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Found 298 results

  1. Version 2.0


    This mod adds a new tomb to the Valley of the Dark Lords - the tomb of Azgath N'Dul. You will find it between the tombs of Ajunta Pall and Tulak Hord. A couple of robes will come out funny if you are using oldflash's Final Touch - The Chatos Robes, the Sith Lord Robes and the Robes of Azgath N'Dul. This is because of a model change that mod introduces. They won't crash your game, but they will look a bit odd. This mod adds: ten new robes, three new armours, four new weapons, two weapons I've released separately before, a new belt, a new pair of gloves and a new Force Power, not to mention many other items that can be created by the Force Transmutation Device. I've tried to keep the stats fairly balanced, but that's by my judgment. N.B.: Robes included in this mod may not be compatible with robe mods which you have installed. Please be sure to download kyrie's changes.ini fix before installing this mod (click here), and then the 2.2 patch.
  2. HEY ALL!!! Gog is having another sale. Just bought like 6 games (Including KOTOR, TSK, and Jedi Knight Series) for like $20. Think it's only for a limited time...ish. :-)
  3. Version 3.1


    HD Cockpit Skyboxes DESCRIPTION When you land the Ebon Hawk on a planet, you are able to look out of the cockpit and view the landing platform. This is achieved by a cylindrical texture. Since the vanilla textures were low res, inaccurate, and desaturated, I recreated the platforms in Maya and rendered them to look as they do in-game. The main planets, including M4-78, are all remastered in 4096x1024. I also include a version of the Nar Shaddaa cockpit texture that utilizes the Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox mod by Sharen Thrawn. Additionally, I've upscaled and retouched the outer hull of the ship as seen from the cockpit. If you need downscaled versions, the Medium Resolution option provides 2048x512 resolution skyboxes while the Low Resolution option provides 1024x256 resolution skyboxes (the size from the vanilla game). I'm also offering these textures in TPC format, which tends to be 1/4th the size and download time of the uncompressed files. INSTALLATION -Drop all of the files from the main mod folder into your override folder. -If you want the cockpit texture that uses the Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox mod, replace the EBO_Sky01.tga file with the one from the folder labeled With Nar Shaddaa Realistic Skybox. UNINSTALLATION -Delete the aforementioned files from your override folder. THANX Thanks to Photoshop, Maya, MDLOps, Gmax, KotORmax, GIMP, Blender, KotORBlender, and ESRGAN. Special Thanks to Sharen Thrawn for making the Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox mod. Please don't repost this on other sites unless as part of a mod pack (with proper credit to me)
  4. So I recently acquired the PC version of TSL and finally got around to trying to install it. Note the key word: Trying. I run into this "feature transfer error" every bloody time, always at the same part. I have tried setting setup.exe to XP SP2 compatibility and "Run as administrator" as per the "Get the games working on Vista/7" guide. No dice. Any idea what the heck gives and how to fix or work around it? EDIT: Since posting this, I have tried Googling solutions for this sort of error. I have been unable to properly attempt the #1 suggested approach, using Microsoft's Install/Uninstall troubleshooter, because it relies on Scripted Diagnostics Native Host - which is non-functional on my PC and refuses to be fixed. I have tried running SFC, I have tried running CHKDSK, I have tried a clean boot... none of them fixed it. And so the Microsoft troubleshooter is completely useless to me. Is there a freeware 3P program that can do the same job? Running SFC also did not fix the install issue with TSL Nor did using CCleaner to repair the registry. I have not yet attempted: * Disabling security software * Installing TSL after a clean boot. EDIT 2: I have just tried both of the above, no dice. Does anyone have any advice for me? Is it maybe possible to manually unpack the game from the disks directly? Am I better off just giving up and using my dad's ancient Windows XP laptop?
  5. TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals. This blasted sidequest is officially my arch-nemesis. I had hoped that TSLRCM would fix this buggy trainwreck of a sidequest that's practically luck-based to make work right in vanilla. But no, even with the RCM it breaks. Screw Obsidian's useless sloppy incompetent bozo programmers, and screw the LucasArts exec who insisted on rushing the smegging game out. 😡 They never appeared in the Dock Module after I told Dol Gren I'd seen them in the Czerka office, no matter what I took care of. And now I'm at the point where I can take the shuttle down to the Restoration Zone. Lovely... What's the order of operations to make this work while helping the Ithorians? If there isn't actually one, what do I need to tinker with in KSE to make this damn quest work? Okay, they spawned in the restoration zone anyway... Am I just imagining that the docks encounter was supposed to be a thing?
  6. Version 2.2


    Authors: Kainzorus Prime, Darth DeadMan, Fair Strides Mod Name: [TSL] Clone Wars Armor Pack ************************* Under NO circumstances is this, or any of my other, mod(s) to be posted on ANY site other than by myself. ************************* 1. Info =========== This mod will add variety of clone armors and two variants of DC-15 rifle to your game. You can either get them from the corpse of a Republic Trooper corpse aboard the Harbinger, or use the console commands. 2. Installation: ========= Run the TSL Patcher and sit back, the installer will handle everything, including compatibility with other mods. 3. Usage ========= All armors, ten DC-15A and ten DC-15S rifles can be found on a Republic Trooper corpse aboard the Harbinger, marked “Republic Quartermaster Corpse”, found in the Crew Quarters. Item codes are as follows: clone_clean - Clean Episode III Armor clone_dirty - Weathered Episode III Armor clone_blue - 501st Legion Armor clone_red - Shocktrooper Armor clone_green - 442nd Siege Battalion Armor clone_yellow - 212th Attack Battalion Armor clone_grey - 41st Elite Legion Armor clone_star - 327th Star Corps Armor clone_neyo - 91st Reconnaissance Corps Armor clone_shadow - Shadowtrooper Armor clone_para - Paratrooper Armor clone_marine - Galactic Marine Armor clone_gree - Commander Gree’s Armor clone_cody - Commander Cody’s Armor clone_bacara - Commander Bacara’s Armor clone_bly - Commander Bly’s Armor clone_deviss - Captain Deviss’s Armor clone_commando - Commando Armor clone_boss - Delta-38’s Armor clone_sev - Delta 07’s Armor clone_fixer - Delta 40’s Armor clone_scorch - Delta 62’s Armor clone_classic - Clean Episode II Armor clone_captain - Clone Captain Armor clone_commander - Clone Commander Armor clone_sergeant - Clone Sergeant Armor clone_lieutenant - Clone Lieutenant Armor arc_basic - ARC Trooper Armor arc_red - ARC Captain Armor arc_blue - ARC Lieutenant Armor arc_yellow - ARC Commander Armor dc_15a - DC-15A Blaster Rifle dc_15s - DC-15S Blaster Carbine 4. Credits: =========== Special thanks to: MarcusLeCoy - Original 501st Legion texture. Dark_Cuillere - Original Commander Cody texture. Ruku - Most of original Episode III Clone textures. Pahricida - Original DC-15A model and textures. SoM3 - Original DC-15s model and textures. Holowan Laboratories - For all the great resources. 5. DISCLAIMER: =============== This Mod is not supported by LucasArts, Bioware or Obsidian. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. Copyright: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Bioware and the Odyssey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp. Obsidian are trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
  7. Version 1.0


    Author: Kainzorus Prime Mod Name: Peragus Galaxy Map Change ************************* Under NO circumstances is this, or any of my other, mod(s) to be posted on ANY site other than by myself. ************************* 1. Info =========== This mod introduces a very simple change to one of those little things that are there just to be annoying. The galaxy map on the Ebon Hawk displays both the planet icon and the model for Peragus II as a random brown ball. Which looks nothing like the planet you can see during the prologue or while on the outside of the facility. This mod fixes these two through texture changes. 2. Instalation: ========= Place the files in the Override folder. 3. Usage ========= The mod will replace the textures as soon as they're in the Override. 4. REMOVAL: =========== Remove the files from the OVerride folder. 5. Credits: =========== Special thanks to: Holowan Laboratories - For all the great resources. 6. DISCLAIMER: =============== This Mod is not supported by LucasArts, Bioware or Obsidian. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. Copyright: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Bioware and the Odyysey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp. Obsidian are trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
  8. Version 1.1.1


    This is an HD reskin of our favorite smuggler, Atton! The texture for his body is now 2048x2048, and utilizes hand-drawn edges and photographed textures. I consistently checked my work against a 3D model to ensure there were no texture seams. I even added an environment map to allow Atton's buckles/buttons to shine. I made sure to remain as faithful to the original texture as possible while adding a few details of my own. INSTALLATION Drop the .tga and .txi files into the Override directory of you SWKotOR2 installation folder. THANX Thanks to at ( and Mod made by tjsase using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Autodesk Maya 2016 Student Version
  9. Version v2.5


    About This File Knights Of The Old Republic II: [THE SITH LORDS] ================================================ Author: MetaBee Name: K2 Improved Gameplay Mod v2.5 Description: This mod aims to improve the game play, as well as to fix incorrect parameters within certain 2da file rows. For example, the saving throws of all the Prestige Classes are actually incorrect, or either unfinished. This mod will fix that. It also aims to balance out combat, influence - skills ect. This mod makes it possible, to now reach higher LvL's in the game before you finish. Its possible to reach LvL 40 now, and maybe 50," Provided one does all bonus quests as well as take all advantages off XP opportunities. In the OG game, even if you do so, you will only make it to 30 -32 "Without Exploiting". Bearing in mind i'm including TSLRCM. How does this work ? Simple, you will accumulate more XP from killing hostiles, as well as require less XP to Lvl up. The balance to this, is that your enemies will now be stronger, have more HP, and will be overall better to combat with. Note: Lvl's will appear to be fast, especially in the beginning - however a grand total of 880 000 XP is Required to reach Lvl 50. For more details, see ReadMeDetails.txt located in the mod. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I highly recommend getting Stoffe's Improved Ai Mod, In conjunction With My Mod. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compatible: This Mod, is compatible with TSLRCM 1.8.5 Incompatible: With any files that conflicts with these files. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Install: Run the Tslpatcher, and point it to your Knights of The Old Republic II Games Directory. Uninstall: Simply delete the files, and copy the backup files to where they were. "For specific instructions, please refer to the ReadMeInstall.txt - that comes with the mod" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs: None known, let me know if you encounter any. Permission: This mod is not permitted to be uploaded, other than by the author. Credits: *Deadlystream *Modders for Tools Needed. *All Kotor 1 & Tsl Participants
  10. View File KotOR Items in TSL It always bothered me that TSL changes textures and stats of weapons from KotOR. I have restored most ranged weapons and some armors. I will try to change more. Put the .uti files in your Override folder to have these items back. Submitter Neville Submitted 05/04/2021 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  11. Version 1.0


    Author: Kainzorus Prime, Darth DeadMan Mod Name: TSL Prequel Robes Replacement 1.0 ************************* Under NO circumstances is this, or any of my other, mod(s) to be posted on ANY site other than by myself. ************************* 1. Info =========== This mod replaces the Padawan-type robes with the styles seen in Episode I-III. Includes new icons. 2. Installation: ========= Copy the files from the Main Mod folder into the Override. Overwrite all if prompted. Install optional components from specified folders into the Override as you want. 3. Credits: =========== Special thanks to: Holowan Laboratories - For all the great resources. 4. DISCLAIMER: =============== This Mod is not supported by LucasArts, Bioware or Obsidian. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. Copyright: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Bioware and the Odyssey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp. Obsidian are trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is both a mod in itself, and a resource for modders to use. It allows data from KotOR 1 to be imported into TSL. It is extensible, so modders can very easily map variable values from KotOR 1 to KotOR 2 without any scripting required. There are several reasons why it might be useful to allow TSL to load data from a KotOR 1 save. The obvious example of where this would be useful is at the start of TSL when talking to Atton for the first time (where the player's choices determine what the game believes happened in the first game). It would be better if the game were aware of this without asking the player directly. Ideally, this would be TSL itself reading a KotOR 1 save, but for several reasons this is not feasible. Modders might also want to create new content which bridges between KotOR 1 and KotOR 2. For example, a mod which extends the KotOR/TSL storyline might benefit from knowing decisions that the player made in both games. Alongside the app (app.exe) is a folder called "requirements". This contains a yaml file "revan.yaml", which is an example of how you can dynamically tell the save importer which variables to import from KotOR 1, what variables to assign them to, and how to map the variables across. You can optionally install the file "101atton.dlg", which will change the initial conversation with Atton to no longer ask the player for information about KotOR 1 (because the game already knows this information, since you imported the data directly from your KotOR 1 save). IMPORTANT NOTES - You need to have a KotOR save which is far enough into the game that the ending has been determined. A save during the final battle of the game should be sufficient for this. If you don't have such a save, the variable "G_FinalChoice" can be manually set it in the GUI interface to the appropriate value (0 for LS ending, 1 for DS ending). - You can set/change variables within the tool using the GUI. - The mod was tested with TSLRCM; I make no guarantees about whether it would work without it. COMPATIBILITY This mod is compatible with TSLRCM. This mod changes the script "k_kreia_spawn", and (optionally) the DLG 101atton.dlg, and therefore should be compatible with any mod that does not change either of these scripts (except for TSLRCM, whose changes are incorporated into our files). Please ensure you install TSLRCM before installing this mod. INSTALLATION Please ensure you install TSLRCM before installing this mod. To use this tool, please follow these instructions: 1. Extract the compressed files, and run the executable "app.exe". 2. If you want to automatically import data from a KotOR 1 save, press the button "Load from KotOR 1 save". This will open a file selection box; navigate to the KotOR 1 save you wish to load from (it should be a folder). Select the folder and press "Select Folder". You can also manually edit/change the values in the GUI to your liking. Pressing "Create without KotOR 1 save" resets all values to their defaults. 3. Once you've imported and/or set the values to your liking, press "Write Script". The tool will then generate a file "k_kreia_spawn.ncs" in the folder alongside "app.exe". 4. Copy the file "k_kreia_spawn.ncs" into your TSL overrides folder. If you want to include the Atton dialog changes as well, copy the DLG file "101atton.dlg" into the TSL overrides folder too. UNINSTALLATION Delete the files "k_kreia_spawn.ncs", and "101atton.dlg" (if you installed it), from your overrides folder. INCLUSION IN OTHER MODS Anyone who wants to use this in their mod is free to do so, with appropriate attribution. CREDITS This mod is created by me (lachjames), Thor110, and VarsityPuppet. Thanks for VarsityPuppet for the idea for this tool, and our discussions on its implementation. Thanks also to Thor110 for his great advice and assistance with editing the DLG files (which I've never done before as I'm new to KOTOR modding). Thanks to the Xoreos team for allowing us to include xoreos-tools with this mod. We use the unerf and gff2xml tools from xoreos-tools to read data from KotOR 1 saves. Xoreos-tools is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3; more information can be found here. Thanks also to Fred Tetra for creating the KotOR version of nwnnsscomp.exe, which is also used in this tool for compilation.
  13. Greetings, I'd like to share with you the project I've been working on since summer 2020. Some of you may already have heard of it, as the development was public from the beginning. reone is an open source reimplementation of the KotOR engine, similar to xoreos and KotOR.js, but with a number of key differences. It is developed with extensibility in mind, meaning that modding capabilities it aims to provide are on a whole other level compared to the vanilla engine. For example, the graphics have already been significantly improved with the addition of physically based rendering. Current state of the project is such that the most fundamental engine subsystems are either complete or at least partially implemented, i.e. resource management, rendering, audio, GUI, scripting, conversations, combat and more. Given the current pace of development, I intend to finish the project by the end of 2021. My short term goal is to make the first Endar Spire module fully completable - a milestone, that will hoperfully bring more attention to the engine. Technologically, reone is a custom engine based on SDL 2 and OpenGL 3.3, written in C++14. This alone makes it highly portable - reone is believed to be working on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Some background on myself: I'm a professional software developer from Russia and a prior contibutor to the xoreos project, responsible for most of its recent progress on KotOR. Links: GitHub Page Project Roadmap YouTube Channel
  14. Version 1.1


    A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic II The Sith Lords Author: N-DReW25 Release Date: 19.03.2017 Release Date 1.1: 7.09.2017 Installation: Double Click the TSLPatcher.exe and let it do its magic Uninstallation: Remove or Delete all the files with the "e_imp1_01.uti" all the way to "e_imp4_10.uti" (There are at least 30 of those so they aren't listed here) When the TSLPatcher installs the mod correctly it generates a backups folder within the Implant Feat Restoration folder that contains the TSLPatcher. Open the backups folder and copy the "baseitems.2da" and "feat.2da" to the override folder overriding the Implant Feat Restoration files If you have any problems be sure to contact me for support Description: Kotor 2 is known for a ton of cut content. The TSLRCM restores most of that content but there were some they left behind due to it being not restorable or not necessary. However if you have sharp eyes you might notice the Implant Feat is unavailable. This is likely intentional by Obsidian as the Implants in game require a certain level of constitution in order to use them. This is all well and good until you realize you will have to abandon other stats completely for constitution in order to get good implants. This mod changes it so that you now require a certain implant feat to wear certain implants. There are three tiers of implants so 3 to 5 level ups should be enough to get max implants whereas before you'd need at least 6 to 11 to get max implants Currently, only Hanhar and Mira have the feats. If you want your main character to have the feats you must give it to them on the level up screen (Since you cannot play as a scout you cannot get implants for free) Also, ALL implants will require this new feat instead of the constitution. This means there is a low chance of an NPC having no implant since it doesn't have the new feat and cannot use it's implant. This is mostly a good thing as it will make the enemy slightly easier Known Bugs: this mod shouldn't have bugs but if there is Just PM me on Deadlystream. Incompatibilities: The TSLPatcher will make it compatible with nearly any mod...but if you do find an incompatible mod please alert me so I can put it in the readme Incompatible with Sireyn's Kotor 2 Implant Rebalance Permissions: Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use it in your own mods without my permission Thanks: Bioware for such an amazing game, Stoffee for TSLPatcher, Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool, Fair Strides for helping me get the Feat to appear on the character creation screen and everyone who downloads the mod. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
  15. tjsase

    HD HK Upscale

    Version 1.0.1


    DESCRIPTION This is an HD reskin of our fierce assassin droid HK-47, as well as HK-50 and HK-51. Their textures are now each 2048x2048, each manually-upscaled and incorporating downloaded textures. I constantly checked my work against the 3D model to ensure there were no texture seams. I even added an environment map to enhance the look of the brushed metal. I made sure to remain as faithful to the original texture as possible while adding a few details of my own. If you're looking for an HD reskin for the KotOR I version of HK-47, check out "Quanons HK-47 Reskin" ( INSTALLATION Run TSLPatcher.exe. UNINSTALLATION Move the files from the newly created "backup" folder to the KotORII "override" folder. THANKS Thanks to GIMP,, Blender, KotORTool, KotORBlender, mdlops, and the KotOR Savegame editor. Mod by tjsase. Feel free to include this mod in modpacks so long as you credit me and link back to the original download page.
  16. jc2

    Train The Disciple

    Version 1.0.0


    Train the Disciple By jc2 Atton can be trained to use the force forms and lightsaber techniques that the PC learns on his/her journey, however, the Disciple cannot. At a loss for why this would not be, jc2 has undertaken an effort to rebalance this issue. Keeping in mind the sister mod, Train the Handmaiden, which set out in 2017, nearly 2 years prior to address the same issue for the Handmaiden, jc2 has come full circle. Therefore, it is the entire effort of this mod to allow the PC to train the Disciple in all 7 of the lightsaber forms, four force forms, and three force techniques. Lightsaber techniques: Ataru Form -Juyo Form - Shii Cho Form - Soresu Form - Makashi Form - Niman Form - Shien Form Force forms: Force Potency Form- Force Mastery Form -Force Focus Form - Force Affinity Force techniques: Breath Control - Beast Trick -- Force Sight The PC must have learned these techniques in order to train the Disciple on them. Incompatibilities: None so far. Compatible with Party Swap & any mod that edits disciple.dlg, because Train the Disciple does not edit disciple.dlg in any way. Files used: jc2_coms.uti, deadmerc_cont.utp (Dantooine corpses within Enclave next to Statue), jc2_disciple.dlg, spells.2da & globalcat.2da (correctly patched with tslpatcher). Installation: Run Tslpatcher See Readme for further details and information, before installing. Credits: Sith Holocron for VO splicing Deadlystream for hosting & Tyvokka for hosting deadlystream! ZYBL2 for quick explanation of lips files stoffe for the tslpatcher Jesus the Christ Feedback is always appreciated, regardless of its nature. I hope you enjoy!
  17. jc2

    Train The Handmaiden

    Version 2.0


    One of the great things about TSLRCM is that the Exile can teach the party all of the forms that they learn from the Jedi masters. You could teach Atton, Mira, Visas, Bao-Dur, and Disciple all the forms and techniques you learn… wait, shouldn’t Handmaiden be on the list? She ought to be in the first place when she becomes a Jedi! However, there wasn’t any scripting or VO available for the Handmaiden to be trained in the games files nor was there ever an alternate solution. Well, after some script writing and some VO splicing by jc2, you can now teach Handmaiden all the forms just like you could for your other companions! This mod can be installed easily at any time during your playthrough and will take effect when Handmaiden becomes a Jedi. Enjoy!- Mellowtron11 Installation: Run tslpatcher **NOTE** PartySwap by DarthTyren is compatible & Leilukin's Handmaiden Fem Romance & are any other mods that edit handmaiden.dlg Compatible with TSLRCM Incompatible with anything that edits "262bdcg.dlg" see readme for workaround if necessary. If you receive these 2 errors, nothing is wrong. And the installer will continue to patch these 2das as needed. These two errors simply mean that the installer does not need to place these two files in the override folder because they are already there, and will continue patching them correctly. This was put in place in th e unlikely event that your override did not have these two files already within. • Warning: A file named globalcat.2da already exists in the override folder. Skipping file... • Warning: A file named spells.2da already exists in the override folder. Skipping file... See readme for details on how to use. Any feedback, regardless of its nature, is appreciated!
  18. Version 2.0.0


    This mod replaces the static computer panel placeables [PLC_comPanel] that found throughout the game; such as one in the Bumani's, Medical Unit, and Czerka's [on Telos] with the animated ones. -= BACKGROUND =- It was Sith Holocron's request about his least favorite texture in KotOR2/TSL that makes me work on this mod. But as time goes by curiosity on trying to improve it haunts me, by doing more and looking much better -- hence the born of v2.0.0. On this [as well as the previous one] I have him to help on making the panel screen, hence the sweet result of a movie-like looking ones. You should check out his blog from where the inspiration comes -- And then with DarthParametric's handy-hands the panel now have a new symmetrical frame, some 3D buttons, also few TOR-ported bits on the screen. Not stopping there, it now have a new panel board decals -- a copied work from Frank Diorio's downloadable decals [then niubniubsuniverse-dot-com]. -= ABOUT THIS MOD =- Inside this mod are 2 version; transparent screen and a solid-non-transparent version. Preview: Transparent Solid Specifics: New panel frame trimesh made by @DarthParametric New 3D buttons trimesh made by DarthParametric Panel screen bitmap made by @Sith Holocron Panel board bitmap made by Frank Diorio TOR ported animated bits redistributed by DarthParametric Tools mostly worked on to -- KOTORmax [gmax] by bead-v / Aurora MDL [N++] by Symmetric The panel texture currently still in vanilla scheme [based on stock PLC_comPanel], albeit upscaled to x1024 from x256 using PS'. -= KNOWN ISSUES =- With transparent version, some objects will become invisible behind the screen; such as traffics seen from Medical Unit and lightsaber as well with the hilt. There's a workaround for the traffics, but that's beyond the scope of this mod so they're something to live with at the moment. Nothing that I know of though for the lightsabers. -= FINAL REMARKS =- There's always room for improvements; reviews, critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and feedbacks are much appreciated. PM me here, write them on my feed or leave any on the mod's page as you please. And thank you! for downloading, and using this mod. Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do! -= INSTALLATION =- Run the installer and choose INSTALL option. Pick one you choose -- then hit the [Install Mod ->] button! -= UNINSTALLATION =- Choose the UNINSTALL option in the installation menu For a clean uninstallation, remove these files from the Override after proceeding with the main procedure -- eb_plc_commpane1/2.MDL eb_plc_commpane1/2.MDX eb_plc_commpane1/2.PWK eb_companel_btns.TPC eb_companel_pnel.TPC eb_companel_wave.TPC sheb_compnl_scrn.TPC -= COMPATIBILITY =- Not compatible with mods that hard-overwrites placeables.2DA Not compatible with mods that alter the modelname and label setup for RowIndex 292 in placeables.2DA Not compatible with mods which happened to have the same name with the MDL, MDX, PWK, and TPC-s that included with this mod -= REDISTRIBUTION =- Do not redistribute this mod or re-release it on any websites. I'd love to provide direct support to my work, which wouldn't be possible if they're scattered in the Unknown Regions. If you are to re-use an assets to a project you will be releasing, please be kindly to ask for permission first - that way I know what's up, and if it's interesting enough I might offer to be involved, lol. Or at least we'll talk. Cheers! -= CREDITS =- The Almighty Force Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts for The Sith Lords Frank Diorio as the creator of panel board bitmap Sith Holocron for feedbacks, ideas and the panel screen DarthParametric for past-present knowledge, his creation that I took learn from, and particularly with this project -- the panel frame, 3D buttons as well the TOR-ported bits [and both endless technical-to-non assistance which makes this mod possible] JCarter426 and Inyri Forge for all their awesome work that I look up to - I learned a lot from their mods and been practicing a lot using their method Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool bead-v for KOTORmax and MDLedit Symmetric for Aurora MDL ndix UR for tga2tpc and tpcview stoffe for TSL Patcher and Fair Strides for the updates VarsityPuppet for 2DA Editor All Tool Makers wasn't mentioned - can't make it without y'all! All streamers on DeadlyStream All modders either active or inactive DeadlyStream for being a home -- a place to hangout, to discuss and hosting my work DeadlyStream staffs for tirelessly improving and maintaining the site DeadlyStream's #modding [Discord] channel that particularly essential for this project -eb
  19. Would anyone be able to "restore" the Krayt Dragon pearls to Kotor 2? I've always been a fan of the lore behind them and appreciate the RP aspect of their use in Lightsabers. I had the idea of one being in the Twi'lek explorer's inventory on Dantooine. It could be looted off his corpse if he is killed, or he might give it to you as a gesture of kindness if you mention his force connection. He does use the same Twi'lek model as Komad, so it would be a nice touch there. Alternatively, the second Pearl could be in one of the containers in Vogga the Hutt's stash. Both as a nod to Tatooine and as a reasonable treasure a Hutt might keep. It would be interesting if Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force could be restored too, as power crystals instead of color crystals. But I am unsure how doable that would be.
  20. So, I decided to re-play Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords the other day and realized that I could now play the game with the grass enabled -- before I would get the common problem I think has to do with ATI (AMD) graphics cards and the game being OpenGL; FYI: I think the latest ATI drivers have finally gotten around to fixing this. I thought, cool, I can now play all those outdoor areas (like Telos) with grass enabled as without it they kind of sucked. Then I realised that they still kind of sucked because the grass textures are so crap -- well, the game is rather old to be fair. So, I re-textured them to something better. Then I had to re-texture the ground texture to match, which also meant re-texturing all the ground textures along with the cliff area walls as well. I was happy and played on, that is until I got to the old underground military base and I thought, I think I can do better with some effort. So, I redid those as well. Then I went back and started work on Telos station as well, as some of the textures are shared between the two -- actually, a lot of the textures are used all over the place which makes it a bit tricky. I still have much yet to do in order to complete the Telos set: I need to redo much of the signage along with recreate the animated textures. Work more on the skyboxes. Still need to do the Telos Polar area. The outside areas of the station you see through the windows I still have yet to do. Various textures aren't part of the Telos set but appear to be from elsewhere -- like the trees and grass on the station which I think are from Dantooine. So in order for them to be completed for Telos it means doing part of the outdoors for Dantooine. I think I can still improve the trees some via textures Anyway, I thought once I was done with Telos -- as much as you can be without editing models and such -- that I would upload it as a teaser of a much larger project to retexture (remaster really) all the environment textures for the game followed by everything else. As in props, droids, creatures, character faces, weapons, armor and robes, equip objects, effects, and anything else I've forgotten. It's a lot of work but the upside is that I am not recreating all the textures from scratch. 90% are reworked textures that have been enlarged and then a special-sauce in way of a combo of filters and layers utilised in order to enhance them. It's only around 10% of the textures that end up having to be tweaked in some way -- like floor tiles -- or made from scratch -- some of the signage will definitely be. So, it shouldn't end up taking me years of my time to complete. Anyhow, here are some teaser screens...
  21. Version 1.0


    Author: Kainzorus Prime Mod Name: Enhanced Lightning - Sith Edition ************************* Under NO circumstances is this, or any of my other, mod(s) to be posted on ANY site other than by myself. ************************* 1. Info =========== This mod is a reskin of TriggerGod's high quality lightning effect, given a more purple hue to match Sith lightning used by Emperor, Kyle Katarn and Starkiller. 2. Instalation: ========= Unpack the contents to Override folder. The mod works for both K1 and TSL. 3. Usage ========= Use the bloody lightning power, watch the fireworks. 4. Credits: =========== Special thanks to: TriggerGod - who made the original Enhanced Lightning mod. 5. DISCLAIMER: =============== This Mod is not supported by LucasArts, Bioware or Obsidian. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. Copyright: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Bioware and the Odyysey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp. Obsidian are trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
  22. Version 1.0


    Hey everyone this is the first mod that I have ever made so I hope y'all like it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Prestige Class Bundles" is a mod that adds in 6 bundles unique to the 6 Prestige Classes, each bundle consisting of a custom robes and color crystal that is unique to that prestige. In order to get this bundle, once you have gained your prestige class with Kreia you may exit and re-enter the Ebon Hawk to trigger a dialog pop-up, the rest you will have to figure out for yourself! Enjoy!!! My mod includes the following items accessible by the player: ~ 6 New Robes ~ 6 New Color Crystals (+1 that is only accessible by cheats) Installation: ~ Simply Run the TSLPatcher and voila!! Manual Install: ~ Extract the folder to the desktop, locate the tslpatchdata folder, copy all items items (EXCEPT changes.ini and info.rtf) to the override folder. Uninstallation: ~ Locate your override folder and delete the files that you copied in when you installed! If you want to cheat in any of the items here are all of the codes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ninko_robe01 ninko_robe02 ninko_robe03 ninko_robe04 ninko_robe05 ninko_robe06 u_l_colo_99 u_l_colo_98 u_l_colo_97 u_l_colo_96 u_l_colo_95 u_l_colo_94 g_w_lghtsbr_99 g_w_lghtsbr_98 g_w_lghtsbr_97 g_w_lghtsbr_96 g_w_lghtsbr_95 g_w_lghtsbr_94 g_w_dblsbr_099 g_w_dblsbr_098 g_w_dblsbr_097 g_w_dblsbr_096 g_w_dblsbr_095 g_w_dblsbr_094 g_w_shortsbr_99 g_w_shortsbr_98 g_w_shortsbr_97 g_w_shortsbr_96 g_w_shortsbr_95 g_w_shortsbr_94 And for the crystal that is currently only available by cheats: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ u_l_colo_69 g_w_lghtsbr_69 g_w_dblsbr_069 g_w_shortsbr_69 Credits: ~~~~~~ Special Thanks to FairStrides for helping with the scripting for my mod!! Appreciate it heaps and it wouldn't have been a mod without his help! Thanks to VarsityPuppet for some texture help! Thanks to Rece for his tutorial on Animated Textures! Also thanks to anyone that has helped me along the way that hasn't been mentioned!!!! THIS MOD IS NOT SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS OR BIOWARE. USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK. NEITHER THE AUTHOR OF THIS MOD NOR THE COMPANIES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER WHEN USING THIS FILE.
  23. Hey guys! I'm brand new to modding. As in "first day of pre-school" new. I downloaded some modding tools from here and started playing around with them, primarily KotOR Tool. I've even made some tiny mods for TSL that actually work in the game. Where I'm seeking help is with quests that end with rewards or loot. For example - on Dantooine, when you alter the will of the dead salvager and turn it in to Zherron, you're rewarded some random items. How would I go about modifying what items a quest like that rewards the player? Is it a scripting issue? Is there a specific file I need to track down? I'd appreciate any advice or even a link if this has been covered somewhere else on the forum. Thanks!
  24. 2,917 downloads

    While I'm loving TSLRCM, I have to admit (with pangs of sadness) that all the restored robes makes it kinda-sorta impossible for me to make this a total conversion, like previous versions. So the compromise is this; a fully tested TSLRCM version of my robe mod that only replaces the model/textures/icons for the movie style robe. Which means that this only replaces about a third of robes that you can get in the restored version of the game. However, since I'd really rather not guess at which textures people liked and try to include those, I'm adding all the textures from version 3.0 as an optional download (labelled: FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY). You're absolutely free to use these however you'd like FOR MODS THAT ARE NEVER RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. These robes are a collaboration by a handful of modders, therefore you'd not only need my permission but their's and I'm not even sure who's around or isn't. So feel free to do whatever, so long as "whatever" never leaves your Override folder. Also, I zipped these up out of a bastardized version of my own personal version of the mod, therefore some reverse engineering may be necessary to make heads or tails of what's included. If you have GIMP, Photoshop, etc it shouldn't take you too long to figure out what's what. ______________________________________________________________________________ To install: Extract Achilles Robe Mod for TSLRCM to your override folder. This is texture replacement, so a new game is not required. To uninstall: Remove said folder from Override ______________________________________________________________________________ Thanks again to Darth Moeller and svösh for their contributions and to Fred Tetra and TK102 for the tools that made this possible. Original thread that discusses v3 (pre-TSLRCM) of this mod can be found here: Additional screenshots can be found in the first post. EDIT: Apparently this site doesn't allow multiple uploads (even thought the tool lets you), therefore anyone who has downloaded this previously only got the optional files. I've combined the two and extend my apologies for the 6mb download for those of you that only wanted the base mod.
  25. View File TSL Weapon modification icons I am publishing the work of a Russian colleague. Icons for kotor 2. Great job. Perhaps I couldn't have done better. All permissions received. Enjoy. By TFT To Install 1. Download: TSL Weapon modification icons.rar 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love. Submitter Dark Hope Submitted 02/12/2021 Category Media