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  1. Happy New Year, everyone!

  2. I still think "Meetra Surik" is such a dumb name

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I think Sith Holocron is a dumb name.


    3. Mephiles550


      dumb name modding for a dumb game

    4. Effix


      :D I don't dislike it, but I grew up with a red cat named Mitra and in dutch (my native language) that's pronounced just like Meetra.
      Surik is a (very small) village in Iran.

  3. Can we get some comparison screenshots? Now I'm curious!
  4. But here's is the thing: that's not a suggestion. It's not a plan anyone can work with. You only give vague details in the story you disagree with. "Rebalance the narrative to present good counterarguments to her interpretation in-story (both spelled out in dialogue and implied through actions in scenes) and also maybe tone Kreia the f*** down in places. Or, in lieu of toning her down, maybe change the story so that the Jedi Masters are overtly trying to draw her out (only to get more than they bargained for)? Just rewrite things around her hard enough that the game as a whole isn't cramming her view of the Force down your gullet (even if Kreia herself still is) Okay, what does rebalance even mean in this context? What good counterarguments? Tone down what? Where? How? Change the story how? Where specifically? You're asking for a completely different game and expect others to flesh everything out, I.E. doing the actual hard work. In your walls of text you're only underlining details where the two games disagree with each other. Sure, but that's what always happens in every sequel to a work that was made without a sequel in mind: it has to recontextualize parts of its predecessor (in most cases a complete three act structure) as the first act of a larger structure. Some details will always suffer because of that. For me, there's just nothing in your posts to engage with. I just don't like this details first, drama last that most people (Star Wars fans in particular) seem to have, which is also why the reception of TLJ was such a mess, but that's a completely different story for a completely different thread I always sound smug btw, don't take it personally. It has to do with English being my second language, I guess. There's some humor lost. Good luck on your quest!
  5. -> calls something crap -> doesn't give any productive suggestions themselves Enough internet for the day
  6. Who was Mira's father? 

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    2. DarthParametric


      Well that's probably restored by TSLRCM, right? Who knows what its origins are. Could be it was based on some idea that got cut early on.

    3. zbyl2


      avellone said he wouldn't answer that question unless he gets to make kotor 3 (source)

    4. 1Leonard


      Thanks @zbyl2!

      If I had to guess, it'd be Canderous (I would not really like this), as far as I know he is the only one who kreia repeatedly describes as a beast/predator. 

  7. Yes you can, but it's now called "Mouse Look" It's because the whole dialog.tlk is replaced I'd guess
  8. I don't think that's a thing. On the Steam version(s) there's almost every day a new post about "I can't move after combat" that's caused by those greater refresh rates.
  9. Awesome! Too bad I forgot all the passwords for the accounts I had over there. But there was a nice collection of tutorials and insights if remember correctly. Although I'm sure most of those have been posted here
  10. Only on Dxun, haven't really played any further
  11. I'm having the same problems, that is so weird if that is truly what is causing it!
  12. Use your computer to download and unrar, then put the files on your phone using USB
  13. Modded TSL on mobile is pretty impressive, imagine showing it to my 15 year younger self!

    Thanks to all modders on this site! 

  14. Right now playing through Jedi: Fallen Order. I think it's suprisingly fun! The combat is a bit crummy and the enemies track too much, but I'm enjoying my time.

    1. Stormie97


      Easily the best game to have come out since EA got the rights. It's a real shame that Project Ragtag from Visceral was cancelled though.