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  1. Again someone insinuate that I am doing something bad. I already explained what happened and I am not going to lose my time anymore. So, I give up. Witch hunting as I said before. I am very afraid of uploading anything since I dont know how it will be received. Recently, I thought of taking the request of the disciple holocron quest, I even started some scripts and sorting some dialogues, but even if I finish it I am keeping to myself like all the other mods I made. I dont have fun anymore on this community (if I ever had in the first place) so I am leaving.
  2. That one was in the episode 2 and it is not the same model. But the clone wars series used the same design of episode 3. And you are right, Disney will destroy star wars before episode 9 is launched.
  3. Canderis says that nobody cares as long as it is outside this forum and that screenshots are not assets. JC2 says to not worry, that it is not stealing. Then Tyvokka says that yes it is stealing. ....and you guys wondered why I wanted a clear defitinition? You cant came to an agreement about your own rules.
  4. So now I am under suspicion? Is that it? By your deffinition of "yes, that's stealing", you could charge someone just because you dont like said person and said "no, that's not stealing" because its a friend of yours. This is why I do rather have a more certain deffinition. But, anyway, I will answer your questions since you are so curious to the point of "witch hunting me": Recently, I modified a graphic mod for my personal use, it is a mod created by another and still has some of its owner textures and others that I created. Then, I took a print screen and sent it to a friend that showed it online, and I was worried that someone would clain that I stole that mod. Note that I didnt share it. Thats it. So, am I a mod thief? Also Sith Holocron, I am not your subordinate and I neither owe you anything. So, for future references, if you wish something from me, ask nicely or at least say "PLEASE" before the question, okay?
  5. I still didn't get the answer I need. Then let me ask this way: Besides uploading or redistributing a mod that is not mine, is there any other way that a mod can be stolen?
  6. Alright, I can't redistribute. It means I can't upload a mod that is or has something that was made by someone else right? And what if I made a mod and in the preview picture it has a mod from someone else? Lets say that I create a mod for swords, but in the pic it has a character holding the sword I made and he is using a modded robe. Note that I didnt upload the robe just the sword. Can this be considered stealing?
  7. Can someone tell me exactly what is considered stealing a mod?
  8. I was worried that this mod said that does a thing then does something different. This is what I consider an aprils first joke. But I already answered my question, this is authentic.
  9. Just to be sure: This is not an april first joke right?
  10. Maybe instead of giving the new abilities to the exile, the disciple himself could get them, so it wouldnt be a problem if you played a male character, and they would be always be new to the disciple since the new force powers are prestige class.
  11. How much holocrons would this mod have? Also, does the dialogues say were they are? Are they just sith holocrons, jedi holocrons or both? I know that there is the disciple voice lines, but english is not my first language and I still have trouble hearing.
  12. What! I just mention someone and you say that I am going to do the same? It seems that what Seph6 said was true after all. I think I know were this will end, I will end banished too. So, before that happens, I am officially abandoning this. Please lets just pretend this never happened. Moderator please lock this topic.
  13. Mine wont work. When I talk to Kreia and lods the module, it remains a black screen.
  14. Oh, you have no idea of the irony. Actually this idea originally came from Seph6, someone that you banished some time ago. He wanted to make this mod out of spite against you, if you see my images, you will see the final version of the korriban academy holocron that got his banishiment. But he eventually gave up and I asked if I could have his incomplete mod, and since I couldnt complete it in my own I asked help here.
  15. Mine won't work. Anybody managed this?