Star Wars: The Darkness Within

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So, back in the day I had a Role-play going back on the now defunct Lucasforums. I hope I can get some players interested in this :)


Star Wars: The Darkness Within

The Cold War is over. All out war has erupted across the Galaxy once again as the forces of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire prepare to eradicate one another once again. Jedi and Sith wage their battles across the Galaxy and the various Hutts and Criminal Syndicates have done their best to capitalize on the chaos caused by the two main warring factions. Weapons trafficking and smuggling are at an all time high. The body count on both sides rises at an alarming rate. Amongst the chaos of the Galactic War on the Jedi home-world of Tython, chaos is rapidly spreading. Master Voleran, a powerful and respected Jedi Master has vanished along with classified data. Master Satele Shan in collaboration with the Galactic Republic has called an emergency meeting of several promising Republic individuals to deal with this disaster...


Character Sheet template






Force abilities:((If applicable))


((Have fun!))


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Boy have I missed roleplaying. Glad to see it back.


Name: Varik Athzaria

Class: Jedi Sentinel

Occupation: Jedi Knight

Equipment: Two violet lightsabers; cortosis forearm sheaths (encompass the entirety of his forearms and are useful for deflecting lightsabers ); vintage red and yellow Neo-Crusader robes

Age: 26

Force abilities: Telekinesis; Force speed; basic mind tricks

Biography: A duelist at heart, Varik is a tireless swordsman who has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of swordplay. His signature style is a combination of Juyo and Jar'Kai, which results in a cacophony of blindingly fast and powerful strikes. Varik places great emphasis on strength training within his exercise routine, and it allows him to swing a lightsaber with great power using only one hand. Versatile, and always looking to gain a one-up on his opponents, Varik has training in numerous unarmed combat styles, such as various Echani martial arts, as well as Stava. Due to his focus on lightsaber combat, his abilities using the Force are not as well developed beyond a rudimentary level, and as such he primarily uses it latently during combat. Varik's obsession with knowledge relating to combat led him to seek out ancient Sith combat techniques from Tulak Hord's holocron. This had led to a very messy situation which involved a near-death experience at the Korriban academy and an attempted possession by Tulak Hord himself. This event left Varik scarred for a time.


As a person, Varik is reserved and cool-headed. He primarily keeps to himself and often spends his off-time training. He has remained in close contact with his family on Onderon despite the Jedi precedent against maintaining relationships with them. Therefore, when things get personal and involve family, Varik will act nothing but impulsively. Such an incident occurred when a Sith Master killed several of Varik's family, as well as numerous nobles, and attempted to assassinate the Onderonian king and impose himself as regent to bring the planet under Sith control. Varik responded by slaughtering both him and the entire Royal Palace guard. When it comes to making risky decisions, he has no qualms with sacrificing innocents for either the good of more people or for the advancement of his task at hand. His penchant for never attempting to save everybody in a given situation has made him unpopular to some other Jedi within the Order.


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Name:  Vesi Svari

Class:  Jedi Knight

Occupation: Jedi Consular

Equipment: One silver lightsaber, hooded silver robe with black lining, implant nodule at base of skull

Age: 20

Force abilities:((If applicable)) Telekinesis, basic mind tricks, and a rudimentary level of Force Sight

Biography: Being trained by a Miraluka Jedi Master has given Vesi the beginnings of an ability she can barely comprehend, let alone control: the power to see through the Force as well as with her earthly eyes. As such, when she does this, she can behold the inner heart of those around her, their aura, whether light, dark, or somewhere in between. Other than that, she's an ordinary Jedi, if those of her kind can be considered such. She has no unique talents with either lightsaber or Force use; rather, it's her relentless drive for knowledge that makes her stand out among her peers. One other factor distinguishes her, although she downplays it for good reason: her implant nodule. Disabled from birth, with her gross motor skills having been impaired, it took Jedi cybernetics for her to be able to ambulate "normally." Having survived several hacking attempts, whether playful or not, has made Vesi skilled in the art of digital and cybernetic manipulation. 

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Both characters are approved. One or two more and we can get this running :) I'll be posting my characters later today

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Okay, so let's see. Hopefully that works. I tried to match these to Imperial Agent specs, but they've never made too much sense to me, so I gave up and built something that does. (Also, it appears that my vocabulary is failing me. Bear with me.) I may draw a profile pic later if that's okay.


Name: Janek "Sandsnake" Steele
Class: SIS agent
Occupation: sniper/field agent
Equipment: sniper rifle (usually stashed somewhere out of the way unless needed), blaster pistol and concealed cortosis knife, black flight jacket, targeting/datalink headgear, and slicing equipment
Age: 35
Force abilities: (not applicable)
Biography: Target-oriented but untamed and easily bored, Janek has a reputation of resorting to reckless solutions... and being a general nuisance. Whether that's justified or not has never been solved: as a professional liar, he bears many faces, but does not talk about himself much - and even when he does, there's no guarantee he's telling the truth. He has a tendency to do things just to mess with people, but how much that is caused by a skewed mind and how much by a mere paranoia bred from profession is not known. He's deniably good at his job though, which is probably the only reason he still does have it.

Although Janek has echani training and is capable of defending himself, he does prefer to avoid fighting unless he is at advantage, whether that's by sniping afar, back-stabbing an unaware opponent, or most preferably, turning a security system against its masters. Fluent in deception, infiltration and assassination, he is an experienced undercover agent, spending a lot of his time on the field, working in the shadows for the Republic... when he's not suspended for taking some rogue action or an unsanctioned mission, or simply irritating important people too much.

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How can I bring back Varik and not include Kif? However, I lost my picture of him and need to make a new one.


Name: Kif Lomuta

Class: Smuggler

Occupation: Freelance smuggler/mercenary

Equipment: Rugged custom-made smuggling suit (equivalent to medium armor); Beemon Package implant; Verpine Bond gauntlets; Ol' Trusty (Zabrak Tystel Mark III heavy blaster); vibrosword

Age: 31

Force abilities: N/A

Biography: Kif is a twi'lek freelancer who frequently offers his services to the Republic. A smuggling professional, Kif specializes in finding rare and usually very illegal goods/artifacts to deliver to his clients. This occupation has caused him to become a sort of aficionado for Jedi Civil War-era memorabilia, and this is encapsulated in his primary weapon being a 300-year-old sidearm dubbed Ol' Trusty, which he insists will never, ever break.


A lover of the simpler things in life, Kif thoroughly enjoys many forms of gambling card games, food, expensive ales and women. He is also a self-proclaimed master of dejarik, much to Varik's disgruntled expense. At his heart Kif is a decent enough fellow, and to his credit has never taken any contracts from the Sith empire.

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Name: Anda Kressio

Class: Sith Assassin (Exiled)

Occupation: Gray Jedi

Equipment: Light Robes, Starforged Lightsaber Staff (Amethyst Crystal)

Age: 25

Force abilities: Advanced Mind Trick; Force Stealth; Dark Flurry

Biography: After being exiled from the Sith, Anda has been on the run. Hiding on Rishi for the first years after her exile, the thought of joining the Republic has crossed her mind on one than more occasion, however, she would rather stay independent. 
LIKES: Secrets of the Force, Honor, Mercy
DISLIKES: Titles, Killing the Weak

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Both Kif and Anda are approved. :)


Name: Zarev

Class: Jedi Shadow

Occupation: Jedi Knight

Equipment: Blue double bladed lightsaber. Comnlink

Age: 23

Force abilities: Force push, Force pull, Mind trick and ability to stun opponents using the force but it consumes quite a bit of his strength.

Biography: ((Certain aspects are to be revealed)) Zarev is newly promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight after he was barely able to survive a trap set for his master and himself by a Hutt crime syndicate with that had a prior issue with the Jed. The two Jedi were informed that the Hutts had managed to gain information on the location on a Sith Holocron which in itself was the truth but the Hutts had no intention of handing it over. Instead, they unleashed a number of beasts and guards who were on experimental stimulants on the Jedi in order to record the effects of the new stimulants and market them to possibly interested parties. Despite the overwhelming odds, the two Jedi were able to overcome the challenge and obtain the two Sith Holocrons, but Zarev's master succumbed to her wounds shortly after they escaped. Zarev has spent the last few weeks recovering in a bacta tank and has recently emerged from it, ready to help the galaxy the best he can.


Name: Avriela

Class: Sith Warrior

Occupation: Lightside Sith

Equipment: Red Lightsaber.

Age: Unknown((She claims it's the late twenties))

Force abilities: Force push, Force Pull, Force Lightning((Weaker version then used by Sith inquisitors)) Force choke

Biography: To be revealed later.

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Name:  Flint Jaegar

Gender: Male

Species: Human Cyborg

Appearance: 5'7" Muscular Build, Black Hair with grey tinges, stubble, wears pieces of republic armor on his apparel.

Class: Soldier

Occupation: Republic Mercenary 

Equipment: Cybernetics (Neural Implants,  Right Eye, Right Arm, Both Legs)
                     Custom Cybernetic Arm: built in Blaster, Data Probe, Retractable Blade
                     Cybernetic Legs, with built in jets that grant him a boost when jumping. Essentially granting him a Double Jump.
                     Custom Assault Blaster Rifle with built-in Grenade Launcher
                     Shotgun Blaster

Age: 46

Force abilities: N/A

Biography: Flint Jaegar is a gruff republic veteran who has served the republic for decades. With rumoured Mandalorian origins, he was a commando who lead units in many battles against the Sith forces. From working in the shadows in Recon and Espionage, to full-frontal assaults - Flint Jaegar has lived and experienced the horrors of war. Throughout his years of service, Flint's body has sustained a lot of damage to the point where he had to replace damaged limbs with grafted cybernetics. He should not be underestimated - he has fought and killed many Dark Jedi and other worthy opponents. He is highly resilient to Jedi Mind Tricks, thanks to his training and neural implants. Being brought back from retirement, Flint Jaegar was approached by his old commanding officer to embark on the mission to retrieve Voleran.

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Been awhile since I had a good role play. I'll give it a shot by bringing in a character from the world that Chev and Tys would remember when I was JM12.

Name: Zafir Kita

Class: Warrior

Occupation: Warrior monk of a subsect of the Shinigami called the Sohei

Equipment: The traditional blade of the Shinigami (katana); bow

Age: 27

Force abilities: None apparent. 

Biography: Born to parents that died defending his homeworld and the Galactic Republic, Zafir was raised within the Sohei order of the Shinigami. Trained in the basics to resist Jedi Mind tricks, he was instructed in the religious aspect of the order and was found to be proficient in xenolinguisitcs. He was the youngest to serve as an interpreter for the representatives from the Avalonian system and maintained a pleasant relationship with the Jedi Order. As a warrior, he trained in multiple fighting styles and weapons as well as the Shinigami arts of watching and protecting the Jedi Order. His preference is the traditional blade of the Shinigami order and the use of a bow. Once he tried shooting with a blaster and claimed that it was 'uncivilized' even though the shot was a headshot on the target. 

Zafir is six feet tall, lithe but muscular. The look most Avalonians have. Dark hair and amber eyes appear hawkish and ever observant for the smallest of details. He wears robes similar to the Jedi Order but is distinguished by the large red and gold over coat embroidered with the sigils of the Sohei order. Around his neck is a headscarf that was once his mothers and he wears the family crest pendant from his father around his neck. His blade is sheathed at his belt and the bow is strapped across his back. Occasionally, he disguises it in a staff when he needs to be more discrete. 

He is quiet and appears unassuming but not easily intimidated. He will take blustering like it is a compliment and respond politely. He operates from a stance that you learn a lot by what is not said as well as what is being said. He is gentle but can be fierce and show dominance if needed and a ready ear to listen to Jedi youngling woes. He enjoys sparring with the apprentices and likes an occasional challenge from a Jedi Knight or Master.

When Voleran was found to be missing, Zafir took the first available ship to Tython to provide assistance.


(Hope that works out.)

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