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  1. I second the thank yous! And glad to hear that you're going to be sticking around.
  2. Hey, DS can actually remember my password now! Sweet!

  3. Hope I'm not too late. Does this work? http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/965-bye-bye-goto/ Sadly couldn't be a positive review, but it did need written.
  4. While I would love to leave a nice little review saying how this worked very nicely and is a good little addition... it turns out I can't. As it happens, I just attempted to play through the affected portion of the game. What you would expect is for the scene to play out normally and G0-T0 to disappear from the party screen. Instead Bao-dur's hologram finished saying his thing... and the cutscene ended. I was left hanging out as the Remote, the hologram persisted and only said "Yeah?" when I tried talking to it, G0-T0 never showed up, and I couldn't progress. I uninstalled the mod and it immediately worked properly. May have something to do with the fact that I could skip through Bao's dialog with the mod but not without. So unfortunately, I must report this mod as being game-breaking. At least part of the time.
  5. So wait, is there any difference between this and the old version? Because I already have the old version. My younger sister thinks these clothes look terrible, incidentally.
  6. I think the same sort of thing happens with most of the Pazaak players in the game - it's just not seen as much as in K2 since the threshold is higher and Pazaak is less fun in K1. For instance, I know for a fact that on Tatooine, Furko will stop playing for money after you beat his highest level, and Kudos will give you a Sigil crystal after 10 wins.
  7. Just got back from seeing it. My initial response: I'm not sure what to think. A couple minutes later: What's the point? A few more minutes later: Bah there is no point this whole thing is just a cash grab. I reject Disney's canon and substitute my own. About an hour later, sitting and typing about it: The movie itself was fine. I enjoyed it while I was watching it. 100% worth seeing once. But now that it's done, I have no need for any more new Star Wars stuff. Not the sequels again, not anything else that might come out. My biggest pet peeve with this whole series is that they called it a sequel. In my view, a good sequel doesn't take the crossover characters and kill them all off, while leaving the impression that the events of the original didn't matter. I would probably be much more satisfied with this if they had left out all the stuff from the OT and called it a totally new thing. Then again I probably wouldn't have come to watch it either. IDK, basically I still agree with my earlier assessment that the whole trilogy is pointless. My interest in continuing on with this trilogy died with Luke. I don't think I'll be watching the third installment; the end of this film left me feeling like there was little point to another one. All the old characters are either dead or distilled to the point where they no longer draw my interest. The whole Resistance thing is a thing I've seen a bunch before and doesn't really offer anything new to me. I've seen plenty of Star Wars space battles and don't need any more. Clearly this trilogy is not going to deliver any good lightsaber fights. The only sort-of draw that's left is what happens with Rey and Kylo - and with the way this has been going, Kylo's conficted nature with Rey's resolute one, and general cinema logic tell me how it will end, and frankly if it ended a different way I'd probably be dissatisfied. Plus I still don't give a darn about Kylo even if he isn't as wimpy this time. So yeah, kind of an interesting perspective. I enjoyed the movie, but simultaneously lost all interest in any new Star Wars stuff. The OT, KOTOR, and maybe the prequels sometimes will be all for me.
  8. I remember that in older versions of the RCM, T3 and 3C could have some conversations in the prologue and you could see actual words for T3's dialog. However, I was just playing with 1.8.5 and noticed that this is no longer the case, and no actual convos with 3C are possible. Is this supposed to happen, or is it a bug? The TSLRCM logo does appear on the main menu, so the mod is active.
  9. I told myself before Episode 7 came out that I would watch the next one if 7 was good enough. I watched it, it was okay, and so I'll watch episode 8. My experience with that will dictate my decision with episode 9. At least now I know not to expect any sort of continuation of the story of the OT...
  10. Hey, just learned of this. Sounds cool and good luck!
  11. TFW I return to KOTOR and the forum after a long absence and the top news post is the same...

    1. VarsityPuppet


      There's just not a lot of news coming out

  12. Not sure what you mean by clothing types. If this is a model/texture sort of thing, then I don't know :/
  13. ...but are you terminating any hostilities?