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    Modding, Programming, Nature, Star Wars. Don't forget that I love me some D&D! :)

    Honestly, I think I know WAY too much about this modding business... :| :D

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About Me

Me at 19:

"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

I've been here for three long years, yet it only feels like one or two...

I understand a pretty fair bit about the KotOR games' files and how to work with them. I also happen to program tools because of this, so if you have a request, send me a PM and we can talk it over.

I'm always up for helping new modders, or just helping good modders learn more. If I can teach you something that you don't already know, or teach you the mental tools to get from Point A to Point C and skip Point B, I'll be happy with that.

And remember: I don't know everything. I just claim to know most things.

So odds are pretty fair that I can help you out. :D


Me at 15 (ah, how foolish and computer-dysfunctional I was...):

I'm nothing out of the ordinary. At least, not if you count being a math wiz and being addicted to Star Wars. :D :D :D

I'm just 15, but thoroughly enjoy reading the Star Wars Extended Universe.

P.S.: If ANYONE as a link to or a website to read all of the SW:EU online, I would be in your debt!