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  1. That's usually used at the start of a dialog (like a cutscene) and keeps the screen black until the first script fires that isn't a conditional (I think it won't fire for a conditional). Then it fades in, IIRC. Can also be used during module loads so that you can have everything set up and in the right spots, then start a dialog that runs a script or starts a cutscene to fire a script.
  2. Yeah, that one should work. If it doesn't work as you want it to, you can try moving the SetGlobalFadeOut below the SetGlobalFadeIn, and then possibly adjust the first number.
  3. Pm'd you a while ago. Can you check your PM's? Thanks.

  4. Sorry you sat there trying to read it. I swear, the only real difference from the old one was the change to oSaber to be "GetItemPossessedBy(oPC" and the addition of GiveItem.
  5. I think keeping the script from my post is fine. Now that I've got some thinking on the brain, I re-wrote it to be a lot simpler. The only mechanical change from the previous version is that I made oSaber always be from oPC's inventory (we were checking oPC's inventory and then defining oSaber as coming from oAtton's) and then have oPC give the item to oAtton before equipping it.
  6. I would comment that line out, not delete it. Then compile and test. I can help more on lunch, and if you have Discord, we can probably get a quicker back-and-forth.
  7. Okay, cool. Should only give one saber. I believe the a_give_item script might be making a copy in the player's inventory due to shared inventory between party members and player. Perhaps check oPC's inventory instead of messing with Atton's, in the code I posted above? (I'll be on work lunch in about 1 hour, so more ready to help quick.)
  8. @Kaidon Jorn Can you please post another screenshot for the Blue entry that gives the saber?
  9. @Kaidon Jorn I'm not sure what the use case surrounding this is, but I've re-written the script (which looks like it was the result of a DeNCS decompile?) to help out. I don't know what scripts or parameters are being ran before this spot in the dialog, though.
  10. @Kimosabe Sith Holocron has a point in the questions he's asking to clarify things. The way most mods that aren't just models or textures work involves adding data that's saved into games (like creatures in areas, or variables used to reference the state of progress in the game) or altering existing files. Simply uninstalling a mod (this by itself can be problematic if the mod changes data inside the packs for a level or area) doesn't guarantee that its effects are gone from your save. So uninstalling the mods and not fixing the issue isn't too surprising, but to have a chance to help, we need a list of your mods (perhaps a screenshot or two of the packaged files [the .zip, .rar, or .7z] from your Downloads?) to be able to begin helping. Otherwise, we literally can't diagnose what went wrong...
  11. This is a website error and will now be looked into. Thanks.
  12. That should be fixed by running KotOR 1 and 2 as an Admin. Otherwise, Windows will avoid making changes in a folder inside the Program Files or Program Files (x86) areas of the OS. Also, turning off Read-only on the Saves (and probably the whole LucasArts) folder, and running KSE as an Admin so that it can make changes to the saves will help.
  13. Hi, how are you

  14. We all hope to see you back with us soon. ;)

    Best of luck with real life commitments!

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      Best wishes FS!