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  1. Sithspecter

    Old face, new community

    Glad to have you aboard.
  2. Sithspecter


    Thanks for the information. I think earlier we had decided to mostly leave it to be pretty ambiguous (as you won't encounter any real terrain on Sleheyron) as to not upset the original intent nor anything established since then. So expect a vague description that could either be barren or volcanic.
  3. Sithspecter


    There's actually no evidence that I've found that suggests that Sleheyron is the Volcanic planet. Actually, there's more evidence to suggest that it's the barren planet. In fact, KotOR lists Korriban's terrain as "Volcanic Mountain Ranges" in the galaxy map: So as far as I have found, there's no evidence present that the Star Map should be in a volcano or that Sleheyron is even a volcanic planet. I believe that stems from the inaccurate assumption that Korriban is the barren planet, and evidence says otherwise. If you can point me to a legitimate original source that says otherwise I will be happy to reconsider. In regards to music, I am planning on re-using the originals that were intended for Sleheyron. I think they fit very well and I like them. I am also somewhat skeptical that you will be able to create a similar track in both style and quality, but I would be happy to be proven wrong. Do you have any similar samples that I could listen to?
  4. Sithspecter


    There were probably originally intended to be 4 arenas. Three are still left in the game files, with suffixes of A, B and D. They all have a little bit different ground floor plan, but the overall coliseum is the same. They will probably probably mostly be just death matches or matches where you get knocked unconscious like the Taris duel ring, with possibly a king-of-the-hill style match. I also have plans that half of the matches will be "Beast Battles" where you fight various creatures, leading up to and including Rancors/Terentateks. I'm trying to figure out how it should work exactly, as the lightside implications of participating in death matches isn't great. But, they are also supposed to be gladiator matches. Maybe you would have the option to choose a King of the Hill style match versus the deathmatches when challenging the next team. I'm glad you enjoy the signage.
  5. Sithspecter


    Sure, why not.
  6. Sithspecter


    Probably not. There's not really any animated stuff like that in the default game so I think static images will work just fine.
  7. Sithspecter


    Working on the Cantina, I have decided to create a few neon signs, inspired by some of my original attempts as well as Darth Parametric's signs for Tatooine. This is the first one I have come up with: Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions or ideas for others. Also, just for clarification, these will only be on the inside of the building. And for further viewing enjoyment, check out my old original buildings with garish neon signs: Must have been 10 years ago by now.
  8. Sithspecter


    I realize it has been quite some time since I have posted a proper update. Unfortunately, right now I have nothing major to share that looks pretty. But, I have been dusting off the old tools and getting back to work on this. I've also been looking for ways to simplify and reduce some things, and I've sort of had a "Eureka!" moment that's going to allow me to combine two quests, eliminate multiple areas that I have yet to model, and just keep things simpler. I don't want to spoil all the details, but it's taken a burden off my mind at least. Some of you may be disappointed to hear about the reduction, but I don't want there to be bloated or unused space, which is what I am effectively eliminating here. I am really more interested in the quality of the mod, and an actual release. So in this case, less is more. On the modeling front, a number of things are getting an overhaul. The cantina is getting a face lift, and the street is going to be restructured. Most don't know this, but I actually had a second street module. I am combining both into a more condensed street area. The two-module version was too expansive and had too much wasted space. It was fun doing the outside areas, but it just ended up being a lot of empty space. I got a bit too ambitious wanting a Taris-plus sized planet. After the cantina and streets are re-configured, I am looking at only one more area to model from scratch before the area models are complete. This will be an indoor area that houses the gladiator teams as well as various vendors that would go along with such an event. After this area is complete, essentially the whole planet will be built. I still need to do some work on the gladiator arenas themselves, but luckily this will be fairly easy. Immediate goals are: Finalize Cantina Model Gladiator Row Finalize Street Area Connect all areas Work on Gladiator Arenas Longer term goals for this year: Simplify some quests Get quests implemented Alpha testing Thank you all for your continued support of this project. I know development is often spotty from my end, but I knew this was likely to be the case going into it. But if I keep on plugging, things will get finished.
  9. Does anyone know if doorhook dummies within the model and layout files actually do anything? If so, what do they do? Also has anyone been able to successfully implement a new path file in KotOR 1? I am trying but so far it seems that I am unable to get them to work correctly.
  10. Sithspecter

    High Quality Blasters

    Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten about this bug. I will try to correct it this weekend.
  11. Sithspecter


    They certainly got the attention they wanted, along with the exact attention they didn't want. I think everyone can agree that it was a bad move to try to go viral with this thing. I think it was probably their intention to build up a fan base, but obviously it got the attention of the big dogs too. Some people are out there to get their ego stroked. Was this the case? Maybe so, but they did come up with quite a few decent looking levels. I agree, I know the swoop racing was nowhere near a finished state, but it was one of the livelier features that they showcased. It was one of the few things that I legitimately thought was a huge improvement over KotOR. Anyone with half a brain can see that it's a new game. You can interpret that as you will in regards to YouTube comments.
  12. Sithspecter


    If they were smart, they wouldn't have pursued a massive social and fan following until they had completed this and released it to the public. Once it's out there, it's out there, and there's nothing that LucasFilm or Disney can do about that. But they did their best to shine a light on the very thing they didn't want exposed. I initially was not excited about the direction this was taking, but over time I begrudgingly began to respect their efforts. There were parts of the game that were looking quite good, especially the swoop racing. However, the better it got, the worse the chance that Disney was going to shut it down, and they did. It was thinly veiled as a "mod", when almost anyone can recognize that it's a brand new game. The one thing that I really don't appreciate is him trying to categorize it just like a simple mod here. The last thing we need is LucasFilm/Disney poking around here, harmless as we may be.
  13. Sent you a message asking your help on how to do something a few days ago.

  14. Sithspecter

    Crossguard Lightsabers

    The old .uti files should work too. This update was essentially 100% models and textures, but I wanted to release it as a fresh mod with new screenshots and everything.
  15. Sithspecter

    Crossguard Lightsabers

    No change to upcrystals.2da, you should be good to go.