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  1. 1 feels more KotOR, though I agree with the comment wondering why you couldn't use both for different loading areas.
  2. Oh my goodness! I had never even heard of Sleheyron being cut until recently from a friend, so I started looking up mods and WHAT YOU HAVE SO FAR IS AWESOME!!!! Are you planning on working in a Star Map for the planet also? Sorry if that's been asked already. I mostly skimmed and only read bits and pieces. I look forward to seeing when it will be available for Alpha Testing. I'd like to try to incorporate writing the planet into my fanfic since it would be far enough away I think (currently only at the battle of Duro, Mandalorian Wars). I'll be watching this thread very closely Currently playing through the general restoration mod for the cut DS female ending and planning on starting my "Let's Play" for some friends who know of KotOR but have never had the time to experience it themselves. Unrelated Statement: I love your gizka gifs XD