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  1. For some reason, whenever I try to port the Dantooine courtyard to Kotor 2 it usually results in the skybox, the enclave and some trees disappearing for no reason. I have no idea why this is happening, I've tried using @Thor110 Modder's Resource but to no avail. If anyone knows why this happens, please let me know lol m14aa.rar
  2. How can I add custom loadingscreen story hints to my custom modules? While it's not necessary, it's a nice touch :]
  3. Problem solved over Discord dms, conclusion: don't forget to count the characters of a texture name when using it to replace something else in a level lol
  4. Right, so, I'm trying to make a module. I cloned 401dxn, and everything related to reskinning it is more or less done, with the exception of a few things. One of those things is "fx_sand". In the module, it's basically used for the steam bits in caves and in other places. So I thought I could just rename the file in the .mdl files and make a new texture ("fx_sand" > "fx_nosand") like I did for the "fx_rain" ("fx_rain" > "fx_norain"). Oh, how wrong I was - it won't work no matter what I do. If anyone has any ideas on why that could be, I'd be grateful ^^
    This. Is. Amazing. No words. Literally. Now all I need is just a Lana PC head and I'll be the happiest person on this planet.
  5. So I got KOTOR for android the other day... Everything was ok 'till I hit the big part of Taris. Just a bit of lag, nothing else. Was totally playable. But then came Dantooine and I noticed that the river water was gone...
  6. 1. The Exile would be around their late 20s, while the Mysterious Stranger would be around their early 20s. 2. * I'd imagine a subtle british accent, not too heavy. (for the Mysterious Stranger) * The Exile would have a canadian or american accent. 3. No, not really. 4. Of course not.
  7. Name: Anda Kressio Class: Sith Assassin (Exiled) Occupation: Gray Jedi Equipment: Light Robes, Starforged Lightsaber Staff (Amethyst Crystal) Age: 25 Force abilities: Advanced Mind Trick; Force Stealth; Dark Flurry Biography: After being exiled from the Sith, Anda has been on the run. Hiding on Rishi for the first years after her exile, the thought of joining the Republic has crossed her mind on one than more occasion, however, she would rather stay independent. LIKES: Secrets of the Force, Honor, Mercy DISLIKES: Titles, Killing the Weak
  8. I've been wanting this for a while, and now that SWTOR port mods have been popping up... I decided to just request this. Basically porting over Lana Beniko's head from KOTFE. If you could port over the armor too, that would be nuts really. As long as I have Lana's head I'm happy lol. Anyone interested in making this a reality? XD (Model I'd like to be ported)
  9. Whyp

    Ebon Hawk 4K

    Looks amazing!
  10. pretty rocks
  11. I'm sorry, SH, I can't think of anything atm. Happy Birtyhday, though!