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  1. Before sunday ends I will try to send you one.
  2. Before sunday ends I will try to send you one.
  3. I will send to you in the weekend.
  4. I am creating a mod to use in the tomb of Ludo Kressh, but I need to first remove most of the Shyracks. Can someone tell me how I can do that?
  5. I have one. Its actually very easy to make one, you basycallly take out the crossguard and change the color and there is it.
  6. I have been very busy, but I will try to send to both of you this weekend.
  7. Sorry. I have been busy. You still want?
  8. I will send to you this weekend.
  9. I would like a traditional blue for my lightsaber. If it is an exotic saber design then a curved hilt with orange blade.
  10. I have the old flash's version in both kotor and TSL, I made a few moddifications of my own to be a little smaller and the blade is curved. If you want I can send to you.
  11. Can you guys at least recomend a tutorial so I can learn how to do this? Please?
  12. I am suspicious. This series looks too dark for something made by disney. Maybe the first episode will be nice, but then they will change to something for the family after that?
  13. Here is my collection of skins of HK-47, some I found in the internet other I modified and a few I made. I still want more, so if someone has some cool ones or colors that were not used here, please send to me.
  14. I understand, I also have been busy with work, so, I will send to you this weekend.