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  1. I appreciate that, thank you! I'll definitely check it out on Steam.
  2. That sounds awesome! Unfortunately I don't have KotOR 2 installed right now, but if your mod gets approved I'll be happy to give it a download!
  3. I really enjoyed @Effix's and am wondering, can anyone convert Juhani from K1 into a playable character in K2? Having her underwear model (and possibly using her Jedi outfit for the dancer model) would be ideal, but honestly I mostly just want to be able to use her head.
  4. Okay but I don't feel like such an idiot now. This is probably why I should learn the basics of model editing, lol!
  5. The body I'm using seems to be using the female supermodel because every new female head I've paired with it (as well as the original supplied by Effix's mod) works fine. And no, I have no experience with models aside from renaming and replacing.
  6. Huh, that's interesting, and that's exactly what it looked like. Is it something hardcoded in the head's .mdl/.mdx? When I reinstall Effixian's original Cathar heads, there's no problem. Also, my apologies to @Leilukin for filling this comment section with something irrelevant to the mod
  7. That sounds like a joke XD In all fairness I know terribly little about this sort of thing. I've only just learned how to modify the changes.ini in a TSLpatcher. I was using as sort of a basis, just replaced the female's head models and textures with the Juhani ports.
  8. I used this to make Juhani's head a player character option. I don't have any model editing tools or experience, so I was basically replacing the head model & texture of another mod. Unfortunately Juhani's head model seems to be missing some relevant animations, because when in the Ebon Hawk's medbay and the kolto tank on Peragus, the head keeps looking around instead of being "asleep". Also, after the character awakens, she constantly angles her head down. This probably isn't what you had in mind when you released this, but do you have any suggestions for how I could successfully implement this as a player head?