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  1. Does someone have a fix for this:
  2. Can someone tell me the name of the .tga file for the two flags at Ludo Kresh tomb? I noticed that they have the symbol of the Infinity empire, so I wished to change to something more fitting. Of course, if there already is a mod, I will take.
  3. I was playing TSL with a mod that enables to use Mandalore without mask, but I saw that he has some glitches: three holes in his back. Did someone ever realize this? if yes, is there a mod to fix this?
  4. In the refugee sector there are some gamorreans working for the exchange, when you talk with then , they ask if you are the new muscle and became hostile if you try to take any stuff. My problem is that for a reason that I cant find out, they wont talk to you, the only thing that happens is tha t the camera changes angle, and they dont attack me when I open their boxes. Did this ever happen with any of you?
  5. I dont understand, The first, second, third and the last are okay, but I get trouble with the camera for the fourth, fifth and sixth.
  6. No, I believe I already did some edits to the mod, so your files dont work to me. Update: I think I got. If I combine your dlg with my ncs I can make this work. Did an initial test with Vandar and worked, I will try to add more masters now.
  7. I already tried to edit the a_holorec.ncs and holorec.dlg, but the game crashed. Could you share what you already did?
  8. I am using this mod: But I wished that Atris jedi list would include the other seven jedi like this: Master XXXX : planet y [deceased] Is there some way to edit the .dlg to add this?
  9. You are right. But the most awlward part was that I already did the change... So yeah... This was for nothing. Sorry, I really had forgoten.
  10. Hello, I downloaded a mod that changes the sith assault troopers that board the ebon hawk at peragus to sith assassins. But the message that says how many sith left is still writen "assault troopers" instead of "sith assassins". Can someone tell me the name of the file that creates these messages? A dlg file or script, just the name so I can try to change.
  11. Do you have a list of the places?
  12. I cant unlock Juhani last conversation. I have K1r installed and allways talked to her, but now it never opens the last dialogue. In the globals is G_Juhanip_state: 9. It was sopposed to be 10. Did I miss something or maybe some known bug?