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  1. I have the old flash's version in both kotor and TSL, I made a few moddifications of my own to be a little smaller and the blade is curved. If you want I can send to you.
  2. Can you guys at least recomend a tutorial so I can learn how to do this? Please?
  3. I am suspicious. This series looks too dark for something made by disney. Maybe the first episode will be nice, but then they will change to something for the family after that?
  4. Here is my collection of skins of HK-47, some I found in the internet other I modified and a few I made. I still want more, so if someone has some cool ones or colors that were not used here, please send to me.
  5. I understand, I also have been busy with work, so, I will send to you this weekend.
  6. This is a port of a JKA mod so I cant share with everyone. But I will PM it to you latter. Almost forgot. You want this hilt for K1 or TSL? Also, what color you want the blade to be?
  7. I got one. Do you still want?
  8. 12 months is almost over. Can we have the models now, please?
  9. Someone answer this: Does the children sprites, like Sasha, have fighting animations?
  10. In the beginning of TSL, Sion cuts of kreia's hand, my request is for someone to make that scene a little longer, a scene were there is an actual fight, they could at least cross blades once.
  11. No, its not. But thanks anyway.
  12. Heres an image of what I am looking for:
  13. Can someone tell me if there is a skin for the robes of K1 that make it look similar to the ones of the jedi in Dantooine? I am not asking for the models but just a new skin.