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  1. Aside from the game being prone to crashing on the Orion (BoS part), so far so good. I've used the save from before heading into Naga Sadow's tomb and it seems like it works fine.
  2. So I'm in a bit of a spot. Usually whenever I wanted to play KotOR with BoS: SR, I would install it first and then start the playthrough. However I can't do that for this one occasion. Does anyone remember/know if it's safe to install and play the mod in an already running playthrough? The save game that I'd like to use is right before I turn in all the prestige for Uthar on Korriban, which is also the last Star Map planet.
  3. Does anyone happen to still have the file uploaded by FairStrides in the post below? http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/4457-k1r-12-impressions-and-bug-reports-read-me-first/page-5?do=findComment&comment=51621
  4. I think the plot goes as follows: HK-50 arrives at Peragus and starts doing shady stuff with the droids. He orders the droids to repair the Ebon Hawk to secure for himself an escape vessel. Droids finish repairing the Ebon Hawk, HK-50 discovers that he can't pilot it. Then HK-50 decides to wait for another ship.
  5. Huh. Strange. A few months ago I remember being able to access the links.
  6. You can use the Wayback Machine to access LucasForums.
  7. I believe it depends on the alignment, not the (logical) decision regarding the Mass Shadow Generator. I did the MSG in my last Dark Side playthrough and I still got the "Malachor survives" ending.
  8. The game uses each party member's skill set when they use the workbench. Even if it was a glitch, I'd have no idea what could possibly cause it because this feature was present in vanilla as well.
  9. Jango32

    HK-50 Factory Help

    Okay, so you know that room with the crank that opens the door to that repair droid that wipes out HK-47's memory and changes some of his protocols to fight the HK-50s? One of the floating maintenance droids from where said repair droid comes has the datapad that you require. Also make sure that you power up the HK-51 terminal; that can be done through the computer right next to the door opening crank.
  10. The motivation for the attack on Khoonda can be found here (the conversation with Vrook when you rescue him and the datapad on the mercenary leader in that cave) https://youtu.be/spVCF1n9s1o?list=PLEWtOfTgRszyQosG_kQlhX1Q22P0ym_HI&t=679 and at 11:46.
  11. I have a save file right before the third planet (which is always Manaan for me). Still worth it?
  12. I actually wasn't kidding, sometimes my KotOR 1 bugs out like that and all I have to do is alt+tab away.
  13. Have you tried pressing either 1 or 2? If that doesn't work, perhaps alt+tab will do the trick.
  14. I've been trying to get the kotor2 website to work for years using the archive. Has anyone had any luck getting the various tabs to work (ex: Game Info)?
  15. I believe Khoonda? I remember there being some weapon models on display in the rodian's shop there.