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  1. Could someone please help me extract the Twin Suns clothes model from K2 and make it into a wearable / equippable armor / robe model for all female PC's, both for K2 and ported to work with K1? It could be called Dancer Outfit 2, Disco Outfit, etc. It would also need an entry to make them availlable to the player from the beggining of the game, preferably in one of the Containers in the Ebon Hawk! Many thanks in advance for who can help me with this, i tried with no success to do it myself so far... As reference, this is what the Twin Suns look like. I would prefer the outfit of the one on the right:
  2. JediArchivist

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    I'm glad You are OK and back working on your projects! The conclussion, as discussed with the Moderators amd Administrators was that we are allowed to freely discuss complete story ports of both games from one to another on Deadlystream, as well as discuss and post tutorials for such works, as long as we do not post entire ported games here on DS! As Thor110 mentioned, this can be done completly legal by automating the process as a standalone installer that contains no files from the games, and just takes the files from the respective source, genuine copy of the game, modifies it, and injects it into the destination game. Or he could simply post a detailed tutorial that skilled users could replicate at home, without distributing any files! Check out Fallout: A Tale of Two Wastelands, that did exactly that, porting and including the whole Fallout 3 game into Fallout New Vegas, 100% legal, by only providing a standalone installer and tutorial without sharing any game files. Quote from website: What is TTW? Tale of Two Wastelands is a total conversion project that seamlessly merges Fallout 3 and its DLC into Fallout: New Vegas, allowing both games to be played in a single playthrough. It upgrades Fallout 3's mechanics to those of FNV without compromising the feel and balance of the original. New Vegas mechanics like companion wheel, companion perks, weapon mods, crafting, recipes, harvestable plants, and poisons have been added to the DC wasteland items, NPCs, and world.
  3. JediArchivist

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    I am very happy to hear that You are doing better and have a more stable situation now. I hope You do manage to find the job You are wishing for and a nice home, and wish You all the best! It is great news that You have resumed work on the Expanded Galaxy Project, i can't wait to play or at least beta test the Yavin Orbital Station mod! Best wishes and success!
  4. JediArchivist

    Update From Logan23

    Glad to hear that You are getting better Logan, that is the only thing that matters! We thank You deeply for all Your hard work, dedication and contribution to the community and for Your wise decision to share what You worked on with all of us! So, did anyone pick the project up to continue work on it?
  5. JediArchivist

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    I am verry sorry to hear that I hope You manage to do something to avoid that. I wish You all the best, lots of luck, and may the Force be with you, and hope to hear some good news from You soon!
  6. JediArchivist

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    Great work so far! I love the custom maps, if they are easy to make and implement we will get loads of awesome new mods!
  7. JediArchivist

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    TSLParcher does not alter the original dialog.tlk file, or any other files from Kotor like .2da, etc. for that matter. It actually drops modified copies of the files it alters into the override folder, leaving the original files intact. If it modifies the dialog.tlk file it finds in your Kotor folder on spot, or it just installs a pre-modified version of the file made by the modder, i do not know so far. My described method is far from perfect, as mods that alter the same file would just overwrite eachother's files, and that could cause trouble... That is what TSLPatcher is used for after all, to prevent mod conflicts by just injecting modded parameters in copies of the game's .2da, tlk and other files insted of copying the whole file over and over for each mod.
  8. JediArchivist

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    Or you could just use BootCamp and dual boot Windows on that Macbook Pro If you have access to a Windows PC, you could easily extract a TSLPatcher mod (without having to figure out what file from the tslpatchdata folder goes to which game folder), by simply creating a new folder (could be on Desktop or anywhere else), with the name of the mod for example, then copy the dialog.tlk file from either K1 or K2 (doesn't matter which, TSLPatcher just uses it to verify KOTOR is at that location) into the newly created folder, then inside the folder create another folder called override. This will trick TSLPatcher to think there is a full version of KOTOR installed in that folder! It should look like this: Desktop --> Mod Folder --> override & dialog.tlk Then just run the TSLPatcher installer for the mod, and when asking for KOTOR location, just point it to the folder you made and prepared earlier! Wait for it to install, and you just got yourself a manual installable copy of the mod that you can just copy on a USB drive or HDD and plug into your MacBook, then copy the files to your KOTOR folder there! Simple, right? *I have not tested, but this could work to trick the installers of TSLRCM and M4-78EP to create a manuall install as well!
  9. JediArchivist

    Mira Romance Mod

    Great mod!
  10. JediArchivist

    The Jedi Masters (TSL Total Conversion Mod) ported to KOTOR 1

    I know this is a next to impossible, lots of work, very hard, useless endevour. I am only doing it for fun and educational purposes, and personal use only. I am not even hoping to get the mod working perfectly with K1, i am only hoping for some partial functionality... I experimented with The Jedi Masters, i manually installed it (copied all files to neccesary folders) onto a copy of KOTOR 1 (obviously, on purpose), then i selected all the .mdl files in the Override folger, ran them through the K2 to K1 porting process with MDLEdit, batch renamed them then put the converted / ported files back to Override. I basically followed the porting procedure described in Thor110's K1 to K2 level porting tutorial, but in reverse (in MDLEdit open .mdl as K2 file -> convert to ASCII -> open the resulting ASCII file as K1 file -> convert back to Binary). The .mod files from the Modules folder should already be compatible i figured... Progress: now the game loads a save from The Jedi Masters instead of crashing the game. It also shows elements lile the doors and characters, with their corresponding label / text above them! My character cannot move unfortunately. The game crashes when starting a new game, just like before porting the .mdl files. I am definately making some progress here! I wonder why the game won't load the other elements like textures though, as far as i know they should work wothout porting them, only the .mdl files require porting. Should i dissasemble and reassemble the .mod files...would that have any influence at all?
  11. JediArchivist

    Mira Romance Mod

    I am sorry...i have actually been waiting for something like this to come out for 12 years, and observed that nobody did any mod to address the lack of a Mira romance, and in the end i was like: "Damn, why not try to do something myself about this!" I also never got to see anyone talking about such an endevour on the forums, if i would have seen someone working on this i would have offered to help them rather then starting my own mod. If you were planning or working on this, please do not give up! My mod is quite simple and is sort of like a Beta state...meaning there are still some things that need to be implemented, and i have no idea how to address them at the moment! There could be two or more mods addressing the Mira romance in alternate ways, maybe yours would have been different and maybe even better, who knows.
  12. JediArchivist

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    I got this idea for the Expanded Galaxy Mod last night: <spoiler> Use the Ebon Hawk, Harbringer, Leviathan and the severly damaged Sith ship at the end of K2 before Malachor (i forgot how it's called) on Lehon (the Unknown World)! They could be some of the derelict ships that have crashed onto the planet in the past! Modules from the Endar Spire and the Harbringer could be used as the crashed Hammerhead-Class ship on the beach (imagine how awesome it would be to get inside it)! The entry poimt to the ship could be on the beach where the Ebon Hawk lands, to the upper right while facing the sea, there is a shallow road that narrows down and is blocked (i'll send a picture if You can't find it). There could be flooded portions of the ship (shallow water that the player can walk through like on the beach) and it must show signs of damage. Here the player would have to use some Power Couplings and other parts found on other derelict ships in order to restore emergency power to that ship, with the purpose of retrieving some data from the ship's navicomputer. The data could result in a new sidequest eventually. On the ship there could be some damaged, abandoned droids and turrets that attack the player because their targetting systems got damaged from the crash and also worn out in time. You could also find scattered datapads and terminals that tell the story of the surviving Republic soldiers that were on the ship when it crashed, as the ship was their temporary base on Lehon after the crash. They stayed on the ship a few years and after multiple Rakata attacks they eventually moved to one of the islands and left the ship, while a small number remained on the ship. You can find them in a section of the ship and one of them is a merchant giving you some unique items. There is also a workbench and lab station in that section. They tell you about another Sith ship that crashed nearby and give you some sidequests: investigate the Sith ship and kill the Sith faction there, retrieve some supplies and essential parts from that ship, turn of the malfunctioning security system on a deck, there could be a section that is inacessible because it is underwater, and you would need to activate a pump in order to drain the area and then it becomes accesible (in that area you would have to install the power couplings, etc.). There could also be a Sith scouting pary / commando searching the ship for a way to get off the planet as well and you would have to fight them. There would also be a crashed Sith ship (use modules from the Leviathan and the damaged ship from the end of K2) where there would be a Sith faction and you would have to fight them and explore the ship in order to get the power couplings and parts needed to restore power on the Republic ship! Through the cracks and gaps of the damaged ship you could see the Lehon landscape (sea, beach etc.) instead of the original space view! This would make and interesting addition, as i always had a thing for exploring / fixing (restoring power) / investigating derelict ships! </spoiler>
  13. Updated the first post to reflect the progress made! Added some pictures as well. So far i only managed to port the K2 maps to K1 using Your tutorial. Now the maps can be warped to but there are no story elements, most NPC's are present but interaction with them does not work, most containers are empty, some still have the loot inside, area transition works for some arear but fails many times, especially when you want to enter the docked Ebon Hawk. Most levels load fine but some of them crash the game (especially the Peragus levels), and the mini-map does not display at all, strangely when the map section is accessed it always shows the Manaan Hrakert Rift Underwater Station map. The character animations also got "broken" after adding the ported files... So i could say i had very partial success so far! How did You get the games to load the other game's menu and content? That would be awesome! Could you please describe what You did in order to male K1 load K2's menu and content please? I have tried copying the content over and porting the modules and content, but only got very limited success.
  14. JediArchivist

    Mira Romance Mod

    Unfortunately the mod does not replicate the Bastila kissing scene from KOTOR 1, because of problems with the get_close and kiss_mira scripts, probably because these scripts were for K1, and because they were supposed to take place in the Ebon Hawk's dorm room where Bastila's default position was, while Mira stays in the auxiliary room / closet in the main hold and the script is therefore executed there... And yes, Mira definately is the hottest bounty huntress in the galaxy
  15. JediArchivist

    MOD:Mira Romance Mod

    No, this mod is completly standalone, it does not require anything installed before. However, it should work ok with other mods like TSLRCM, the only reccomandation in this case is that You install Mira Romance Mod last (in case other mods edit the mira.dlg and global.jrl files)! If the "Choose Mira or Hanharr Mod" is installed and you choose to have Hanharr in your party instead of Mira, obviously you will not be able to romance her anymore.