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  1. I'm not much of a photographer, but I always had an eye for cinematography, so if you're doing this for a cutscene, maybe I could give my opinion. Can't guarantee I'll do much of a difference, though.
  2. Incredible idea ! I can only hope to see this come through !
  3. Looks really promising, can't wait to see more !
  4. Awesome work there ! I'm definitely a noob in modding, but as for the way to acquire it, would it be possible to put a container in the Ebon Hawk, in Mission's former quarters ? I think it would make at least some sense to find there since it's where she used to live. Just a thought.
  5. Hello, so I was wondering if someone would be willing to retexture Mission Vao's outfit and make it so female PCs (caucasian preferably) can wear it (in TSL). I figured this might be possible since Effix already created this : http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/950-tsl-mission-vao-deluxe/
  6. I didn't want to create a new topic but I was wondering about something : With both kotor games now being more than 10 years old, and given EA and Bioware have no plans for future sequels for kotor other than swtor, would it now be possible to imagine Bioware (or Obsidian?) sharing their development tools with the modding community (like Bethesda always does with their TES or Fallout games) ? Or did someone already attempt to contact them about that matter? After all, access to such tools would make modders' life incredibly easier and new mods ideas that would currently be very hard or even impossible to create, possible.
  7. That looks a lot better. I might be alone on this but I think her lips look too dark though. Other than that it looks awesome.
  8. Well when I got KoTOR I was about 10 years old, so I didn't understand much of the RPG mechanics (skills, buffs, that kind of stuff). But someday I was walking around some games store and I saw that Star Wars game, I didn't know it but it was Star Wars so I had to have it. I was kind of lost when I realized it took place thousands of years before the movies. "Wtf swords in a Star Wars game ?", "Isn't there supposed to be only 2 Sith dudes ? Why are there so many of them ?!" or "Why do the jedi robes look like some kind of ninja outfit ?" were some of the questions I had when I first played it. The first time I finished it was only years later : the underwater part on Manaan scared me so much (I always were scared of sharks). I actually got TSL first before finishing K1. And that Peragus level was (and still is) so creepy that I couldn't play it at night. Ah, the memories.
  9. Teddy273


    So you're also making a full helmet version of Kylo Rens mask ? Looks awesome
  10. Hi, I'm to planning to release a retexture of the scout, but I can't make it look like I want because of the vest. I don't have the required gmax skills to do it myself. Some help would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.