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  1. gerblul

    Random Screenshots

    A collection of screenshots that I hope will show off some great creations from various modders in both K1 and K2. Will be added to over time. Have also decided to include screenshots of some of my SWTOR toons. 🤗
  2. gerblul


    Thanks for the kind words jc2! 🤗
  3. gerblul

    Ajunta Tomb

    Possibly the spoopiest sith ghost there ever will be 😎
  4. Not sure if this would be relevant or helpful but the issue appears to be there for any robe model that uses the loin cloth at the front such as Council Style Robes by Darth Jaden.
  5. Yeah I've got the most current version of it installed.
  6. Oh wow I didn't actually spot that, interesting. After acting on a suspicion I had, I came to find that the file responsible for it was S_Male02.mdl which is present in JC's Slave Bastila Mod. Once I removed that it appears to have gone back to normal.
  7. Hi all recently noticed something I hadn't seen before and was wondering if someone would be able to help me to fix the problem shown in the video below. This bug also appears without any texture mods that affect jolee, if necessary I can type out my list of mods. Star Wars_ Knights of the Old Republic 11_09_2018 10_09_54 PM.mp4
  8. gerblul

    Dantooine Falls

    Yep it's his @ebmar, specifically the iconic colour variation with the head being the "Mission face without collar" which funnily enough was actually a request I made to him shortly after he had released the original version 😛. Also yes I believe it does reflect light as seen here. It's honestly my favorite party re-skin of his, really hope to see him do more stuff in the future.
    Was excited for this to be fully released and now that it has I can happily say that this will have a permanent place in my override 🤗
  9. So i grabbed all the short saber files from that mod and it works perfectly, thanks for that 😊 @A Future Pilot
  10. Hi all I was wondering if any mods for the short saber hilts for the first Kotor game exist as I haven't been able to find any, if not I'd like to put a request out there for someone to possibly make this a reality. Thanks in advance 😊
    With the minor inconveniences of the previous version of this fixed, this mod is definitely back to being a permanent addition to my game!