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  1. This is a great mod idea, primarily because there are only 2, potentially 3 skills that have are worthwhile in KotOR 1: persuade, treat injury and repair if you want to hear out HK's stories.
  2. Time stamped the relevant dialogue pertaining to the Coruscant-Dantooine council difference.
  3. I don't think you have the correct save file opened based on the character screen.
  4. I am thinking of giving this a try for the next KotOR run after the instant-death difficulty playthrough. Do you know what sort of bugs (according to the readme) can appear?
  5. Finished KotOR 1 on instant death difficulty. A very interesting experience compared to the way I typically play the game for sure.

    1. Mr Ardvark

      Mr Ardvark

      whats the highest number you got hit for?

    2. Jango32


      I don't remember, in the last livestream session I do remember dying to a 3400 damage hit.

  6. You don't need the disk inserted to play the Best of PC version. Just go to the directory and use the normal launcher or directly launch the game via swkotor.exe
  7. Now I am having real trouble deciding between this Nar Shaddaa skybox and Sharen Thrawn's.
  8. You could also watch some of ShemL's videos, I seem to remember he has all of the locations.
  9. There's no way we could get the original K1 textures only right now, is there?
  10. Alright, I'm curious about instant death difficulty. Looks like I've found a reason to livestream KotOR 1 again this summer...
  11. Yup. It also happened in a Twitch livestream playthrough last month. I knew beforehand that the mod was going to break on the Star Forge because of some old, old comments about it. I think on the old Lucasforums or even the original kotorfiles.
  12. Just an FYI, the mod stops working on the Star Forge. It also makes Bastila do weird... blanks during dialogue.
  13. I think Force Whirlwind can lead to death3 if the final spin's damage kills.