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  1. Really? Oh, my bad I didn't know that to be honest. I guess since we all know how many bugs KOTOR has I just assumed it was an not well thought through Section in the Game. But thank you for clarifying and proven it otherwise!
  2. That might be true, I play dark-sided and sure, the progress might not vary that much but we are talking about a whole area at the Docks I'm not able to visit just because I can't sell my Droid? I mean after I completed that Area I could easily kill Kodin to get T3 back, but I had no Idea and now I'm stuck which is totally my fault but I didn't know that at the time.
  3. Is there any way to reset Characters? I have a little trouble on Nar Shadaa where I should sell T3 to Kodin but since I threatened him, he won't talk to me any more and I can't progress in the Story of Voggas Warehouse. It's bugging me for a while and I can't find any Solution online or within the Game itself. So I decided to ask here. I already searched for Kodin in the Character Editor of the KOTOR Tool but couldn't find any Settings for that particular kind of Action. If this isn't possible it would also be fine to restart Nar Shadaa entirely since I'm not that far in and might that be possible without a previous safe? I hope my request is reasonable and the Problem somewhat fixable, Thanks a lot in advance!