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  1. This mod is goofy as hell, i'd never have thought I would have seen 2 different sex scenes in a kotor game. My only complaints are having to look at the red ui and the robot voices for the jedi ghost and freedom nadd that have an awful reverb effect. Other than that I really enjoyed it more than i expected to.
  2.;117281#Rate Can't find this mod on gamefront or nexus, does anyone still have it? You can see it in this youtube video:
  3. I've been trying to replace the Master style robes (model type N) with the 90sk style ceremony tunics including some new textures I made for fun, and the female models and textures are working perfectly fine, but the male models seem to be using the female textures for some reason. Is there any way to rectify this, or do the N class robes always behave in this way? I downloaded some mods that replace the textures for these robes and it seems like some of them only have female textures (PFBN) while others do include the male textures. If anyone has experience with this I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction. 😕
  4. Player: Why would you think I would be willing to kill others for your entertainment? Hutt: You fight with big bad criminals jedi; slavers, assassins, female killers, maybe even one of your sith. Nobody miss them, you do galaxy big favor. Player: I don't believe you, I can't allow myself to hurt others. Hutt: You right jedi, but I can't allow myself to let entertainment like you slip to one of my rivals. Maybe you don't fight, and *maybe* you have accident with ship's air scrubbers. Or you could have them kidnap T3 if lightsiders refuse to fight.
    Very fun to play through. Writing and voice overs are well done, and the new battles are always welcome. Only Issue I ran into was some of the new Sith troopers dropping everything they had equipped on the star forge, stuff we aren't supposed to see like level 3 droid shields and heavy armor.
  5. Haven't been on these forums in a while, seeing that ugly K2 running animation in K1 was disgusting I don't know if i'll ever get used to that. Other than that this is probably the coolest thing Ive seen for these games, well done!
  6. What exactly does International Global mod mean, if i may ask?
  7. Here ya go, I've got a shittonne of mods installed, I hope that isn't a problem. 👌 I changed the appearance to a vanilla model in KSE though so it should work without crashing. For you.rar
  8. If you are making an ultimate fix pack, you might want to give some npcs more appropriate attire: Infected republic soldier on Taris is wearing a combat suit Dune sea miners on Tatooine aren't wearing Czerka gear The first room on the right of the hrakert rift station on Manaan has a dark jedi corpse even though the Sith had nothing to do with what happened there, and the remains contain a jedi master robe Czerka employees on Korriban aren't wearing Czerka gear, Shaardan attacks with a sword, Belaya attacks with her fists, and the sith guards inside the academy use the low res student model, instead of the trooper one like the front door guard This one is the only one I would skip, bypassing the droids is very satisfying Also,
  9. Lol mission & canderous look so derpy just sitting there
  10. If anything, that bicycle helm should be negative charisma.
  11. Some minor grievances & problems I have encountered: On Tatooine, when being approached by the alien that reveals that Helena is in the cantina, Bastilla asks the alien if it has seen her mother before the alien has even started talking. Seems rather strange considering she is now the one who initiates conversation. Also, the cut dialogue in that conversation seems to just be different takes of the original, Bastilla asks about her mother twice now, this disrupts the flow of the conversation, and does not add a new point of view or anything relevant. On Dantooine, when the first group of Mandalorians is threatening the farmer, the Mandalorian will shoot at the iriaz and never become hostile to the player, making the Jon quest line impossible. The Iriaz should be removed from the Matale estate module, and IMO Dantooine as a whole could use a reduction in the population of Iriaz. The Hutt inside of the estate is rather silly and If I had to guess I'd say he was cut for the sake of atmosphere as he is very out of place there. On Lehon, the Sith Beastmaster is keeping Desert Wraid. I don't know how he could keep 2 apex predators the size of speeder bikes content, especially in that tiny room! This also affects gameplay as well, the beasts are too large to maneuver around in there, and can't get around the Sith or each other to attack the player. Something like kath hound or tuk'ata would make more sense to be kept as pets.
  12. Is rage meant to be lethal to the weilder?
  13. Sounds cool but I was talking about K1.