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  1. @Sith Holocron We got that official announcement
  2. @Sith Holocron Where can I find examples of where people are doing this with characters so far?
  3. https://www.pcgamer.com/knights-of-the-old-republic-remake-reportedly-in-development-at-aspyr/ Jason did confirm that Asypr is working on KOTOR remake after teasing it for a couple of months. Now just looking for the official announcement! https://www.ign.com/articles/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-remake-reportedly-coming-from-port-studio-aspyr Eurogamer has also independently reported that it is a full remake, bringing KOTOR into canon. @Sith Holocron whatcha think?
  4. So what are we thinking the Aspyr KOTOR project will be? Remake (Legends)? Reboot (Canon)? Sequel? A High Republic spiritual successor?

    1. LoneWanderer


      And I heard that the main focus of this ‘remake’ is to cut off everything that contradicts new Disney canon. So, get ready for Moraband and other exciting changes. Honestly, I’d rather see a High Republic game than reboot/continuation like in TOR.

    2. 1Leonard


      I don't really think anything about it. I'll see it when I see it, I'll play it when I'll play it. 

  5. On twitter, yes, but he is quite active on ResetEra also and has talked about it there.
  6. There are now very credible rumors that Aspyr is actually working on a KOTOR game. I'll be interested if we hear more. The rumors are being floated by Jason Schreier who is a very reputable journalist with a long history of leaks that have turned out to be true.
  7. There is one case of this actually being okay'd, albeit not by Disney/LucasArts/Bioware/Obsidian but by Bethesda. I doubt the former mentioned parties will see it the way that Bethesda does considering none of those companies have ever supported modding, but there's that. Either way, I think anyone with half a brain knew that they can send a C&D out at any moment so I'm not sure what the surprise that the developers of Apeiron acknowledge that. In the end, who cares? Really? At this point this is a dead horse getting beat. The developers obviously do not care what any of us think.
  8. I was pretty skeptical of it at first, but I've started to be impressed with their work lately. I don't think it'll make it to release though.
  9. Dudeeee that VO made my day. It's so good, a little more fast pace than his original VO but that's by far the best imitation I've heard in any mod (kotor or other games). Great job.
  10. Wow, these look great. Are you having to do a lot of editing to get them to work in KOTOR/TSL? Just wondering an idea of how much work is involved in each piece.
  11. Any big porting projects (ie: planets) going on right now?

    1. Malkior


      Funny you should ask that.. (Unfortunately, no planets in the works.. :/)

    2. 134340Goat


      There's Sithspecter's Sleheyron mod that's been ongoing for a few years. Not sure how much he's worked on it lately, though

  12. No, they are not. They were featured in the original Prima guide in place of the mining droids on Peragus. They may have been featured in other early promotional material also. Looks like they were preliminary models of the mining droids that were later replaced.
  13. There's a planet mod called [REMOVED] where everything had a horrible looking orange tint, characters and all. It used stolen music in the mod (hence why it is banned from discussion) and this is a April Fool's joke of a planet referencing that, orange character and all. Sith Holocron will swoop in at any moment and lay down the ban hammer and remove all of this and tell us A. This isn't the thread to discuss this in. B. Discussion of this mod is against the rules. It's just a matter of time. His forum senses are probably tingling away this very moment.
  14. Your's is one of the best texture mods I've seen. I know it's late, but I do hope you consider option 2 later, as well.