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  1. Unfortunately, my attempt to retexture them (mostly a recolor of JC's Master Robes with elements lifted from some of the TSL robes) ended up getting lost in a hard-drive crash. I've been meaning to give it another go, but i've been extremely busy since then.
  2. No idea, I use an alternate head for her.
  3. It's not even that noticeable, to be honest. Works pretty damn well, actually.
  4. This is about as close as we're going to get; the "Catlike Head Juhani" or whatever it's called is eye-scarringly bad
  5. As everyone is aware, the Steam version of TSL has a delightful issue involving modded lightsaber textures, as well as with the fog effect, all due to the Aspyr patch. However, considering the fog issue was worked out, I am curious as to why the lightsaber texture issue has likewise not been fixed. Is it a matter of being unable to find the source of the issue, or is it literally impossible to reconcile? If this has already been asked, then I apologize; I'm just curious as to what exactly is going on "behind the scenes", so to speak.
  6. Just from a lore perspective, making the silver crystal drop from a Sand Person is genius. After all, Durindfire gems are found only on Tatooine. Now my perfect Halcyon!Revan setup can be completed!
  7. Hi, not JC (Obviously). I would advise against trying to modify this weapon to be upgradeable, as, like Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber, in the base game, it has stats equivalent to a fully-upgraded lightsaber. At that point, it becomes a god item, which is fun for maybe 5 minutes. If i missed what you were trying to actually convey, then I apologize.
  8. I'm gonna be brutally honest: I am completely lost on how to use K-GFF to get this working. Can anyone point me towards a tutorial on how to do this, because, from my perspective, DLG editor seems to make more sense in this situation. Like, can anyone explain the benefits of using K-GFF over DLG Editor?
  9. In your opinion, which stat bonuses/attributes on each saber should be deleted/edited for ideal balancing? There are quite a few, and I want to keep these mechanically distinct and useful, seeing as they aren't upgradeable
  10. Is there a simple way to use DLGeditor to merge two versions of a .dlg file to create a "patched" version for compatibility, or do I have to do it manually?
  11. Have you considered producing a patched version of tar02_duelorg021.dlg for compatibility with the official r/kotor mod build? That mod uses it's own version of the file to allow a light-side ending. I've seen the bounty rework one, but I do prefer the official build's version.
    Execution-wise, very well done. The textures and model work great, but I do have a bit of an issue with this 'saber: Balancing. While I applaud the additional stat bonuses for this unique lightsaber, my biggest issue is that you've effectively made a better Heart of the Guardian that can be purchased as soon as you reach Tatooine, and for cheaper. There is literally no reason to use the actual HotG unless you prefer the colors aesthetically, as this is strictly better. I would suggest restatting this to the level of a standard lightsaber plus the base bonuses you added. to keep this relatively fair. Additionally, I would also propose making a revised version as an optional download, that removes the references to the Sequel Trilogy, as that breaks immersion for the more roleplay-inclined players. For example, renaming the crystal to something like "Tatooine/Dune Sea Desert Glass" if you want to keep the yellow color, as Libyan Desert Glass is a real-world material that has a unique yellow coloration, and perhaps renaming the lightsaber to something like "The Scavenger's Lightsaber". I am aware immersion isn't everyone's priority, but making these changes does expand the possible audience for your mod, and they are rather simple enough to implement. An alternate, possibly more satisfying option, if you feel so inclined, would to make the crystal a quest reward recieved from giving the Sand People your Krayt Dragon Pearl, so as to lessen the blow from giving up the best upgrade crystal in the game. Just food for thought. I will increase my review to 5 stars when and if the balancing issue is addressed. Good first effort, and keep up the good work.
  12. @DarthParametric, are you planning on releasing the modified Jedi Strike Team and/or Nautolan Bolook publicly? I'm in the middle of doing a complete overhaul of my Override, and I wouldn't mind making those additions if they're available.
  13. I'm aware that this topic was already broached two years ago, but I feel that necroing a single comment thread is in bad taste. Instead, i'd like to request parity between the genders of player characters and request a female Pureblood Sith player head. I've Identified 3 potential heads that I feel are the best options, namely Samara Breesh (the merchant on Corellia), Sathel (the Korriban Academy instructor), and Ladra (the Revanite on Dromund Kaas). My personal preference leans towards Ladra, but feel free to port whichever you feel most comfortable with/prefer.