetGlobalFadeIn, and then possibly adjust the first number.
  11. Pm'd you a while ago. Can you check your PM's? Thanks.

  12. Sorry you sat there trying to read it. I swear, the only real difference from the old one was the change to oSaber to be "GetItemPossessedBy(oPC" and the addition of GiveItem.
  13. I think keeping the script from my post is fine. Now that I've got some thinking on the brain, I re-wrote it to be a lot simpler. The only mechanical change from the previous version is that I made oSaber always be from oPC's inventory (we were checking oPC's inventory and then defining oSaber as coming from oAtton's) and then have oPC give the item to oAtton before equipping it.
  14. I would comment that line out, not delete it. Then compile and test. I can help more on lunch, and if you have Discord, we can probably get a quicker back-and-forth.