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  1. When you go back to the sith academy after killing both instructors, the whole academy comes after you, but when you rejoin your party members, one is at the entrance and the other is in the middle of the academy, which results in him/her being killed. Can someone modify so that both party members are at the entrance?
  2. Never mind, already found a way.
  3. Is there any way to import mods for jedi academy to kotor/tsl using kotormax? I used 3d max 2015 but I cant open anymore. Or maybe some way to open 3d max 2015? Thanks for anyone that helps.
  4. The most similar to Ven Zallow's is w_lghtsbr_060.
  5. Yes, I have a hilt similar to the one ven zallow uses. Want me to send to you?
  6. Unfortunately, I am still working so I will send them as soon as possible.
  7. I believe that the first season has ended? Can someone give their opinion? I am deciding if I am going to watch ot not.
  8. I will try to send to you in the next days.
  9. You can find these sort of mod if you search for it. I found it some time ago. Just search for lightsaber mods and you will find.
  10. Just to be sure: This only add a talk animation right? The other selkath animayion remains the same?
  11. Wil send to you two in the next days ok? I will try to remember tomorrow.