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  1. Been awhile since I had a good role play. I'll give it a shot by bringing in a character from the world that Chev and Tys would remember when I was JM12. Name: Zafir Kita Class: Warrior Occupation: Warrior monk of a subsect of the Shinigami called the Sohei Equipment: The traditional blade of the Shinigami (katana); bow Age: 27 Force abilities: None apparent. Biography: Born to parents that died defending his homeworld and the Galactic Republic, Zafir was raised within the Sohei order of the Shinigami. Trained in the basics to resist Jedi Mind tricks, he was instructed in the religious aspect of the order and was found to be proficient in xenolinguisitcs. He was the youngest to serve as an interpreter for the representatives from the Avalonian system and maintained a pleasant relationship with the Jedi Order. As a warrior, he trained in multiple fighting styles and weapons as well as the Shinigami arts of watching and protecting the Jedi Order. His preference is the traditional blade of the Shinigami order and the use of a bow. Once he tried shooting with a blaster and claimed that it was 'uncivilized' even though the shot was a headshot on the target. Zafir is six feet tall, lithe but muscular. The look most Avalonians have. Dark hair and amber eyes appear hawkish and ever observant for the smallest of details. He wears robes similar to the Jedi Order but is distinguished by the large red and gold over coat embroidered with the sigils of the Sohei order. Around his neck is a headscarf that was once his mothers and he wears the family crest pendant from his father around his neck. His blade is sheathed at his belt and the bow is strapped across his back. Occasionally, he disguises it in a staff when he needs to be more discrete. He is quiet and appears unassuming but not easily intimidated. He will take blustering like it is a compliment and respond politely. He operates from a stance that you learn a lot by what is not said as well as what is being said. He is gentle but can be fierce and show dominance if needed and a ready ear to listen to Jedi youngling woes. He enjoys sparring with the apprentices and likes an occasional challenge from a Jedi Knight or Master. When Voleran was found to be missing, Zafir took the first available ship to Tython to provide assistance. (Hope that works out.)