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    I've been a passionate SW fan for many years now (though probably not as long as some people on here!) and absolutely love the franchise, the Old Republic universe especially. If I could summarise my love for KotOR with a quote, it'd have to be 'What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them." On the other hand, everything I love about TSL is captured by Kreia's cryptic entonement - "I use it as I would use a poison and in the hopes of understanding it, I will learn the way to kill it".

    I'm an avid political junkie (almost to an excessive degree) and follow political developments in many countries, Australia, the US and the UK especially. I generally follow a libertarian (with a distinctive small-l) approach on most issues, but do personally lean towards conservative moral values. This perfectly ties in with my interest in economics (where I strongly favour laissez-faire, monetarist principles) and in law (where I subscribe to textualist and originalist theories and which I also happen to be studying as a profession). So in the (terribly unlikely!) event that you have a political query, look no further!

    When it comes down to it, I'm just your prototypical SW-loving, KotOR-playing, legal-studying, laissez-faireian Deadlystreamer!

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  1. Mutilator57

    MOD:E3 Style Dxun Masters

    With that head and voice, it's difficult not to imagine Darth Malgus!
  2. And here I thought Australia was going to change its PM for the sixth time in eight years...aren't we lucky 😕

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    2. Haveayap
    3. DarthParametric


      I'm pretty sure it will matter in the next election to the extent that the LNP get turfed out. Of course whether Albanese can resist the temptation to repeat the recent leader-knifing history mid-term remains to be seen.

    4. Mutilator57


      And whattya know, ScoMo sneaks through the middle. Having a local MP as the PM, what fun. Probably the best choice they could have made in the circumstances methinks.

  3. Mutilator57

    MOD:JC's Dense Aliens for K1

    Oh boy, you're in for a treat... But in all seriousness, yeah the rule changed very recently. See here:
  4. Mutilator57

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    I really like the overcast feel, it makes Dantooine ever more depressing without it being too over the top.
  5. Mutilator57

    Saul Karath & Carth Cutscene not activating

    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but was the cause of this issue ever discovered? I've been having this same issue and have tried all the fixes listed but am still having the issue. My mods are essentially identical to the OP's. I've gotten around it before with a simple warp, but would obviously rather identify and fix the problem. Any ideas?
  6. Mutilator57

    The Companions: Juhani

    The same Juhani portrait I used for my mod Nice touchups!
  7. Mutilator57

    Star Map Revamp

  8. Mutilator57

    Shadow of Revan

  9. Mutilator57

    Player Armors for Atris

  10. Mutilator57

    Loadscreens in Color

  11. Mutilator57

    Ebon Hawk K1 Fixes

  12. Mutilator57

    Side Opening Doors on Malachor

  13. Mutilator57

    TOR HK Skin Pack

  14. Mutilator57

    4k Atton