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  1. Ok. Thanks. It looks that I will have to do myself one then.
  2. I believe I once saw a mod that change all swords the wookies use in Kashyyyk to ryyk blades. Does someone knows if sayd mod exists? Anf if yes where I can find it?
  3. Here you go. MHKs.7z
  4. I made this mod that adds Bao-dur at the HK factory. Its the answer I have for why he is not present at the end of the game. I am posting here because I want some help expanding it, like the dialogue between Bao-dur and HK-47, I wished a few more lines. Any idea is welcome. hk&bd.7z
  5. Ajunta Pall comments tha the blade has a inscription: "I am that which grips the heart in fright, hearkens night and silences the light." I put the inscription in aurebesh in the one I use. I found a mod for the sword that i liked, so I took the model and edited the skin. Oh and I dont know if you noticed but the blade uses two skins one for the Notched steel sword and the other for the Ajunta Pall sword. So, I used the original mod I found to the sword, but an edited skin for the Notched steel sword, more fitting to Ajunta description.
  6. At the end of the game, Kreia can tell you what happens to all of your companions, except Hanharr. So, my request is that someone makes a scene where he betrays you, and you have to fight him to the death (of course, if he is on your party).
  7. Oaks

    Saving G0-T0

    In game is mentioned that you saved G0-T0 from his yacht explosion, but no scene exists. My request is that someone add a scene at the moment you left the yacht, like you find him broken and repairs or something like that.
  8. Does someone have a fix for this:
  9. Can someone tell me the name of the .tga file for the two flags at Ludo Kresh tomb? I noticed that they have the symbol of the Infinity empire, so I wished to change to something more fitting. Of course, if there already is a mod, I will take.
  10. I was playing TSL with a mod that enables to use Mandalore without mask, but I saw that he has some glitches: three holes in his back. Did someone ever realize this? if yes, is there a mod to fix this?
  11. In the refugee sector there are some gamorreans working for the exchange, when you talk with then , they ask if you are the new muscle and became hostile if you try to take any stuff. My problem is that for a reason that I cant find out, they wont talk to you, the only thing that happens is tha t the camera changes angle, and they dont attack me when I open their boxes. Did this ever happen with any of you?