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  1. They don't work together. I get a black screen after the Kreia speaks.
  2. It didn't work. It shows the path in TSL patcher but I still have to point it at the directory.
  3. Can someone make a registry edit file of Kotor 2 64 bit 11 GOG version for me please? So it will automatically point to the game folder.
  4. How do I make it so the mod I want to install find the Steam install folder automatically. I'm using the Legacy version.
  5. I have an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 gaming card and the sound cuts off after a little while of playing.
  6. I can't contact him anymore for some reason. I think he has me blocked.
  7. I have the current file of Extended Enclave I get a black screen when I go to fight the Jedi Masters.
  8. I have my video card and tv connected a HDMI receiver and the sound keeps cutting out. I have close out of the game and start again to gain the sound back
  9. I'm using the make everyone a Jedi Mod and I can't get the Exile into the Jek Jek Tarr. It crashes on load every time. I'm using a Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 card. Please help