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  1. I did what You recommended, now I can export the .mdl and .mdx files, but ran into another issue. If I open the file again in Blender, nothing shows at all (my model is absent). Also, when i try to use my model to replace another one from KOTOR nothing happpens, the regular model remains. cat.blend cat.mdl cat.mdx
  2. Thanks for the info, really helpful! I'll try it out and see what results I get...
  3. Can anyone please tell me what software tools I need (I have GIMP installed) and the exact steps needed in order to obtain this shiny PVC - like result as seen here: Many thanks in advance!
  4. KotorBlender won't export my .mdl file. When i click on Export/Kotor Model (.mdl) and click Export KotOR MDL nothing happens, no .mdl file is created in the source folder. I can import files just fine, but cannot export new files...
  5. How to install my mod in four easy steps: 1. Download the mod files from by clicking on the "Download This File" button. 2. You will get a .rar file where you chose to download the file (usually on your Desktop or in C:\Users\<username>\Downloads). 3. Unzip the RAR archive to your desktop. 4. Run the TSLPatcher.exe file and follow the directions within. After TSLPatcher is done installing the mod you should see the results in-game!
  6. Did You rename all the mod's filenames to lowercase only? If not, that might be the issue for your missing textures, because IOS is case sensitive, and does not "see" the textures because they have uppercase characters in their filenames! Batch renaming all the files can be easily done using a Windows tool like MultiFileRenamer or Bulk Rename Utility. I succesfully used MultiFileRenamer to get Yavin IV to work and the other mods to work partially.
  7. BoS:SR in not playable on IOS, but works fine on Android. I have no idea why it won't work with IOS... Strangely, the Yavin IV mod works flawlessly on IOS.
  8. I have no idea why the black textures occur, it must be because K1R overrides the default texture. I remember having the same problem when experimenting with the mod on my old iPad 3.
  9. I'm working on adapting the mod for the Mobile version of KOTOR 2. If all goes well there will be a release soon!
  10. I've seen this and it makes me verry verry happy! :D Now my ongoing work to port K2 to K1 becomes redundant, so I will close / delete everything related to the port.... A moderator please lock this thread, thank you! A huge thank you goes to everyone that has offered me precious help and advice with the project! I will instead choose to focus my energy to try to make Aspyr's KOTOR II Mobile compatible with TSLRCM and M7-48!
  11. This is awesome, I always wished for a KOTOR 3! The work you have put into this project so far is tremendous! Don't get dissapointed that there is no one collaborating yet, as soon as you will have a playable Beta I'm sure it will draw lots of interest and people will want to help! I can't wait to see how it progresses. I really hope you get many people to work with you on this great project! Thanks for sharing your progress with us! Kindest Regards, I wish you all the best and may the Force be with you!