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  1. I might have Force Fashion II laying around somewhere. I'll check quick.
  2. So the idea behind this Role play is set during a time of the Knights of the Fallen Empire that was never really discussed which is when the eternal empire hit both the Republic and Sith Empire were hit by the Eternal Empire. In this RP, we'd be playing renegade Jedi and Sith who have abandoned their orders after their respective falls and try to make our way in the Galaxy. If anyone is interested please feel free to comment on it and I'll share more details.
  3. Thinking of trying to get another RP going in the Dantooine theater Company. Thinking maybe The Old Republic era.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I'm not a great writer of fiction so I won't be writing anything.  However, I do have a question. Should folks provide pictures of their characters - perhaps on the SWTOR character selection menu - for illustrative purposes?

    2. Chev


      They are more than welcome to. :)

  4. New RP has been posted in the casting call section. I hope people enjoy a mystery :)

  5. Time for a new Rp everyone! This Rp is based off an idea I had a while back but didn't have the time to do anything with. This Rp is based in an Alternate Universe where both the people of the Republic and Sith Empire woke up one morning to find the Jedi Temple on Tython completely destroyed and the Sith Academy on Korriban burnt to cinders with nothing left but scorched stone and bodies evident in both locations. In fact, in many locations across the Galaxy, it seemed as if the Jedi and Sith were struck down where they stood, in some of the most insidious ways possible: Poison, covert assassination, some even appeared to have died in accidents. No sign of any enemy forces was found in either location as well. in fact, in a rather disturbing turn of events, it seemed as if some of the Jedi at the temple and Sith at the academy had turned on one another. In the Rp you take the role as either one of the few surviving members of the Jedi or Sith, a military officer or solder in either army or even a civilian trying to figure out what happened and who brought both orders nearly to extinction. Character sheet template will be up shortly along with my own characters if we can get some interest going.
  6. Would anyone be interested in a Naruto based RP in the RP section?

  7. New Role-play hopefully going up in the RP section soon :)

    1. LDR


      I promise I'll post in the Darkness Within once the semester is over.

  8. Four Hours Later Tython Orbital Station Zarev stared at the ship outside the docking port and shook his head in disbelief. I'll give them credit. They managed to fix it up quickly. I don't know who's sick idea of a joke this is but I'm going to be having a talk with someone very soon. The Jedi had a somewhat angry expression on his face and for good reason. This ship had belonged to his deceased master and someone had been insensitive enough to rename her ship. Zarev had been her apprentice and no one had thought to clear this with him?! And what sort of name was "Redemption?! What exactly was that supposed to mean? Zarev shook his head as two technicians walked past him with confused looks on their faces. He was probably overthinking this. He walked through the hatch and a wave of sorrow and nostalgia hit him. He aimlessly walked through the ship for a few minutes as memories of the past continually overcame him. "Welcome to your new home Padawan Zarev. I am Jedi Master Beveral and this vessel will serve as your home and training center." Zarev looked up expectantly at the face of the woman who had taken him as her apprentice. If this was anything similar to the training he had undertaken on Tython it should be relatively easy. His new Master pointed at a table that had a few different pieces of foods on it. Food that smelled quite good. Zarev eagerly approached the table but stopped as Beveral's voice reached him. "I am considered a bit of an oddity among the other Jedi instructors. I like to combine lessons for lack of a better word. Like this." The food suddenly begin to lift off the table and began to float around the room without coming into contact with anything. He looked at his new master in confusion and she grinned. "You'll eat today...but you have to use the force to get at the food." Zarev narrowed his eyes. "Challenge accepted." More and more memories began to rise to the surface of his mind. Many of them much more recent. "Zarev, we've been issued a new mission. Apparently the Hutts have something the Jedi want. Looks like we're heading to Nal Hutta." "You know, for being relatively low on the Hutt Social ladder, he has impressive security." "By the force that's a really big battle droid. Get your Lightsaber ready!" "Master! No!" "I-It's alright Zarev...there is no death, there is only the force." Zarev knew that for the moment he was alone on the ship and thus no one was going to see what he was about to do. He sat down on the bench near the back of the ship and he simply let the tears fall as he began to weep.
  9. ”Let me get this straight. We’re supposed to dance straight into the lair of a Force-using, mind-controlling, dual-wielding, unaccounted entity, who either is or is connected to a missing Jedi master, and who creeps out the most seasoned undercover agents?” He took a quick breath, and continued: ”Don’t get me wrong, I’m not backing off. I simply prefer to know where I stand.” Satele shook her head. "It's not quite that simple. Those of you who are not force sensitive have come highly recommended by your superiors or have already gained our trust. We believe that you are the best suited for this mission. If you do require assistance you have the permission of the council to request any and all republic assistance in this matter. If they have any questions or problems tell them they can bring it up with us." Nar Shaddaa Space-port Gotta keep running, gotta keep going, can't let them catch me! The hooded woman ran as hard as she could as she heard the sound of blasters being fired behind her. The woman pulled her lightsaber from her belt and ignited it. She knew the lightsaber was badly damaged but she just needed to get away this one time. One more chance to escape was all she needed. The blade ignited with a high pitched whine and was barely able to deflect the numerous blaster bolts being fired at her before it flashed intermittently as the power source struggled to keep the blade active. Almost there..Almost there... The woman used what little remained of her strength to propel herself over a railing onto a ship rising from the level below her. She landed on the ship with a thud as her lightsaber's power source finally gave out. All she could do was breath heavily as the hatch next to her opened and a shocked human face stared at her in bewilderment. The woman stared back at him with despair in her eyes. She knew her bones were broken, her body was battered and bloodied. All she could do was hope this one was different. That this one had managed to stay away. "Please...Help me." She whispered as she passed out from the pain.
  10. "When was he last scene? Do we have any leads?" Satele looked up at the hologram projection and nodded. "We believe so. One of our agents on Nar Shaddaa believed she saw Voleran. Her last communication with us ended abruptly however." She turned to the left and grabbed a small handheld hologram projector and activated it so everyone could see what the council had seen. "This came in early this morning." She said simply as the figure of a woman wearing gang colors and clothes that didn't match at all. Her stance and the fierce intensity in her eyes seemed to scream "SIS". "This is Gandala Reskos with the SIS. I have an urgent message for Satele Shan on Tython, We may have found the target but he did...something. Target entered the domain of Kaburka the Hutt for unknown reasons. Shortly after he left, the entire area turned into a bloodbath. T-They turned on each other. Blasters, force-pikes, their bare hands. They slaughtered each other within minutes. Nobody is-" The distant sound of two lightsabers igniting in the background of the hologram seemed to catch Gandala's attention and the hologram's eyes widened in shock and she went for her blaster. "Calling all Agents, he's not-!" All that was heard after that was the sound of blaster fire and the sound of the twin unseen lightsabers deflecting blaster bolts. Finally the hologram cut out. Satele Shan turned off the projector and turned to look at the strike team. "We need to find him." She said quietly. "Your mission is to track down Voleran, determine if our agents on Nar Shaddaa are still alive and recover both the Data and Voleran. We Jedi are stretched to the breaking point. We've already lost many of our number in the Cold War and now that open war once again engulfs the galaxy, we need people with your skills more then ever. You've each been selected due to your past accomplishments and your skills which we believe will be useful in finding Voleran." "It means one of two things. Either he's dead, or he's turned traitor." Jaric Kaedan nodded. "We've considered that as well. But if he did turn traitor we can't figure out why. He's taught Jedi for many years, he fought against the Sith at the Battle of Coruscant and was a firm believer in the ideals and practices of the Republic. If he did turn traitor, we have no idea what his motivations were." Satele spoke up. "Whatever the case, this issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We have a shuttle waiting for you in the hanger which will take you to our orbital station. The ship should be able to seat all of you comfortably and is fully stocked." She turned to look at Flint. "What is your ETA to Tython? The sooner we recover Voleran and the data, the better."
  11. Zarev arrived at the door to the council chamber only to see a number of other individuals already there. He recognized two of them at Jedi despite not knowing them that well. Varik and another Jedi he had only seen a few times who went by the name Vesi Svari with someone who appeared to be her Master. He nodded his greetings to the others without saying a word as he stared at the door, lost in thought. Was there anyway I could have saved my Master? He wondered. Why would they already assign me a mission? Why was I chosen? Is this some sort of punishment for my failure? The door opened a moment later as a Jedi Master whom he didn't know pulled it open from the inside. Zarev could already see a few member of the Jedi Council. Jaric Kaedan, Master Oteg and...Grand Master Satele Shan?! The unknown Master ushered the group inside with a wave of his hand and Satele turned away from Master Kaedan towards the group as the door closed behind them. "I apologize for the short notice of this meeting but time is short." She said without preamble. "We've had a security breach here on Tython."