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  1. Oaks

    Temple guard mask

    I want to request the temple guard mask from the clone wars and rebels series:
  2. Oaks

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    That is also cool. My preposition is that people that dislike those new movies to show not watching. But if you like, then go see. Simple as that. I watched the teaser again. Bah... They didnt even created a new lightsaber hilt, Rey just put together Anakin's old one...
  3. Oaks

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    I see that even not liking some people will still watch this. Guys... If if everybody pays to see this movie, how do you expect Disney to understand that this is bad? I actually have a preposition: lets boycott this movie.
  4. In SWTOR is show that there was a dark jedi named Kalatosh Zavros that died in Taris during the jedi civil war. My request would be to change the sith governor to a togruta and name him Kalatosh Zavros. Thank you
  5. A shame you guys didn't let him finish. The final product was very good.
  6. Oaks

    Kotor 1 Ahsoka Lightsaber Hilt

    I already had one. I will try to send to you latter.
  7. Oaks

    Sabers of the old Republic

    I am curious. Can someone send me this mod? Please?
  8. Sorry it took so long but as I said before, I have very little time with my main computer now. Here are some screenshots of some hilts that I have but I dont see around in mod sites. REMEMBER: those are not mine and I am uploading just screenshots, remember this if you see an image and find out that the mod is yours. The hilts are: -The two of Ahsoka from clone wars -Darth Bane's(the fan made using the novels as basis, not the official that ignores the novel description) -Ben Solo from episode 8(the only good thing of that movie if you ask me) -A generic curved hilt -A double bladed curved similar to Asajj Ventress -A generic double -Exar Kun double bladed (but being held as if it is a single hilt) -Kanan's from rebels -Rahm Kota's from the force unleashed game -Malak's official hilt -Darth Malgus's from swtor -Maul's from rebels (it even has a cane version, that I give to Kreia at the begining of the game) -A generic lightsaber pike -A variation of Revan's from swtor -Satele double bladed from the swtor cinematics -Savafe Opres's from clone wars -The spinning lightsaber of the inquisitor from rebels -And the temple guard double bladed
  9. I dont have much time lately, but I will see if I can post some screenshots tomorrow. Maybe, if enough people ask, I will also get permission from the original authors.
  10. Oaks

    companion list

    I cant find in the web a complet companion list from swtor except the class companions. Can someone give me a list of all possible companions of the game and the companions of the outlander? Please? Also, why isnt a page for Paxton Rall in wookiepedia? Is there a reason or its just that nobody made one?
  11. I have a number of lightsabers that I ported from jedy academy mods like Exar Kun's, Bane's, Malak's official hilt, Ahsoka's, Malgus's and the Double-bladed spinning lightsaber (but it don't spin). I even used one as basis to make Maul lightsaber cane for Kreia at the begining of TSL. But I dont think I can share then.
  12. Oaks

    HK-51 quet

    Thanks. I will try latter.
  13. Oaks

    HK-51 quet

    I have a question for the HK-51 quest. I got HK for a republic character, but now I want to get also for my imperial character. So my question is this: To get the part from coruscant, do I need to restart the "The Fatality (Heroic 2+)" and all the other quests, or I can just use the Burba Seismic Excavator/Scanner in coruscant and get the part?
  14. Oaks

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    I am new to the game. I already played as both jedis and sith warrior. In this moment I am collecting the HK-51 parts and once finished I will play as an inquisitor. I am kind of busy so it will take time to play the other 4 class and even longer to play as the outlander.
  15. Oaks

    where does F2P end?

    I am playing swtor f2p and I finished hutt cartel, shadows of revan and even went to ziost. But now the planet is all destroyed and there is no new mission. Did I complet the f2p game? Or there is more? I plan to subscribe, but only after i finished everything in F2P.