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  1. In absence of the Signatures, I would add this to it:

    "College is the bane of productivity."

    1. jc2


      Literally the best! XD

    2. DarthParametric


      Only if you bother attending lectures. After the first semester of first year, I quickly learned that many subjects you could just turn up for the exams and ditch the lectures. Depends on what the degree is though I guess, and how they apportion their grading. But lecturers typically like to minimise their workload.

    3. LiliArch


      By the way, signatures are back.

  2. Fair Strides

    Quanons & Djh269 Armor Pack

  3. Fair Strides

    Cantina Bastila

  4. Fair Strides

    Changing values in portraits.2da

    To do this, you will need both the new entry in appearance.2da that you already know about as well as a new entry in heads.2da. You will need to enter the value of the new row in heads.2da into the "normalhead" and "backuphead" columns in the new entry in appearance.2da. In heads.2da, you can enter the same model name (which is in a column labelled either "model" or "label" or "head", I think) and then change the names in the various texture columns. For specifics on the various parts of the appearance.2da and heads.2da, I recommend the .2da reference guide in the tutorials section.
  5. Fair Strides

    Camera not facing where it should

    1. Static cameras have Quaternion orientations just like everything except for doors and IIRC placeables. 2. Static cameras (don't know about Animated, but I assume no) are oriented 90 degrees counter-clockwise from what you'd expect. This is why you had to enter the numbers for 90 degrees to get a 180-degree facing. I learned a bit about this in college math, but I honestly cannot recall the reason for this rotation... 3. Animated cameras, and indeed all models, use Quaternions; the tools do the conversion for you so you don't have to bother with them (trust me, they're ugly and annoying).
  6. Fair Strides

    How to show diacritical marks?

    Most of the DLG Editors probably don't treat Unicode properly, I imagine. One that could potentially work is using TLKEd (found in the TSLPatcher download in the Modding Tools section of Downloads) to edit the dialog.tlk and dialogf.tlk file. For that to work, you'd need to go into the DLG files, add each of their lines one-by-one into the dialog.tlk file, and then update the entries/replies in the dialog.tlk file to point to the entry in the dialog.tlk file. That would also make future translations/corrections easier if need be.
  7. Fair Strides

    TSLRCM 1.8.6 - A "what if" thread

    @Sith Holocron: You know... I was going to do that mod. Then I saw a new mod released called "Train the Handmaiden", so I had assumed it did the Force Power training... Oops.
  8. Fair Strides

    RevanEditor: KotorTool for 2018

    @VarsityPuppet: Oh, is this a race? I'd better hurry up and re-install my programming stuff if I want to get back to work...
  9. Fair Strides

    Download:KotOR 1 Restoration

    Sir, I must inform you that you are posting in the download thread of a restoration mod for the KotOR game and not on the game's store page or another place where Steam is likely to see your message. That being said, I can understand your anger and being upset, as it clearly shows a passion for the games and the dedication to put the time in to attempt to make them work. I would also recommend that you go to GOG.com and look up their copy of KotOR 1 (and 2). These are basically pre-patched (I believe...) versions of the game that are copies of what you'd find as a 4-CD copy from an old game store.
  10. PorygonZRocks: I'm not sure if you know of me or not, but that knowledge would only help in giving you confidence in my offer. I have access to most of the file formats the KotOR games use and I recently just finished converting TSLPatcher from Pascal to Perl so I have the entire source code in two different langauges and can answer questions. Had I even known this project existed (it likely got buried in all of the holiday and Episode 8 stuff), I would have been able to help out much sooner. Things like the .mod, .erf, and .sav files are all in the ERF format, while the .rim files are in the RIM format; both are similar, but have their tricks for writing the files. Also, with writing RIM files, you will never be able to get a 1:1 byte-to-byte ratio between the original game files and edited files... :| I can be contacted on here via PM, on Discord (User name FairStrides, ID# 2148), or on Skype (though I'm rarely on that nowadays). @peedeeboy: I realize that you guys are already past the fun of writing .2da files (yeah, the pointers part was fun, avoiding a 1:1 ratio and doing it the way Bioware did it), but I felt the need to correct you in that KotOR Tool does not do a 1:1 Pointer-to-Data ratio. It still uses a single pointer for each unique piece of data, with duplicate data being referenced by the original pointer.
  11. Fair Strides

    Deadlystream selfies

    ...The view behind you and the view in your sunglasses don't match. Glasses look like you're standing in the road and taking a picture while a car's approaching at full speed.
  12. Fair Strides

    No More Messengers After Xor Ambush -- FIXED!!!

    As of 1-17-18, Snigaroo informed me that the download was broken and directing you to an error page here on DS. So he sent me the copy he'd already downloaded and I have re-attached it to the original post, as a .7z file that you will need to unpack using WinRAR, WinZip, or preferably 7zip.
  13. Fair Strides

    TSL Patcher, TLKEd, and Accessories

    Ndix_UR: I had completely forgotten about this. I fixed this bug in ERFEdit, but forgot that TSLPatcher uses a copy of this library. In either case, I'm mostly done translating TSLPatcher to Perl, where I don't even bother with the check on the filename's contents.
  14. Fair Strides

    Creating a Pazaak NPC [TSL]

    As far as starting the game of pazaak during a dialog, you want to have a blank Entry line after the Player reply or NPC response to starting a game. For that blank Entry, you'll want to put "a_playpazaak" (without the quotes) in the Script that fires #1" slot. This script uses TSL's Script Parameter slots in the DLG file. In DLG Editor, the slots for this script have the following use: P1 - Which row from "pazaakdecks.2da" will be used to form the opponent's side deck. P2 - The wager amount P3 - Whether or not to play the tutorial P4 - The delay (in seconds) before starting the game String Param - The name, minus the extension, of the script to run after the game is over. This is typically used to set a global variable or whatever and then start either the original dialogue or a new one. There is a function called "GetLastPazaakResult();" that needs to be used before you reload the save, since the result isn't saved. I'm assuming you'll have the dialog file itself figured out. The actual scripts you would use could be as follows: Script to run after the game is over: Script to check if the Player won the game: If that last one doesn't work, then you'll need to edit the script that runs after the game is over to include the following BEFORE you start the conversation: SetGlobalBoolean("G_Paz_JustPlayed", GetLastPazaakResult()); And instead of the script above that checks if you won, you'd use the "c_glob_bool_set" (minus the quotes) script as the conditional script. You'd enter "G_Paz_JustPlayed" (minus the quotes) as the String Param for that script.