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  1. danil-ch

    MOD:TSL Malak Mouth Fix

    This has bothered me for years. Thanks!
  2. danil-ch

    Extended Enclave (TSLRCM add-on)

    Should be fixed in 2.5 version.
  3. danil-ch

    MOD:Extended Enclave (TSLRCM add-on)

    It won't work, because some files need to be installed directly into .mod files. You can remove "Required=c_mirachoke.ncs" line in rcmchanges.ini. Unfortunately, I have no idea how mac version structured, so expect some drawbacks.
  4. Extended Enclave 2.4 has just been released. Enjoy! 🙂

  5. danil-ch

    M4-78EP 1.5 Released

    It is. Still, you can expect an update for EE soon. Nothing major, just a few tweaks. Haven't testen M4-78EP 1.5, though. So if you experience any problem, report in. 1.8.4./1.8.5. changed nothing that could break EE, plus all post 1.8.3. fixes were already covered by EE.
  6. danil-ch

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    It's from Vanilla game. 🙂
  7. danil-ch

    K2 Community Patch

    You have my permission. They all look just like in K1.