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  1. Sublime job, does what is says.
  2. wdym why? Because he's no Jedi or a Sith and not a Lsaber wielder obv.. lol. 0 logic in this.
    Sorry to say, but this is just plain stupid mod. It does not rebalance anything nor makes the game any more challanging (only for the early game before u obtain any good equipment) What this really does is makes a powerful items x5 more powerful, it does not add any girth to enemies or anything that would make a fight more interesting, fights vs 10-15 enemies just end in 10 seconds, cause you literraly obliterate them as you would play on 'easy' vanilla and got all op items. So yeah. Nothing is saying balance here or whatever. 1of5 What i would strongly suggest to those who play with different powerful items mod and got good at the game is to make old but gold 'Beancounter's Hardcore Mod' to work with 'Modified Ai'. From my experince it's the best 'rebalance' that you can still get at this game. Btw. I would post this combined as a 'ready solution' in the 'Request Mod' tread. In my eyes it's much needed and a real shame hasn't been done yet. Cheers and Joyful gaming.
  3. It would be great to feat this ability to a PC and skip a big part of peragus tho. lol.
  4. I mean. It's been 7 years from release. And there's still no answer on how to make this actually work, which is hillarious ) ) renders looks very tempting which is only more sadden thing in this case. lol. (GOG, installled as instructed) Edit: I've actually managed. If someone interested on how to do the twist - PM me.