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  1. How to install my mod in four easy steps: 1. Download the mod files from by clicking on the "Download This File" button. 2. You will get a .rar file where you chose to download the file (usually on your Desktop or in C:\Users\<username>\Downloads). 3. Unzip the RAR archive to your desktop. 4. Run the TSLPatcher.exe file and follow the directions within. After TSLPatcher is done installing the mod you should see the results in-game!
  2. Did You rename all the mod's filenames to lowercase only? If not, that might be the issue for your missing textures, because IOS is case sensitive, and does not "see" the textures because they have uppercase characters in their filenames! Batch renaming all the files can be easily done using a Windows tool like MultiFileRenamer or Bulk Rename Utility. I succesfully used MultiFileRenamer to get Yavin IV to work and the other mods to work partially.
  3. BoS:SR in not playable on IOS, but works fine on Android. I have no idea why it won't work with IOS... Strangely, the Yavin IV mod works flawlessly on IOS.
  4. I have no idea why the black textures occur, it must be because K1R overrides the default texture. I remember having the same problem when experimenting with the mod on my old iPad 3.
  5. I'm working on adapting the mod for the Mobile version of KOTOR 2. If all goes well there will be a release soon!
  6. I've seen this and it makes me verry verry happy! :D Now my ongoing work to port K2 to K1 becomes redundant, so I will close / delete everything related to the port.... A moderator please lock this thread, thank you! A huge thank you goes to everyone that has offered me precious help and advice with the project! I will instead choose to focus my energy to try to make Aspyr's KOTOR II Mobile compatible with TSLRCM and M7-48!
  7. This is awesome, I always wished for a KOTOR 3! The work you have put into this project so far is tremendous! Don't get dissapointed that there is no one collaborating yet, as soon as you will have a playable Beta I'm sure it will draw lots of interest and people will want to help! I can't wait to see how it progresses. I really hope you get many people to work with you on this great project! Thanks for sharing your progress with us! Kindest Regards, I wish you all the best and may the Force be with you!
  8. Thank you very much for your help, I changed the "publishedfield" value to 0 and it worked perfectly!
  9. @Effix @AmanoJyaku I realised that when I uploaded the mod, I forgot to make a "movies" folder and move the miraromance.bik video there, instead i left it in the "override" folder (because they were all in the same folder when they were being installed with TSLPatcher). This would make the video not to trigger anymore, so I must correct this. I decided to delete the mod from Steam Workshop and upload it again. I deleted it, and when attempting to reupload, i get the error: "ERROR! Failed to update workshop item (File Not Found)". The problem is that there is no workshop item to update, because I deleted it. SteamCMD must make a new workshop item entry, not update the old one. I do not want to update an existing mod, i want to create a new one! Why does SteamCMD keep telling me that there is a mod and it must update it, when i deleted the mod? Does it take some time after deleting the mod to get it completely wiped out from Steam Workshop? I could not find any useful info on the internet. What can I do to fix this?
  10. Is there any way to persuade the Republic Officer inside the "whimpering locker" found inside the Hrakert Rift base on Manaan to come out? The game gives you a dialogue option to [Persuade] him to come out when talking to him, but I allways fail to persuade him (my Persuade skill is too low). I also noticed that you have the option to kill him by poking your lightsaber into the locker. Is it possible to make him exit the locker if you have a very high Persuade rate, or does the Persuade action allways fail regardless of your Persuade score?
  11. The mod in now availlable on the Steam Workshop as well! It can be found here: Please keep in mind that if You are playing KOTOR II with the TSLRCM and M4-78 mods, make sure to install / subscribe to the Mira Romance Mod last, after You installed / subscribed to TSLRCM and M4-78! Installing these mods after Mira Romance will remove her Entry from Your Quest Log!
  12. JediArchivist

    Free Roam

    Great mod, it is awesome to be able to explore the galaxy and finish remaining quests after the end of the game!