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  1. After a day and a half worth of space travel, Flint was not particular looking forward to another embarkment. He walked off the entry ramp of the freighter he was cruising along. Soon the Admiral followed, and the crew members for shore leave. Flint flung his bag over his shoulder, and holding the case containing his equipment he would use for the mission. "They will be leaving soon, so you better hurry." The Admiral spoke after a long silence of walking through the spaceport terminal. "We are already running behind." Flint grunted in acknowledgement. "Docking Bay 209... This is where we must depart..." Flint turned to his old CO and saluted. "Its good to see you again, Sir..." "At ease, Commander..." The admiral smirked. "Just come back in one piece... if you need anything, you know my old comm channel..." "Just make sure... she is safe..." Flint requested. "I'll try... Good luck, and safe journey..." Flint nodded and continued on. Within a matter of minutes, he finally arrived at the Docking Bay. Crew members were already making final preparations before lift off. Redemption was the name of the ship. He stepped aboard and entered the ship. Nobody there to greet him, at least not that he was aware of. The Jedi were probably still on their way. Flint made his way to the crew quarters and went to his assigned locker to drop off his stuff. He thought he could hear someone crying in the background, but he did not want to disturb. He was there to do a job, nothing more...
  2. General discussion for any anime you have watched recently, the same goes for any manga you have read. Me personally, I have just started catching up on Naruto Shippuden - after going on a long hiatus with it. I also started getting back into Studio Ghibli films (most recently Laputa). But in terms of anything non-generic. Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) Highschool students switching bodies, is the basic summary. But will hit you in the feelers... At least for me it did. The story undoubtly has its fair share of plot holes, but I was definitely hooked. The animation and artstyle is also superb. Sword Gai I have tried to get into this... believe me, I tried... but I just could not get passed the first two episodes. From what I gathered, the plot revolves around people with too much money finding Legendary swords with their own shady past, with a mix of senseless violence. In terms of story elements, I am drawing a lot of similarities with Berserk, Elfen Lied and most especially Fullmetal Alchemist, to put it bluntly... but keep in mind, that is JUST my observation. What slammed the final nail in the coffin for me was when one of the characters "summons a lightning sword" - instantly reminded me of the cheesiness from He-Man or Thundercats (gems from their own time period)… But with that said, I will leave this up for your own judgement. I'm probably being too harsh with this particular anime. Feel free to share your list, thoughts, recommendations or anything you're curious to watch.
  3. "What is your ETA to Tython? The sooner we recover Voleran and the data, the better." "We should be there in the next couple of hours" the Admiral interjected. "We've been traveling all the way from Tatooine... for nearly a whole day" Flint added gruffly. "But we aren't far off. We will meet you at the orbital station by the time you are ready for lift off." the Admiral continued. "Use this time to get yourselves ready. We will see you shortly." The hologram projections disintegrated, as the communication ended. Flint turned to the Admiral. "What do you think about all this, Admiral?" "Your speculation is as good as mine... something definitely does not seem right." the Admiral crossed his arms in contemplation. "but we wont know until we recover either the data or Voleran." "Do you think he has gone rogue?" "I've fought along side with Voleran during the Battle of Coruscant... its hard to imagine he would do such a thing... but its not unheard of Jedi switching sides. Even the most powerful masters of the order. But we wont know for certain until we find him..." "If he has... I will be ready for him..." Flint said coldly. He has killed many Dark Jedi before. The Admiral sighed. "We can only hope it does not come to that..."
  4. "Quite a transition, for a grizzled soldier..." an old familiar voice spoke. "Moisture farming... so not you..." Flint Jaegar turned away from the moisture vaporator he planted into the soil dug away from the coarse sand, to face his old Commanding Officer. "Admiral..." he saluted. "At ease... you aren't under my command anymore..." Jaegar lowered his mechanical arm. "You're a long way from the core worlds..." "I would not have come if it was not an urgent matter, believe me Jaegar." Jaegar lowered his head. "I don't do that sort of work anymore, Admiral...". He turned and knelt down continue tweeking with the moisture vaporator planted into the soil. As soon as the lights on the meter begun flashing, he flicked the lever and the vaporator plunged its legs into the earth to lock into place. "I knew you would say that..." the Admiral smirked. Jaegar huffed. "You came all the way out here just to hear me say that?" The Admiral walked forwards, and stopped to admire Jaegar's handy work. He followed him to the next marked spot. Farming for water was no easy task, especially on Tatooine. "I came all the way out here to make you an offer, Flint." he reached into his Jacket, and pulled out a datapad. He handed it to Flint. His prosthetic eye glowed brighter. " found her..." "We can grant you full custody, Flint. We can offer you and her a better life." "...and what if she doesn't want to see me?" he looked up at the admiral. Jaegar's prosthetic eye, although expressionless, could somehow project his grief and sorrow. "I'm offering you a second chance. The rest is up to you." The admiral stated. Jaegar hesitated... breathed a heavy sigh. Then looked back up at the Admiral with fierce determination. "What's the mission?" PRESENT DAY, TYTHON The meeting had already begun. Jaegar and the Admiral were still lightyears away from Tython. So they had to make due with the virtual presence of holograms broadcasted from their ship, to take their place during the meeting. The Jedi were already aware of this, and were very accommodating. After all, they needed all the help they could get. As soon as the meeting is adjourned, and Jaegar is briefed, then they should be able to rendezvous with the team. The admiral had already filled in some of the basic details regarding the retrieval of Master Voleran and the classified data - but there was obviously more to it than that. "I want both Voleran and our information back in one piece. Alive, not the alternative." Which was more important was the real question - was the sensitivity of such information more important than the life of a Jedi? Or the other way around? Jaegar knew from experience It cannot work both ways. "When was he last seen? Do we have any leads?" Jaegar gruffly spoke from his projection.
  5. Then another closes, if you're running off the logic from my typo 😂
  6. Name: Flint Jaegar Gender: Male Species: Human Cyborg Appearance: 5'7" Muscular Build, Black Hair with grey tinges, stubble, wears pieces of republic armor on his apparel. Class: Soldier Occupation: Republic Mercenary Equipment: Cybernetics (Neural Implants, Right Eye, Right Arm, Both Legs) Custom Cybernetic Arm: built in Blaster, Data Probe, Retractable Blade Cybernetic Legs, with built in jets that grant him a boost when jumping. Essentially granting him a Double Jump. Custom Assault Blaster Rifle with built-in Grenade Launcher Shotgun Blaster Age: 46 Force abilities: N/A Biography: Flint Jaegar is a gruff republic veteran who has served the republic for decades. With rumoured Mandalorian origins, he was a commando who lead units in many battles against the Sith forces. From working in the shadows in Recon and Espionage, to full-frontal assaults - Flint Jaegar has lived and experienced the horrors of war. Throughout his years of service, Flint's body has sustained a lot of damage to the point where he had to replace damaged limbs with grafted cybernetics. He should not be underestimated - he has fought and killed many Dark Jedi and other worthy opponents. He is highly resilient to Jedi Mind Tricks, thanks to his training and neural implants. Being brought back from retirement, Flint Jaegar was approached by his old commanding officer to embark on the mission to retrieve Voleran.
  7. Hey, hey! I used to be a member on Lucasforums, back in the day when it was still active. My old name was Phantom Knight, I was most especially active on the Dantooine Theatre Company role-play forums. Chev got in contact with me and told me about this forum. Im pretty excited to be back - its a shame the old lucasforums were shut down, but as they say: one door opens, another one opens :) Warm welcomes to those who were an old member on LF and came here, as well as everyone everyone else here :) With a mix of an active lifestyle on my end, I'll try my best to mingle here every now and then lol