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  1. Hello, I need a script that shows determined dialogues depending if I have Mira or Hanhar in my party. Can some one give me the lines that do the check? Thanks in advance.
  2. i finally got myself the third version of the darksaber, the one from the Mandalorian tv show. Also, I am experimenting with Cal Kestis' from Jedi Fallen Order.
  3. As you guys know, if we join the dark side and make a party with Bastila, you fight three dark jedis in the StartForge. I want to request a mod that after you fight Bastila, you also fight the three in the light side patch. Thanks.
  4. If its the one I made, he is not supposed to show up at the start of the level, but at the end of the first floor.
  5. I used the mod to replace malaks in game hilt. So yes, it works.