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  1. or are the robes only for kreias model i think not sure though it can be done because these pictures (from another mod page) show a male exile wearing the robes
  2. i have tried putting the texture over other kotor 2 playable Bastila mods but nothing has worked so far
  3. I highly doubt anyone here will do it but here is a mod that adds his face as a mask probably the closest thing to what your looking for https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/kel-dor-mask-for-k1-and-tsl-1
  4. i don't know if he would do it but the guy too ask is definitely DarthParametric he created the amazing sith pureblood male mod
  5. I was asking because i was going to see if i could try and help to figure it out with mdledit
  6. Did you ever find out what was causing the animation problems with the eyes and mouth?
  7. Holy Crap the head looks beyond outstanding great job man! unfortunately i don't really have alot of knowledge about porting but maybe Darth Parametric himself knows what the problem is or Thor110 might know since i think he talked about maybe porting some things from swtor into kotor
  8. i think there is still some work left to do like put the head on a skeleton from the game
  9. the head looks awesome great work! its cool you got the eyes figured out
  10. Did you figure out how to apply the UVmap?