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The opening act of The Sith Lords gets a bad rap. It's actually very atmospheric and gives a great introduction to the themes of the game (especially if you install a skin like A Darker Peragus). It only has one real problem: it's too long and repetitive. Especially since TSL rewards replaying to try different paths, it can be a chore to get through at the beginning of a new game.

This cuts out about a quarter of the length without sacrificing any plot points, by removing a large section that doesn't reveal anything new, and changing some frustrating level design decisions that add delays and backtracking without adding meaningful choices. This should give new players a better opening experience to the game, as well as letting experienced players get through the first segment faster.

I recommend also installing my Harbinger Arrival: Free Cam mod, which speeds up a long unskippable animation sequence. It's separate so that it can be installed on its own for people who don't want the more drastic changes in Streamlined Peragus.


Requires TSLRCM. Tested with the KOTOR2 Spoiler-Free Mod Build, but it should work with the Full Mod Build too. Install this after them.

Also compatible with my Harbinger Arrival mods. Install them in any order.


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Decent enough to continuously use it. My biggest complaint is going in completely blind without knowing what has been exactly changed (I only assumed what was changed.) which I do not like.
Spoilers on what the mod changes:


The mod removes the dormitory section on peragus, and after the harbinger introduction cutscene, you just go the path normally and end up back into the Administration level and gain Kreia as a party member (as normal). Instead of talking about rescuing the dormitory people, you talk about getting back to atton with HK-50. (I honestly don't think this is the greatest excuse, and I may be confused and this is vanilla but I've never seen this in an HK-50 discussion before, so I assume it is new.)

Additionally, I feel like the fact that the dormitories were cut kind of intercepts proper immersion on peragus. 

4/5 stars. I'd prefer to use this over the skip peragus mod, but I think some things should be changed to further improve the mod.

My main feedback points:


- The excuse to get back to Atton feels a little forced, considering you just met the dude less than an hour-ish ago.
- Removing the Dormitories kind of breaks the immersion of peragus. (Maybe just make a very short dormitory section and shorten the mine section?)
- Add more detail in the mod description about what your mod covers (specifically, what you've changed exactly.)

Other than that, the mod is in a decent state and has shortened Peragus enough in a considerable amount

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review! Next version I upload, I'll put a more full description in spoilers.

I have plans to move more of the recordings from the dormitory level out to other terminals, and to shorten some other sequences that are full of trash fights.

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