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  1. Thrilled I was able to see A New Hope in the cinemas for the first time! Now I know what it was like in 1977!

    1. DarthParametric


      I imagine it was hard to see much dressed like this.


    2. Mutilator57


      The suit, social distancing and mask-wearing all just add to the viewing experience.

    3. Mellowtron11


      Wait, did you have to wear a suit too?

  2. I agree, private admonishment is the way to go. Often (though not always) it seems to be the same offenders.
  3. Equity and Trusts best subject.......said no one ever.

    Send help pls

  4. Before watching it, I thought it was overhyped too. I'll say that I was pleasantly surprised because it's definitely a classic SW experience. That said, some of the episodes were short (under 30 minutes) and there wasn't much overall plot development; it was more a collection of individual stories.
  5. So I had my first day as an instructing solicitor...


    It ends with the courthouse being quarantined due suspicion that counsel had Cornoavirus. This is the same counsel I'd just spent 30 minutes with in a conference room discussing the case. 


    What fun.

  6. Great. It's not like the Old Republic era hasn't already been butchered enough by ToR and Disney. I know a lot of fans have been clamoring for a sequel for years, but I've never seen the appeal. It'll invariably disappoint, not least due to Disney.
  7. Well what can you do after the raging dumpster fire that was TLJ? I thought it was a fair attempt considering what JJ had to work with, but rushed to hell and fanservicey at times (and not in a good way like Rogue One). At least they explained (albeit unsatisfactorily) how Rey was such a Mary Sue. Though I still think the prequels were bad, at least they set up an environment in which EU content had a strong basis to flourish. With this trilogy, I've not the slightest interest in the universe or any of the main characters.
  8. In the absence of higher-resolution textures, these are pretty good. They are a particular improvement for the random NPCs who seldom have any recent texture mods done for them.
  9. Mine's exactly the same, though if i'm playing LS then I usually switch Kashyyk and Korriban around. Why do I do the planets this way? Let's just say force of habit!
  10. That's a pretty good selection of people. Most people heap endless praise onto Revan (especially Kreia) so it's good you've got a semi-critical influence in there as well to balance things out (I'm talking about Vrook of course!). Have any of Atris' thoughts influenced your thinking too?
  11. I know you've already singled out Audible but if you create a new account with a free trial, don't you normally get a free audiobook? That's how I got Darth Plagueis.
  12. That's the general rule. Unless I'm very wrong, if you get an author's permission, it's a different story.
  13. Personally I prefer the fourth one, but I think SH's idea is really great. Might be a able to give that useless Communications Room a function in K1.
  14. Hello! Nice username btw lol
  15. I think that's a pretty unfair (not to mention unnecessarily hostile) accusation to make; I've been entirely respectful. What's more is you're wrong. I ask these questions because I'm interested in Talyn's mod, because it is so different to the norm we've been fed. We've all seen so many ideas for a K3 but this is different and I like that. We all agree that ToR was a disaster and I am entirely interested to see the direction this goes. I think it is perfectly fair to ask how the mod will jive (if at all) with what we know from the games and what's been said since. If you want to impute impure motives go right ahead, but you'd be wrong. As I've said twice now, it's his mod and he can do whatever he wants with it. In any event, I'm not here to argue. If I've upset anyone, sincerest apologies.