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  1. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    MOD:K1 Faster Scuba

    A video or gif of it would be helpful, if you're willing. I'm not really in the habit of downloading stuff I can't see beforehand.
  2. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    What's going on with M4-78EP?

    On a minor divergence, to save the bother of starting a whole new thread, anyone know what the song in M4-78's launch trailer is?
  3. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    NexusMods Staff doesn't know it's games very well...

    Didn't say it was smart.
  4. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    NexusMods Staff doesn't know it's games very well...

    To be fair, he is in it, just in a vision.
  5. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    Saving Star Wars

    And again, the specifics aren't important. I was simply citing the KOTOR games as an example of something good. I could have just as easily have said Shatterpoint. I'm not saying we'll see KOTOR again (and based on Disney's attempts to import EU stuff so far, that might be for the best, especially if they draw from the mess that is TOR.) I'm saying that good stuff comes around sooner or later. Disney isn't exactly having a shortage of sheer stuff they're outputting. Sooner or later, some of that's gonna turn out something good. The EA situation is annoying, but given how that's gone down, I will not be surprised at all if Disney finds a way to worm their way out of the exclusivity deal soon.
  6. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    Saving Star Wars

    The timing isn't the point. Good and Bad come and go; the point is that one rarely exists without the other coming along sooner or later.
  7. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    Saving Star Wars

    Honestly, despite my unfathomed distaste for Disney's rehash, this too shall pass. Kennedy and Peña's bad decisions will bite them in the face, but on the fan end, sheer volume will churn out something halfway decent sooner or later. You don't get your KOTORs without suffering through your Karen Travisses.
  8. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    Game of Thrones ShowRunners to produce Star Wars Trilogy

    But we've already got the trilogy where everything is horrible, nothing matters and happiness is illegal.
  9. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    MOD:Kreia's Fall in HD with original sound & music

    Neat! ... We're really not gonna rest until we've filed every last minor imperfection off of Lonna Vash's left earlobe, are we?
  10. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Eh, I prefer the base model anyways. Darkening the mask will only make it look less awkward, not eliminate the problem.
  11. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    It's mostly just the sheer texture and model clash. They don't really look like the same headpiece to me. (and tbh, I personally like the Ubese helmets )
  12. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    For my two pennies, I wouldn't think that the GenoHaradan, as a covert organisation who do not reveal themselves freely, would have such unique armour. It seems simpler to me for the armoured people in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr to simply be a group of Ubese who are part of the GenoHaradan and that their armour is indeed Ubese. I also feel that the guy in the Onderon vid looks really weird with that mask over the top of the model's helmet. Ditch the extra mask, imo. And as a question - have you simply moved Azanti Zhug to Goto's Yacht or done something else with him? Or does he just no longer exist?
  13. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    Improved Civilians Only

    For TSL, the installation of the NPC Overhaul mod is extremely modular and customisable - I've homebrewed my own version of it to have different replacers. So it's fairly easy to make your own version of that for TSL, though the install proceedure is much longer since it has an install option for almost each and every module file in the game. That said, it's fairly simple to update or change a single module, instead of just reinstalling everything if you want to make a small change to the mod. It's really quite useful! Sadly, the Kotor 1 doesn't have this setup in its install and I've always wanted a version with it, since I basically have to pay much more attention and think much more if I want to customise it; plus I can't just make a single change to one module either. If you know what you're doing, it might be possible to rejig a version of the K1 NPC Overhaul mod's TSLPatcher and then customise off that to give you what you want, but my knowledge of the patcher isn't really extensive enough to start trying that myself.
  14. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY


    It is. Meh. A mess that has its moments and fundamentally doesn't understand Luke Skywalker. Has two climaxes; makes everything from the OT feel like even more of a waste of time than Ep 7 did. Rian Johnsson just isn't as clever as Chris Avellone and is too focused on all plot twists all the time with little real coherence or sense to a lot of them. It's not awful, but it's just oh so tired. RotJ's title feels like a cmmplete joke now. That said, some well-executed scenes in amongst it all and some fun lines. I've seen worse, but I don't really see anything compelling me to watch any more. It's safe when it should be different and it's different when it should be safe. At the end of the day we're still stuck with the tired old Empire vs. Rebellion on the brink with all the Jedi dead but one and nothing has progressed since thirty years prior. I could have skipped this and missed nothing of importance. And that's weird.
  15. sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY

    Hide The Spoiler Thread From The Front Page