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    Star Wars: The Darkness Within

    TYTHON: JEDI TEMPLE: COUNCIL CHAMBER When Master Vek and Vesi's turn in line came, Grandmaster Shan greeted them with a bow and a determined gaze. "Canitha Vek," she said, addressing the Miraluka first, "your role on this mission is one of scouting and reconnaissance." Vek gave a slight nod in reply. "However, since I've already delegated others for this purpose, it follows that your duties will be slightly different." "I'm to search for significant Force signatures, whether light or dark, and trace them to their ultimate source?" "Correct." Satele's expression turned from stone to steel. "You'll also take your apprentice with you, and if battle ensues, you will fight." Vesi leaned forward, aiming to protest once more that she was too inexperienced, but she bit her tongue just in time. Shan beckoned the young girl closer. "You, Knight Svari, shall not only be at your Master's disposal, but all mission leaders on your ship. Do as they say, no matter how humble their tasks for you. All are essential if we're going to succeed. With that said..." She lowered her voice to a whisper. "Your real role in this endeavor is not as a servant, but as a master of knowledge. Look for datapads, holocrons, archives, and any and all encrypted messages. You're rather skilled at decoding them, yes?" Vesi nodded. "Good. To others shall fall the duty of direct action, but to you the duties of knowing, learning and reflecting. You know the basics of battle, but against stronger opponents..." She trailed off. "Remember your training, and all shall be well. Go, and may the Force be with you." The Grandmaster bowed, as did the young Jedi. As Vesi left her place in line, she thought, So I'll be doing grunt work. Better than field work, especially if it involves killing, and yet... A biochemical signal from her skull implant told her it was high time for a recharge. All right, all right. Hold your bantha reins. I'm going. TYTHON: IMPLANT MAINTENANCE SERVICE STATION "You...you can't be serious." Goran Chano, great-grandson of the famous Opo Chano, stared at Vesi with startled red eyes. She nodded. "I'm leaving as soon as our leaders are ready. For where, I don't exactly know, but as a Jedi, I know how to follow orders." Chano shook his head. "I'm afraid for you. Too young, too untrained. I don't intend to offend, but I still think you should stay here." Vesi started to agree, murmuring in assent, then stiffened. "When duty calls, I serve. I may be a rookie, but I'm not an idiot." The Duros raised his palms in surrender. "No, no! Not what I meant. Let us drop the matter and see to your implant. Come here." She obeyed, sitting down, and he took up his tools and cybernetic components. He worked fast, yet his haste didn't impede his caution. He'd been working with augmentations such as hers for nearly three decades. Only in his hands did Vesi feel completely safe from attack. "Good, good. Fully recharged, and I added several layers of hardwired security to protect you on the mission. You need it." After a beat, he continued, "Also new feature: holoport. Plug a holo directly into your skull, and you'll be able to view it without the aid of a reader." Svari swiveled her head. "Incredible. Isn't that dangerous, though? What if someone or something attempted to hack me through it?" "As I said: added security, several layers. Do not discount it." Chano finished up his work. "Ready, set, go. I shall miss you." She stood up and gave him an impulsive hug. "Likewise, Goran. Don't worry. I'll come back stronger, having proven myself." I hope.
  2. Tysyacha

    Star Wars: The Darkness Within

    TYTHON: JEDI COUNCIL CHAMBER "Excuse me, Grandmaster," interjected Master Vek, "but are all of us in this chamber on the task force to find Voleran and the data? Will we all venture into unknown territory?" She looked around, eyes veiled but seeing everything and everyone. "We'll require several ships." "When I said 'task force,' I did not mean 'strike force.'" Shan narrowed her eyes. "Are you volunteering for the latter, Master Vek?" "Yes." Vesi gave a start. The Miraluka had always taught her about caution, patience, weighing assignments before accepting them. Now this? The young Jedi couldn't believe her ears. "As is my apprentice, Vesi Svari, Jedi Consular of the second rank." "Excuse me," Vesi replied, trying not to stammer, "but with all due respect, I am grossly unqualified for such a mission. As my Master said, I've only reached the second rank of Consular training. Against experienced assassins, Dark Jedi or Sith, I doubt I'll achieve victory." A beat. "Besides, I'm equipped with an implant nodule at the base of my skull that could be hacked - exploited - by our attackers. I do not decline such a duty out of insubordination, I assure you, but a desire to protect myself and others from my inexperience." She bowed deeply to Grandmaster Shan, the other Council members, and finally to her own mentor. "I'm sorry." Murmurs from the other Councilors, followed by a firm silencing gaze from the senior Jedi. "May I ask you a question, Knight Svari?" "Of course." Vesi blushed. She sensed that whatever Satele Shan had to say to her next, it would result in disciplinary action. "Was I always this experienced? At your age, with my Force and lightsaber talents, did I hold my current rank?" When Svari shook her head, the Grandmaster continued, "Nevertheless, even in my novice years, I was sent on important missions to serve this Temple - along with my superiors. I did not work alone. Neither shall you. Even if you're assigned to clean battle and reconnaissance droids, will you forsake your chance to serve? Will you fulfill your duty despite your fear? Your Master sees much that you do not, young Jedi." "I...I know." What does she see in me? On a mission of this magnitude, why send someone so weak? However, if I'm needed..." "I accept." "Good." A small smile tweaked the corners of the Grandmaster's lips. "Now, then: My fellow Councilors, I have delegated roles upon the strike force or the task force here at the Temple to each and every one of you. As for the Masters, including you, Canitha Vek, you shall report to your Council superiors each day with the progress you have made on your various assignments. Any other questions?" When silence ensued, Shan said, "Very well. This Council meeting is adjourned, and in the meantime, one by one, come and report to me." As everyone filed into line, Councilors in front, Masters behind them, and apprentices and various attaches in the rear, Vesi asked Vek: "Why?" "Why not?" Seeing as this cryptic reply did not satisfy her apprentice, the Miraluka said: "Trust me, as you always have. Now is the time to put such loyalty and devotion to the test. I'll be with you every step of the way. Let your fear subside, and let courage take its place."
  3. Tysyacha

    Star Wars: The Darkness Within

    TYTHON: JEDI TEMPLE: COUNCIL CHAMBER Security breach? Vesi blinked. Beings who possessed implant nodules in their skulls felt sheer terror, not mere concern, whenever they heard those two words. It meant the Temple had been compromised, either by hacking or Force use. Both were massively unappealing. If cyber-criminals had circumvented their sanctuary's security systems, it meant a reaming for the guards and the agents assigned to maintain them. The thing was, they'd dealt with several such attacks and had apprehended those responsible without a Council meeting. As far as the masses in the Temple were concerned - and Jedi were among them - the less public these breaches were, the better. As for Vesi herself, she'd suffered one or two cybernetic illnesses because of them, but none severe enough to take her down. Ringing in the ears, migraine headaches, and spotty vision were serious, but for one of her kind, not debilitating. A security compromise this bad, however? One that required the attention of Grandmaster Satele Shan herself? I could die, Vesi thought. I'd better see an implant tech as soon as this meeting is over, but what if the breach has nothing to do with cyberware? Even worse. We could ALL die if that's so. Hackers are one thing, but malevolent Force users - including the Sith - are another. "Remain calm," Grandmaster Shan told her audience, Jedi and ordinary members alike. "If we panic, then we yield to the perpetrators before our investigation's even started. Along with this deliberate assault on our security systems, one of our own has gone missing." Murmurs of shock. Vesi bit down on her lower lip, then released it when she saw Master Vek give her a reassuring glance. Although Miraluka were born without eyes, their subtle body language, both mundane and through the Force, was more telling than any stare. "Master Voleran," continued Shan, "has disappeared - as has a quantity of highly-classified data." "Which data?" asked Master Vek, after raising her hand and being given permission to speak. "Voleran has full access to our..." "Archives?" Shan nodded. "Indeed, although the nature and amount of such data shall also remain classified. I shall release it only to those I select for a critical recovery mission. I want both Voleran and our information back in one piece. Alive, not the alternative." Young Vesi found her head swimming, and not just because she needed a brief implant recharge.
  4. Tysyacha

    Star Wars: The Darkness Within

    TYTHON: JEDI TEMPLE Vesi Svari, gazing at her upturned palms, marveled at their bluish-gray tinge. She'd done it. For the first time in her twenty years, she had gained her first true glimpse of her surroundings - via the Force. Her mentor's voice reverberated through the stillness of deep meditation: "Well, apprentice? What do you see?" "My empty hands," Vesi replied, "prepared for service. Ready for the Light to fill them, as it is beginning to." "Of course." Jedi Master Canitha Vek offered a subtle smile. "Welcome to my present world, and your new one." The young Knight still couldn't believe it. "Is...is this real? Am I dreaming? How can I tell if..." She pinched herself. "Agh! No." "Look at me." When Vesi stalled, Master Vek repeated her command. When she obeyed, the girl staggered backward. "Too bright? It's a reflection of your admiration for me, bordering on awe. In time, you'll come to see me as I truly am: not so overwhelming." "You're joking, right? Not only are you Miraluka, but one of the most powerful Jedi in this temple. Don't deny it." "I do not, but neither do I exaggerate my abilities. Follow me." She stretched out a blinding cerulean hand and beckoned to Vesi. When she blinked, the panorama of the Force fell away, filling her environment with the countless details of mundane life. So much distraction in the waving blades of grass within the meditation grove, in the twittering of birds, in the burbling of a nearby stream. So much to lose oneself in or ignore, depending on your inclinations. As a Youngling, Vesi had done the former. Her instructors had often had to tell her to get her head out of the clouds and her feet back on solid ground. Now she strode after her Master with firm purpose. Once she realized where they were headed, however, Vesi again fell back a step. "This is the way to the Council Chamber." "Indeed. We have business here, for our leaders have summoned us. Don't be afraid, and don't hesitate. Now is the time for action."
  5. Tysyacha

    Star Wars: The Darkness Within

    Name: Vesi Svari Class: Jedi Knight Occupation: Jedi Consular Equipment: One silver lightsaber, hooded silver robe with black lining, implant nodule at base of skull Age: 20 Force abilities:((If applicable)) Telekinesis, basic mind tricks, and a rudimentary level of Force Sight Biography: Being trained by a Miraluka Jedi Master has given Vesi the beginnings of an ability she can barely comprehend, let alone control: the power to see through the Force as well as with her earthly eyes. As such, when she does this, she can behold the inner heart of those around her, their aura, whether light, dark, or somewhere in between. Other than that, she's an ordinary Jedi, if those of her kind can be considered such. She has no unique talents with either lightsaber or Force use; rather, it's her relentless drive for knowledge that makes her stand out among her peers. One other factor distinguishes her, although she downplays it for good reason: her implant nodule. Disabled from birth, with her gross motor skills having been impaired, it took Jedi cybernetics for her to be able to ambulate "normally." Having survived several hacking attempts, whether playful or not, has made Vesi skilled in the art of digital and cybernetic manipulation.