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  1. So Ive recently been able to playthrough m478ep v1.5 and I have the exact same issues as Pa3Pyx. So many things are just straight up broken. I do have extended enclave installed v2.5.1 could be the culprit but cant be sure. Have any of these issues been addressed lately or is it still a broken mess?
  2. It's probably been said before, but having an issue with the final cutscene of the game having no sound when it plays. Is this a game bug or mod conflict? mods installed are : TSLRCM 1.8.5 M478EP 1.5 Extended Enclave 2.5.1
  3. Ok cool, was just checking because I remembered it a bit differently. I know in the mod change log it states the intro sequence was changed, just wanted to be sure none of my mods were messing with it. Although it does somewhat feel a little odd as how everyone is standing there with you and the only camera angles you get are basically just with atton and hk since nobody else talks(aside from the 4 or so characters who sound off during the beginning). Just a little critique but I can understand why it was changed. Looking forward to how the modules are split up and the "new" ending. I think the last version i played was from 1.2 so there looks to be quite the few changes to check out!
  4. Just installed 1.5 and noticed a bunch of lines were cut from the intro sequence. Atton: "there are signs of life on the surface..." Kreia: "an adequate job pilot...", "an entire planet wiped clean of life" "although I think that the pilots devices are mechanically accurate..." Visas: "it orbits dead in space..." Kreia doesn't even talk, and G0-T0's line of questioning was traded to hk? Is this how the new intro sequence is supposed to play out?
  5. phenex

    Mira influence

    nvm I was just missing an influence gain during one of the conversations.
  6. phenex

    Mira influence

    Was the cap raised to pass the influence check when saying "perhaps one day i'll show you"?
  7. Whoa, new site changes lookin good!

  8. Just finished getting to M478 and there is no option for me to ask about shipping fuel. Only the droid army option is available. Is this because I talked to Vogga first before asking M478? I have yet to turn in the quest, and thought that I could pick up fuel from M478 as an option and decide which one to turn in to Lt. Grenn. Any info on the correct way this works now in 1.2
  9. Good to know, looks like ill just have to make a save right before completing dantooine in the future. I was able to bypass it by deleting the Dan01 file from my gameinprogress folder. But now alot of enemies have respawned and some scripts are reset, but doesn't seem to have broken anything. Any idea where the break happens that causes the issue? That way I can save in the most optimal place to reduce the amount of back tracking.
  10. Just picked up mandalore and headed to Nar Shaddaa to help him with his quest. Afterwards I went to Dantooine for the last pack of mandos, but I keep getting the blank screen at party select. Havent had this issue for a really long time. At that time I played with 1.8.2 and m478ep. Current mods: Tslrcm 1.8.5 M478ep 1.2 Extended enclave 2.3 Atton/Kreia to Onderon/Dxun tomb Dustil restoration
  11. Has this been added to 1.8.5, or is it compatible?
  12. I had that glitch where the veteran mercenaries all wear those force masks on telos. And I have noticed that while speaking to t3 about the locked astrogation charts, after you ask him about how did the ebon hawk make it back if it was so dangerous, it automatically goes into the holo recording without first working on the behavioral core to see it. Also the HK50 thats damaged in the telos base was not there the first time I ran through, but upon reloading and going through it again it was there.
  13. Just curious if this version of the game needs to have the official patch installed before adding tslrcm? Or does it come with it? Been noticing a lot of off things lately, and wondering if it is because I forgot to patch the game.
  14. I reloaded a previous save and it was there. On my first run through I also encountered the mercenary glitch where they are all wearing those shielding visors.Maybe that had something to do with it? Idk.