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  1. You can find these sort of mod if you search for it. I found it some time ago. Just search for lightsaber mods and you will find.
  2. Which you want? The official one that he uses in KOTOR or the one he uses in TOR?
  3. Just to be sure: This only add a talk animation right? The other selkath animayion remains the same?
  4. Wil send to you two in the next days ok? I will try to remember tomorrow.
  5. I am trying to use these codes: SWCELEBRATION19 SWCANTINA2018 NYCANTINA17 NYCANTINA16 SWCELEBRATION17 SWCANTINA17 KOTORSPEEDER ER7K-YUDH-725X-VZVS CelebrationCantina16 But I never get an email confirming, I click continue but it just return to the enter code page. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Are you asking me?
  7. Before sunday ends I will try to send you one.
  8. Before sunday ends I will try to send you one.
  9. I will send to you in the weekend.
  10. I am creating a mod to use in the tomb of Ludo Kressh, but I need to first remove most of the Shyracks. Can someone tell me how I can do that?
  11. I have one. Its actually very easy to make one, you basycallly take out the crossguard and change the color and there is it.
  12. I have been very busy, but I will try to send to both of you this weekend.