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  1. i finally got myself the third version of the darksaber, the one from the Mandalorian tv show. Also, I am experimenting with Cal Kestis' from Jedi Fallen Order.
  2. As you guys know, if we join the dark side and make a party with Bastila, you fight three dark jedis in the StartForge. I want to request a mod that after you fight Bastila, you also fight the three in the light side patch. Thanks.
  3. If its the one I made, he is not supposed to show up at the start of the level, but at the end of the first floor.
  4. I used the mod to replace malaks in game hilt. So yes, it works.
  5. Finally whatched. I really liked the show, finished the two seasons in two days. The "special guest" at the end of season two was great. But now I am a little worried, there is going to be two spin offs that I dont believe it will be good at all, also the main plot was finished, dont know what more can happens.
  6. Just give the pearl, hear the story then kill all sand people, you will get the pear back.